September 14, 2001

wow. i can't believe it's been so long.. just a bit over a week of school and i finally found the time to write to this.

i don't have much to say though.. very busy, not too busy, but quite -- well gotta go now. back to work!

September 03, 2001

this is it..

considering my previous luck with internet networkings, i've decided to post one last blog before i move. this past weekend was really fun, i went with Ben and Mir to the CNE. We met up with Drew and then had lunch together. Even though i've only known andrew for 8 months, i feel like i know him really well, i think we get along pretty good.

anyway, lunch was good, we ate at New Generation on Bloor.. a sushi place. then andrew and i commuted to cne, while ben and mir bladed there.

the cne is still pretty much the same as i remember it, but new infomercials are kinda neat. they had non-stick pans, travel frothers, Shammy's of course, and other really cool stuff. we stayed indoors for the most part checking out these things. we also met up with christina and her friend howard. that was kinda cool, cuz, i've heard about these people before but never met them til now.

sunday we all met up after church, it was me, drew, ben, euhan, lon and dom. hehe, it was almost like old times again.. we ate at this place called axia, the same place i ate a long while back when i was with jon, dom and danny. it's upstairs in pacific mall.

i'm tired now.. gotta go pack and get out of here ASAP.


September 01, 2001

It's the first of september! no more work, well.. paid work anyway!

today i'm going to the cne, with Benche, mir, and a couple of her friends. i haven't been to the cne since i was 6 years old.. hmm.. stories of cne.. most people tell to just stay away from the rides.. last year my mom and brother went and they took some rides, and ended up both throwing up on the way home. i hate throwing up.. your eyes get all cry-ey, and your face gets all flushed.. plus the bad breath.. that's the worst! Or if you really throw up bad, it gets into your nose.. that's even worst, cuz you taste and smell it for the rest of the day until it clears!

i also throw up before a presentation.. it gets me psyched up to do it. I dunno why i do it really, it's pretty stupid. i get really nervous when making speeches and stuff.. sometimes i induce vomiting, as though it'll all be better once i do it. actually that works pretty well.. i've gotten some of my best presentation marks after a barf-fest!