April 20, 2007


My girlfriend is coming home today. Yay! YAY!!

April 18, 2007


Why do artists cut their concerts short only to have them come back after the audience claps and screams their heads off? I mean what's the point of it? Last night at the ACC we watched as John Mayer and his band stepped off the stage. The crowd was cheering (screaming) for more, people were clapping and waiting in anticipation for him to come back. I didn't make a peep. Of course he was coming back -- he hadn't sung fan-favorite songs like "Daughters" or even "Body is a Wonderland" yet, so there was no way he wasn't coming back for an encore.

Of course in the end I was right, he came back to sing one of my favorites "Stop This Train", followed by at least 3-4 more songs. You just kind of knew that he was coming back.

But seriously, why do artists do this? Is it simply for a break to get some water/alcohol, and maybe to take a short nap? Maybe they went back to the check scores? Why not perform all your good songs and then just leave it at that?

If he had just sung Daughters, I bet I wouldn't be half-deaf right now.


The good news is that this is for real and you can order it here. The bad news is, it's almost $9000.

But could furniture get any cooler than this?

If that doesn't impress you, check out the slinky chair:

April 12, 2007


One of my friends likes to say he's "free" when his wife is occupied with something else, or if she's gone away somewhere, allowing him to do whatever he wants. He gets all excited and invites us over to play video games as if he's been liberated or broken out of jail.

I dunno, Ina's been away for a few days and I don't feel "free" at all. I just miss her a lot.


We went to "Sushi on 7" last night, to celebrate my dad's 58th. I had a helluva time trying to find the place. First of all I loaded up Google Maps to get an approximate location before I left. Google maps was way, way off. I typed in the address and it gave me a location that was East of McCowan. Turns out the place is actually West of Kennedy! Secondly it was dark and snowing so we had a hard time looking through the car windows to see the addresses/storefronts. I missed our reservation time by about 20 minutes as a result, but fortunately the restaurant was only half full (we had to have a late dinner because my brother had a night class).

The food at Sushi on 7 is great. They have tons of variety -- over 190 different items are available on their menu. For dinner, it was $17.99 for Mon-Thurs. Food comes fairly quickly so that we're not sitting around letting our stomachs get full in between the waves of food. I've found that to be the case often in many AYCE sushi places. It's like some kind of ploy to get us full so we won't keep eating them out of their business. The service was not great, it's surprisingly difficult to get the attention of any waitress even though the place is really quite small.

Sushi on 7's specialty rolls are okay, not as flavorful as I've found in other places, but the fish is fresh enough to make up for it. Their seaweed salad is the best I've had so far. The beef ribs were cooked perfectly, very tender and tasty. They had one dish, fresh mussels that we kept ordering. Very yummy, very tenderly cooked and light tasting. My mom had some Udon which she said was good. They have coconut pudding -- one of my all-time favorite desserts, one which is fairly rare to find in any restaurant these days so that was a big bonus for me. Their tea sucked.. it was way too diluted.

I don't think they have sashimi for lunch which is a shame because otherwise I'd consider going back there for a lunch, just because they have so many other great choices.

I'd give the restaurant a solid 8/10 rating.


I want to buy the new Tim Hughes album. I sampled it at Mitchell's Family Bookstore last weekend, and it sounded GOOD. Well, at least Track 1 sounded good. Too bad it's so expensive at Mitchell's. I mean honestly who pays over $20 for a CD these days? Why are Christians trying to rip each other off? It doesn't make sense.

I guess it's the same as any culture ripping each other off. It's more about profit and greed than who the victim is.


The Leafs missed the NHL playoffs for the second straight year, but there are still a few Canadian teams to cheer for. Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary. I don't like the Senators at all, but I feel we have to cheer for them because I'm just sick and tired of seeing American teams win our Stanley Cup. It ain't right. That being said, at least it's always Canadians who are hoisting the cup, even if they are playing for American teams. I can't help but cheer for the Penguins, at least for this series. I could see myself cheering for Ottawa in the next round, but for me, Sidney Crosby epitomizes the essence of Canadian Hockey -- not an idiot like Daniel Alfredsson.

Go Flames! Go Canucks! Go Canadians!

April 10, 2007


Does this look like a spring forecast to you? This author doesn't think so.

Several months ago, a lie of epic proportions was masterminded, that has affected millions of people around the world. Starting off as a joke, it has slowly turned into this year's biggest elaborate falsification that has forced this author to think 'enough is enough'.

"..one of the most heinous, deceptive hoaxes in the history of mankind.."

I am sick and tired of it, and I will not only expose this rodent for being the mastermind of this most heinous, deceptive hoax in the history of mankind, but prove that this liar is laughing all the way to the bank.

For those who do not know, this is Wiarton Willy, aka the despicable, low-life scumbag. And in my opinion, he deserves to be locked up behind bars.

Two months ago, Willy predicted that spring would come early. At the time, this made everyone excited, as you'd expect, the prospect of having an early spring meant more time to bask in the sun, to enjoy loved ones, to put away our winter clothing, etc, etc, etc. And for awhile, this prognostication seemed real. A week later there were record high temperatures, and Willy was lauded for being right.

Heck, even I'll admit that I was quite proud of our little Canadian hero, of not only being right but for being such a model citizen. Indeed, these were great times for Willy. We see here a statue, which was built in honor of Willy for these so-called "accurate" predictions. Just the other day, I predicted that it would be sunny outside, and a few hours later, it was. Was a statue erected for me? No sir!

Here we see this evil creature snacking on what is most likely some goodies, no doubt a result of another scam he pulled on some young unknowing innocent children.

I submit to you, the public, to stand up for yourselves and not allow this rodent to continue his string of lies without getting away with it. I encourage you to sign petition to make sure the evil does not continue to spread. Now the only question remains -- how will Willy respond to these accusations? Will he own up to this obvious trickery while the rest of us shiver in the cold with our toques and scarves in the middle of April?

April 05, 2007

More than meets the eye

I get a lot of comments about how I look a lot younger than I really am. I get carded at bars, and after they see my ID, they either apologize or say "WOW". Well folks, I'm here to tell you not to be fooled any longer. I am old or in the process of getting old.

We were talking at work about the Florida Gators, in particular we were talking about Joakim Noah's father Yannick Noah. Well the thing is the father once won a French Open Championship (tennis) back in his hey day. The funny part is that one of my co-workers remembered it. Turns out actually that a bunch of the Gators' players' fathers were famous professional athletes, although I hadn't heard of any of them. The Maryland Terrapins have a player named DJ Strawberry. I couldn't make the connection at first.. they kept showing Darryl Strawberry, the great baseball player and at first I couldn't figure out why they kept showing him on camera. Turns out they are father and son. The moral of the story: When you are watching sports, and you can remember cheering on the fathers of today's stars.. you are old.

Transformers and TMNT. When I watched the original Transformers, I was hitting the tail end of it. The cartoons I remember most fondly are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales and Talespin. So when I see a movie being made of a cartoon that was practically before my time, that's kind of scary. Of course even without Transformers, the fact that we were in grade 6-7 when the original live-action TMNT movies were released already says a lot.

Here's another one. Fashion. What's in and what's not in. I find more and more I am seeing people walking around in clothes that I saw people wearing when I was small. The fashion-cycle or loop or whatever you want to call it has made a full circle. I wonder if I can find my glasses from grade 1. Maybe they're back in..