February 29, 2004

Lets see.. yesterday I had lunch with Kenric, at pho88, over at Bamburgh. I had an extra large, which is a lot. We call that the "toilet bowl" because it's like a massive ceramic bowl of soup. Then we went to Mitchell's and i bought the Mercy Me cd, called "Spoken For".

I love this cd. I believe it's their second cd, the first one likely containing more p&w songs. I just love the way they sound. Vocals are great, and it has good bass too. And it's got the acoustic guitar going which allows me to *attempt* to play along. I dunno how else to describe it, other than that it's good.

Then afterwards (yesterday) I had a nap, which is weird because I *don't* nap. Never have, except during emergency situations during 4th-year. I think this messed me up today, because I'm dead tired and it's only 9:30pm right now.

Today's sermon was pretty good, it kinda got me thinking about the end, when Kinson pointed out that even though God wasn't pleased with Moses' actions, He still allowed the rock to spew water. That's something I missed from the story the last time I learnt it.

"Just because something works, doesn't mean it's right or it pleases God."

That statement blows big hole into my theory that if things are working out, then it must be God's will. What about my job, I pretty much got it by coincidence, everything just "worked out" for me. Is it possible God isn't pleased with it? What if I met someone, and things are all fine and dandy, and I got married to her? Could it go as far as that? Our relationship could "work", but it's possible that it didn't please God? Yikes!

February 28, 2004

Success! Today I woke up at the usual time of 6:50am, as I've done all week, but then I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew it was 9:30! Insomnia, i strike thee down! Haha..

On a side note, I try not to think about the movie too much, because when I do feel this sense of burden and troubling-ness. It's like remembering a death of a loved one, only this is a torture and suffering of a loved one, on top of a death. I'm glad the movie gave me that image to picture whenever I think about Christ, but I don't want to think about it too much, as I could become a very depressing person to be around.

Some quick music reviews.

Firstly, the two Michelle Branch cds. Her first album "Spirit Room" I had to buy because I listened to it way too many times on mp3 that I felt it only fair to her and the record label to buy the cd once and for all. It's a good cd. I think she released the songs "Everywhere", "All You Wanted", "Goodbye To You". Possibly also "If Only She Knew", but the album version is different from the radio version.

The second CD is awesome. I can play almost every song on the guitar now. I think the first album was more a hodge-podge of lyrics, ranging from being with someone you love, being appreciated, crushes, etc. An entire of mix of teenage emotions. The second CD has songs about breaking up or getting over a relationship, feeling alone, desperate, etc. Also this cd is more a focused album, the style of music is more uniform. I particularly like the songs "Find Your Way Back", "Tuesday Morning", "Hotel Paper" and "It's You". I think so far Are You Happy Now and Breathe have been released, but at least 6-7 of the songs on the album are releaseable.

Well, best of all I appreciate the fact the Michelle writes and produces her own stuff. Also I'd like to personally thank Ms. Branch because ever since I got these two cd's, I have been back to practicing guitar almost every day again.

The next review is my impulse buy, the Wow Hits 2004 double cd. I have to admit that when I initially bought it was purely impulse. I picked it up the same time I got my Traveling Light book. I figured it would be a mistake, just like my iWorship cd. But this cd, at least the first cd has been, for me, a major coup. Other than the Amy Grant song "Simple Things", I like every single song on this cd. I like that it was put together so that songs flow well together (aside from that Grant song).

Another thing that strikes me is the group Mercy Me. These guys sound *great*! Kevin told me that he looked for their cd but couldn't find it. That sucks. Anyway, the song "Spoken For" just sounds right. I mean you know when you hear a song and you like it the first time, that's usually rare, usually it takes a few listenings before you become enamoured with a song, but this one I like it after pretty much the first 15 seconds. I also downloaded (eep! i know) "Word of God Speak", a song recommended by the workaholic, and that song was nice too.

I haven't gotten a chance to listen to CD2 yet, because I can't stop listening to the first one. Maybe in a week or so I'll give a review of the second.

February 27, 2004

The Passion

Let me reiterate my thoughts on the film. If it seems repetitive, skip it, but I want to get this down so I can refer to it again someday.

People don't get the point of the movie, or they do and want to take focus away from it by saying stupid things like:

- it's anti-semitic
- they didn't really speak Latin back then
- Jesus didn't have long hair
- it's not completely historically accurate

I mean really, who cares? The point is we get to see what Christ had to endure in his last twelve hours of his life. I think it's the work of
Satan, trying to take focus away from the fact that this movie explains why Christians believe and exist. Obviously Satan knows this is a
powerful movie and wants to bring out every flaw he can think of to detract people from going in with an open mind.

For awhile I thought about how this is just Mel's interpretation of it, but then I realized that there is no way Mel could have done all this without inspiration from God. I mean surely a religious person like him would have prayed a lot about it, much like a pastor prays for wisdom and truth when he is preparing his sermon. So although it's Mel's production, it's still also inspired by God. God has the power to control Mel's ideas if He chooses to, so the more I think about it, the more I realize that the movie is probably exactly what God intended it to be.

Mind you it was pretty brutal, I think you will cry and you will cry hard, probably harder than I did, especially if you are a Christian, but even moreso if you are a mother or father. The emotion part of the movie is most captivated by the role of Mary, because you feel her pain as she watches her son go through these horrible things.

The movie is very intense too, I was at the edge of my seat, and my arms kept losing circulation because I was holding myself up with my arms against the armrests.

I had trouble sleeping last night because I kept picturing Christ being tortured. It really helps to remind me the pain and suffering He did all
for me. Actually, it was troubling for me, which is why I couldn't sleep. For me that is what I wanted from the film, to get that mental picture of it happening, so that Easter can mean that much more to me. It's a constant reminder now, that despite how "close" my relationship with God becomes, it's still no where near where He meant it to be.

G recently blogged about being in love. It's a long post. My thoughts are In love, (better known as Eros) is a human emotion. I don't think I have ever truly felt this human emotion although I hope to someday. Whereas love (or Agape love) I feel is an emotion passed onto us from God.

Maybe this sounds stupid or overzealous, but I've always felt that I could do this love they call sacrificial love. Would I die for Christ? Most definitely. But thinking about that level of brutality, it scared me because last night it was still so vivid to me that I don't know if I'd do *that* for Christ. Not that I think we're called to do something like that, but if the God asked me to do it.. I dunno if I could. Maybe that's a reflection of my lack of faith, or not having full trust in God. I don't know what to think of it, but I'm really troubled by it right now.

More to come.

February 26, 2004

The Passion of The Christ

Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and relax, and think about things on your own. So I decided to watch the movie by myself, rather than go with a group of people and likely miss out on getting some time to think on my own and do some reflection afterwards. I picked Sheppard Grande because I figured it would be virtually empty, and on a Thursday, the day most people are at home watching telelvision.

The theatre was still pretty packed, I could tell there was at least 2 entire church groups there, because many people were recognizing eachother.

My reasoning for wanting to see the film was to basically give myself a visual aid in my remembrance of what God's love means to me, and the sacrifice that Christ made for us. Well, for me. I mean you read and hear about it, but it kinda hits you more when you see it. (You can read on, it's not like I could "spoil it", since most of you should already know the story.)

Aside from the evangelical aspect of the film, I think was important for me to watch the film because I wanted to 'relive' that moment of realizing the sacrifice He did for all of us. This selfless act of love.

The movie was good, but I don't think that I am any closer to fully realizing what Christ went through for us, although I have a better picture of it now. I guess as humans it's probably impossible to fully comprehend that kind of love. I feel as though there was still so much more to the sufferings, despite the awful brutality already shown in the movie.

Anyway, I'll post more later. I prefer to think about it some more before I say more. And likely, I'll see it again soon.
the apprentice: rigged!

Not that I'm going to stop watching now, but check out this article, which explains clearly that the outcome of the show was rigged. I think it's proof enough that they wanted to keep Omarosa for at least one more show. If Protégé had lost, Omarosa most certainly would have been fired, but because they rigged it for them to win, she's survived another week. They sacrificed the token Asian on the show, in order to (I assume) boost ratings.

Hey, it sucks that the show is rigged, but that doesn't mean I'll stop watching =)
okay, this might take some time to go through but it's *totally* worth it for any star wars fan.


It's just totally unbelievable, the amount of work and detail that was put into this. I would *so* be willing to make a 'claymation' out of this thing!

February 25, 2004


the subject of Lent has come up on a number of sites i've been reading. when i was little, i once tried going an entire day without eating anything. it was especially tough because we went to the home show that year and they were giving out a lot of free samples. i think i lasted about 6 hours. :)

the idea of giving up something of importance in order to soul-search and repent for Christ's sacrifice. taking stock of what God's provided us, and a time to reflect. i once gave up food and water for thirty hours, during the 30-hour famine campaign. it wasn't that bad surprisingly, despite many people warning me that it was sheer madness to give up water.

what could i give up that would truly be *difficult* for me to give up. what could i stop using or eating or doing that would take me down to the level of suffering so that i could somewhat get a taste of the suffering that Christ did for me? what means so much to me that it would be devastating to give up for a 40 day span?

I've decided I'll give up sky-diving. No more sky-diving for the next 40 days. Starting today, no more sky-diving until Easter. You heard me right, it's done! :)


- could I go an entire month without reading ESPN.com?
- Or perhaps email and chat programs. Could I go for 40 days without reading my email or chatting? My mailbox would overflow in 2 days. What if something happens to my family? I found out about my grandfather's stroke via MSN.
- Does blogging count? I communicate with people via the comments box. Wouldn't reading the comments box be the same as receiving an ICQ message?
- Or give up TV? Would it be wrong to tape the shows and watch them after the 40 days?
- How bout giving up taking the subway and walking to work everyday. It would take me 3 hours.
- I have McDonalds at least twice a week. I could give that up. Give up all fast foods, then I'd have to skip lunch entirely every single day.
- Give up video games. Does Pingu count? What about Hearts? I have played a "real" video game since Sunday. 40 days shouldn't be so bad.
- Friends are very important to me. How bout giving up talking to friends?
- I like singing, how about no more singing? But then what about worship service, and my choir responsibilities?

two weeks it took for me to finally see this movie. Monster is a movie based on a prostitute who turns into a serial killer. Charlize Theron has won just about every award that exists for "best actress in a..." so kenric and I thought it would be worth seeing. And it was, she was amazing and should easily win the Oscar in the same category.

the movie itself however, was terrible. there was *nothing* good about this movie. okay, the acting was good.. but what else? nothing at all. i went into the movie with absolutely no expectations, and came out completely disgusted by it. it was violent, the language was extremely vulgar. there wasn't really any drama to it. no comedy, romance. just a lot of disgusting girl-on-girl scenes, prostitution, sexual perversion, and senseless shootings. maybe the director meant for us to feel sorry for her, but i didn't catch it. literally every 4th word in the movie dialogue was the F-word.. if you wanted to see a movie on the opposite spectrum from The Passion of The Christ, then this is probably what you're looking for.

there was a time during the movie when i actually considered getting up to leave.

February 23, 2004

okay.. enough of the stalling, i finally got me an imagestation account and uploaded some vegas pics. holy cow, it's been two months.

here they are

i suppose you'll need an account there to see em, so if you don't have one.. tough!

this might work
This isn't the first time I've had a "WTC" dream. Last night it was one of those "dream within a dream within a dream" dreams. I dreamed we were all at some kind of huge event, one that President Bush was at. This massive plane flew overhead and just as it was above where Bush was giving a speech, it blew up. It was total chaos, people were running every which way, and Bush and his protective entourage ran off somewhere. I saw the front end of the plane, cut off from the rest of the plane still trying to fly like a helicopter, and when it finally did land (I know this makes no sense since it doesn't have wings), it exploded and everyone inside died. Then there were reports that Bush had been hit by some of the shrapnel, and sure enough they found his head lying in the debris. His head.

Then for some reason I was crying, from the sadness of Bush dying and I woke up from my dream, but when I woke up I was in my old house, in my room in the basement. This didn't click though, and I woke up and told my brother about the dream, but he wasn't really listening. I went outside and found myself in a museum, and I got to this american history section and read a panel about how President Bush had been killed in a terrorist attack. And I was like "wth?! that was only a dream!". So then I tried to wake up from the dream, and I did.

Only I hadn't, because I found myself being chased by CIA agents, as if I had been the one who had engineered the attack. At that point I realized it had to be a dream. And of course, when you know you're dreaming, you can do anything, so I started flying straight up into the air, with one hand clenched in a fist like superman, as if to try to break through the dream barrier. Higher and higher I went, through space and beyond, until I found myself in a pinkish blue (pastel colors) area, whereupon I forced myself to wake up.

And finally, for real this time.

February 22, 2004

Today after church we went to First Markham Place for lunch. Sometime while we were eating I think it was kenric who came up with the following scenario:

"Let's say you're not a christian and you're engaged to a guy/girl who isn't christian, but then you become a christian. Do you still stay with this person?"

We discussed this topic for a good 15-20 minutes. Maybe, you could hold off on the wedding and try to wait for your partner to become a believer. But what if the wedding date is already set? Just pray hard? Cancel the wedding date?

The simple answer is "no", you don't stay with that person. But things can be more complicated than that. Then someone brought up the verse in the bible, Acts 16:31, that says:

They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved--you and your household.

Except this is an isolated incident, taken out of context it could mean a lot of things, but in this situation it was the jailer asking Paul how he could be saved. I think in those days the head of the family carried more respect in that if the guy believed in Jesus, then his family would follow suit, and thus fulfill the Bible verse.

So I guess the real answer is NO.

February 21, 2004

lunch and thereafter

Most of my posts below were rants, which don't need to be read. Just me blowing off some steam.

After the contractors fiasco, I went over to Charita's house for lunch. Her parents invited me over. They have a new house now, and the layout of the house is really close to my parents' home in Vegas. It was a wonderful time of catching up, just talking about my parents, and how I'm doing. It was great seeing them, we really haven't done that sort of thing since we left M3C. I miss hanging out with 'families', too. I haven't been able to do that since I visited mine. Also, I got to finally have some real home cooking, first time since Las Vegas.

In some ways it made me a little bit homesick, but it also reminded me again of God's blessings.

I stayed for about 3-4 hours at their home. After lunch I watched a tape of last weeks' Apprentice with Charita. Her dog Tiny is so cute, he cuddles up with her on the couch. Tiny was afraid of me because I was dressed in all black, and apparently he'd had some traumatic experience as a puppy with guys dressed in black. Namely, Naoto and Will used to tease and scare the crap out of him.

Charita's mom gave me a tub of leftover [guo tieh], which I'm about to consume for dinner. I've lost 10 pounds since I visited my family in LV. I really need to start cooking again.. it is just not good, the way I am caring (or not caring) for my body.

After that I went to Mitchell's to hunt for a new devotional book. I started looking for a men's devotional book but they only had one, and they were short daily readings based on one short verse. I didn't think I'd get anything out of it. Then I remembered Lon telling me that I'd really like Max Lucado's writing, so I headed over to his section, and found a book that had been reviewed by someone at the store. I bought it. It's called "Traveling Light". I also got a CD called "WOW Hits 2004". I don't know why I bought it. Hope it's good.
Hrmm... another no-show. The 10:30 guy never showed up. I think the biggest problem is people underestimate the value of this job. People hear "water damage", and right away think there's a few holes that need patching, nothing more than maybe a $1k job. Little do they know how much damage there is, plus the drywalling of the attic, the whole thing should come out to a nice little 5 digit earning.

I can tell, after an estimate each person (who actually showed up) wanted the job badly. It's a huge job.. I mean the kind of money these people are going to rake in after I pay them is about how much I am earning in about 4 months. It's a lot. And these guys will get it in just over a weeks' work. Okay, so you split it over 3-4 people. That's still a months' salary for me. Let's say the material is about 25% of it, that's still 3 weeks' of my pay that I give them for 1 week of work. It's a sweet deal, considering most of them didn't have to spend $40k on a university degree.
sleep.. lost forever

It all started on Thursday night. My co-worker let me borrow his Bad Boys 2 dvd, and so I decided I would watch half of it that night, and the rest of it the following night. Instead, I ended up watching the whole thing. To my surprise, this movie was 2.5 hours long. I finished at 2am, and went to bed. The following morning I got up at 7. (loss of 2 hours)

I didn't feel like sleeping on the subway so I didn't. On the way home I did sleep though (loss of 30 minutes).

Then there was the frustrating evening last night of waiting 3 hours for 1 hour of work to be done, which ended in me going to bed at 10:30pm. However, things didn't go quite as planned. I couldn't sleep, and I experience intermittent sleep for several hours. I remember glancing at my clock at 3, 4, 5, 6, 6:15, 6:45, 7, 7:05, 7:15, ....

So really I got about probably around 4-5 hours last night. (loss of 3 hours). To make matters worse I had to wake up early for the contractor, who showed up right on time 8:30am. He was standing at my door knocking when I arrived on the scene. Another pretty friendly guy, probably from Romania or Russia. Said he worked in Japan for 2-3 years, in Osaka and Kobe. Perfectionist type of person. Funny as hell too, we had some pretty good laughs about the Canadian government and japanese people.

I called the 9:30 guy and the funny thing is he's still at home with his wife. It was 9:15 when I called. He said how bout 11:30, and I said no, because I'm going out for lunch. Then he suggests Sunday and I said no way. So he says he'll come at 11, and I tell him at 11:30 I'm leaving, so if he's late, too bad. So he says okay, 11.

My next appt is at 10:30, so I came back to do some blogging and possibly some gaming as well. I was hoping to go to Mitchell's but there's not enough time between the first and the 3rd appts.

Now I just received a called from the 11 guy (Alli), and he says he's having car trouble and won't make it. We rescheduled to Monday at 5:30. Then he nixes that and says he'll be there between 5:30-6:00. He swears he's never done this to a customer before.

Hey, maybe it's true, and maybe God messed up his car because he was never meant to do the job for me. Or maybe he'll feel so bad about it he'll end up getting the job because he'll offer a much lower price than everyone else. Who knows..

February 20, 2004

I hoped that two estimates would take maybe 1.5 hours, but instead they stretched into 3 hours. *sigh*

Physically I am totally exhausted. Mentally, just really really frustrated. I missed small group. *bigger sigh*

Anita's uncle is a really nice guy (he doesn't know i'm a friend of anita), he came about 15 minutes late but did a thorough job. Unfortunately I found out he's not bonded or insured, so I highly doubt dad will pick him. Unfortunately that's the truth of this business though.. most of the 'asian' "companies" aren't completely legit, although they offer an equally good service and lower prices. I felt it wouldn't be fair to him to tell him I knew Anita, because he might feel obliged to give me some kinda deal. I know that sounds silly, but I know guys like this are already offering a pretty lower price already.

Chris was supposed to come at 7:45pm, Anita's uncle took longer so I called Chris to move it to 8:15pm. Of course, the shows up at 8:30. The worst thing of all is, I actually like the guy. He had an even lower estimate than yesterday's impressive sell. In fact it's not even close; he's about 60% of what Sandra offered, although she promised to have in done in a few days, whereas this guy says it'll take over a week.

Sandra hasn't given me her full total estimate, while Chris gave it to me straight up as he was leaving. He finished fast. Can I forgive a guy for being late 3 times? Hard to say, since my dad will make the final decision.

3 more tomorrow, first one starts at 8am. Joy!
Well, it's 6:45pm now. This Chris guy didn't show up, again. He called at around 6:30pm and said he'd be late, we've rescheduled to 7:45pm. I don't know why I'm even bothering with him. I mean if miss an appointment and then miss another, that's not exactly a very great track record, huh?

I'm about to head back over again to meet Anita's uncle, scheduled for 7pm.

The way I figure it he'll be on time, but then of course there's Chris, who knows when he'll show. I will definitely be late for small group today.

the apprentice was too hyped up by me over the week that the show was a little bit disappointing. amy got switched so i was kinda right about some sort of merge. sooner or later it can't be teams though. i mean it can't always be about the teams. team building/leading is only one side of being a great leader. Omarosa really bugs me. She's supposedly a woman who comes out of the projects and now works in the White House. But she wouldn't lift a finger while they did the apartment renovations. She's like a princess.

Tammy got voted off as ina predicted. I'm glad, since Tammy is the only person I didn't like on VersaCorp. Sooner or later Omarosa has to go. Yeah, she brings drama and everyone hates her, but even in Survivor 2, eventually Jerry Manthey had to go. She didn't make the final 4, and I don't think Omarosa will either. Princess Di absolutely hates her guts, she's never said anything good about her during the final discussions between Trump and his two lackeys. I think yesterday proves they are willing to vote people off simply because they're annoying.

I think the final 4 will be Amy, Nick, Troy, Heidi. Seems to me that everything that Amy touches turns to gold. She's the only person on the show who has never lost a challenge. I like Nick because I think I can relate to him the most in that we have similar personalities. I like Troy because he puts forth 110%, and he leaves everything out there. And Heidi just has the feistiness to make it well. I don't think the 4th could be Ereka (too emotional), Omarosa (princess.. actually more like queen). Katrina is a possibility but it still doesn't make sense to me why she didn't do the negotiating last night. Perhaps from her experience she knew they wouldn't turn as high a profit as the other team, and so she needed a scapegoat?

Kwame hasn't really done anything except appeal to the african american fans (and probably a lot of women). Bill is more like a great right-hand-man, not really a born leader. Besides, I'm pretty sure it'll be 2 guys and 2 girls at the end.

February 19, 2004

a woman's touch

Today I left work early so that I could meet up with the first of two contractors coming to my house to give me an estimate. The first guy (Chris) was scheduled for 5:30, and the second at 6:30. Well, Chris never showed up, and called me at 6 saying he was in a "pickle" and would come tomorrow at 6 sharp. I know you guys are thinking Chris must be asian, but no, he's italian, I think.

The second contractor (Sandra) came promptly at 6:30pm. I mean she was at the doorstep *at* 6:30pm. Impressed. Her analysis of the damage and everything was really good. She even showed sympathy and when I told how it all happened, she actually said "Aw.. you poor thing." Ha! She threw in suggestions of what color the laundry room should be painted, to better match the flooring and counters. She suggested not to use stucco because it wasn't "in" anymore. She said if I picked her, she get could "her boys" in starting next week and be done in less than a week. She told me the damages could all be fixed with $5-6k, a far cry from the $25k the other guys were quoting us.

My dad also wants the attic done, and an A/C installed there as well. The A/C itself will fetch about 5 grand. But all in all the total price will still be pretty cheap compared to what those others (crazies) were saying.

I mean, I hafta say it was a good sell. She did a really great job, and not surprisingly she is the president of her company. What impresses upon me is how a little bit of cordiality, kindness, sympathy and just knowing your stuff without being shady about it -- it's really to me that extra bit of attention, that a woman's touch -- put into a job that a man would never think about doing. And that's not to say a guy wouldn't do a great job on it. I still have 4 more quotes coming in. But let's just say that I'm impressed so far with "A. Lifetime Contractor Ltd.", and leave it at that.

February 18, 2004

As a joke i told Nate's friend Ken to make sure he gets a good shot of Vince Carter's facial expression when he falls injured. Talk about foreshadowing, he really did get injured again. In our entire section, not a single person showed any bit of concern for him. Some people laughed when he went down, while others yelled "GET UP!!". Kenric and I sorta just sat there and didn't say anything. I think it's safe to say that Toronto is sick and tired of Vince getting hurt.

Ken's got this great idea of putting binoculars in front of his digital camera, and then taking the picture. He showed us the results and they were pretty nice. He got a few great pics of Vince clutching his leg. It was pretty funny. There's one of three other players standing over him and I swear it looked like one of them was laughing..


Ever since reading about worship in PDL, I've often paused and not sung along during worship times so that I could reflect on the words themselves rather than be caught up with the music. Because I do that, I can get caught up in the music and I have to stop myself from letting that happen during worship, because I can get into a trance almost of just enjoying the music. Like, I could react the same way to a praise song as to a Josh Groban song, or even a Michelle Branch song, and I think that would be wrong of me to do so. So, despite my love for singing, I force myself not to sing and just reflect on words only.

So when asked what my favorite praise song is, I couldn't tell you. I could easily name off a bunch of songs I enjoy singing, but in terms of songs that mean a lot to me, I can't think of any. Maybe.. "I Will Offer My Life" or "Will You Worship".

I will offer up my life in spirit and truth
Pouring out the oil of love as my worship to You
In surrender I must give my every part
Lord receive the sacrifice of a broken heart

Jesus, what can I give
What can I bring
To so faithful a friend
To so loving a king
Saviour, what can be said
What can be sung
As a praise of Your name
For the things You have done

Oh my words could not tell
Not even in part
Of the debt of love that is owed
By this thankful heart

You deserve my every breath for You've paid the great cost
Giving up Your life to death, even death on a cross
You took all my shame away, there defeated my sin
Opened up the gates of Heaven, and have beckoned me in

What can I give
What can I bring
What can I sing as an offering, Lord
(What can I give
What can I give to You, to You)
A coupla days ago I had a dream about The Apprentice. We (i can't remember who) were all sitting in the boardroom, and Donald Trump was trying to decide which of us to fire. He decided in order to decide he would look at all of the notes we had taken, so one by one he went through peoples' notes, and then when he got to me, my notes were filled with doodles, cartoon drawings, etc. He was pretty mad. He couldn't even make out my writing. I was so sure he'd fire me but then he fired someone else (again sorry I can't remember who was there with me). Anyway, I just thought that was a little weird.

Speaking of The Apprentice, I'm really excited about this week's episode. I think this is the week that Omarosa finally gets fired. It'll be either her or Heidi, both of whom I find disturbingly scary. Troy is also a possibility. Although it looks like Heidi might leave the show in a manner similar to Jenna on Survivor All-stars. Oh yeah, and I'm also predicting some sort of merge. There are 10 players left.. usually Survivor merges at 10.

February 17, 2004


to anyone who hasn't seen "planet of the apes", the more recent version -- don't. what a terrible movie.. and the ending.. omg.. what a waste of time!

i have been reading my small group book as my devotional, simply because i haven't gone out to buy a real devotional. of course i have to be careful because we have only covered two chapters so far, and i'm already a full chapter ahead. i have been waiting for alf to finish his book because he said he'd let me have it afterwards but it appears it might take over a month before he finishes. because he's using it to write a paper for a course he's taking at tyndale.

i guess it's time for me to go and buy another book. originally i was thinking of getting a max lucado book since they such easy reads, but now i'm wondering if it will be challenging enough. i like that challenging stuff, it's good especially in the mornings to get me thinking before i fall asleep on the subway.

btw, alf says he did well on his interview, but they will talk it over. hopefully everything will work out for him.

i have been really tired the last couple of days. i blame my inability to sleep in past 8am.

February 16, 2004


I just watched the special, hosted by Diane Sawyer who interviews Mel Gibson concerning his film, The Passion of The Christ. It was interesting that in the title, the word Passion actually comes from the greek word pathos (ðÜèïò), which means suffering. So the movie is really titled "The Suffering of The Christ".

Which I suppose is more accurate since the movie depicts the last 12 hours of Christ's life, whereas maybe it if covered the first 33 years of His life, then it would actually show more of His "passion".

Mel Gibson still seemed the same as before, except that to me it seems like he's been through a life-changing experience. He's been there, to the top, in terms of popularity and riches, a place where most can only dream of. But he's realized how meaningless all of it is and he's not afraid to share his experience with the rest of the world.

Most of the show centered around the issue of people being afraid of the backlash of how people might react to the movie. It's not anti-semetic, and neither is Mel Gibson, but in the movie it makes it appear as though the Jews are to blame for Christ's crucifixion. The whole time Diane kept trying to nail this point. But the thing is that's not the point and Gibson obviously knows this as well the rest of us knows this, so he seemed to have a difficult time answering her questions straight up.

Mel's message (or rather God's message) through this movie isn't about who's fault it is, but rather to show the love and conviction Christ had in going through this ordeal for the sake of saving mankind. I guess at a certain point though, even through the drama and violence, people still miss the point. But I think Mel made a good point by bringing up just about any movie, in which one side harms another -- these movies don't encourage hatred nor do they spark a backlash against the brutalizers. It's just the way that it happened, and Gibson tries to capture it in the movie.

I don't think that if they did a movie about Hiroshima, that the Japanese would hate Americans any more than they already do (or don't). Just the same I don't see why there is so much hoopla over "who's fault" it was that Christ died. It was God's will that Christ died for us. If it wasn't the Jews, then He would have made it someone else. Regardless it's not about fault but about salvation and sacrifice.

I think I repeated myself in this blog, in trying to articulate my ideas. Sorry about that! I taped the show, if anyone is interested in seeing it.
lots of time!

It's still not too late to pray for Alf -- his interview is tomorrow (he incorrectly told me today), so there's still time!

There is a cool breeze in my bedroom. I feel.. cold.

I think for the first time in a long while, I am not intending to see a movie this Tuesday. I keep checking my email and sure enough, no email invitation for a movie.

Mel Gibson is going to be on TV tonight at 10pm, on the VR and possibly some american station. He is going to be interviewed by one of those american ladies that does interviews. Like either Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters? Anyway he is going to be talking about his upcoming controversial film, The Passion of the Christ. Be sure to tune in!

Today when I got home I found a message from the concierge that I had received a package. Excited, I rushed out, and took the elevator down. As it descended, all these thoughts popped into my mind about what this package might be. Gee golly willickers, was I ever excited. The Passion CD doesn't come out for another week or so, so that couldn't be it. Perhaps it is flowers from a secret admirer? Or maybe another subpoena for me to appear in court? Or maybe my parents sent me something? Maybe it is something from the publisher's clearing house and I've one a billion dollars? Or perhaps my inflatable err... nevermind.

Alas, it was none of the above, just some mail from the Canada Post, the "Stamp Travellers Club" that I am a part of. Yes, I'm part of the Stamp Club, because I am *so* cool!


February 15, 2004

church, amusing

Today, Rev. Dr. Harding Ng, rapped. He rapped the words from "Where is the love?" by Black Eyed Peas. Actually he just read the lyrics, but there was a time when it really started to flow, and he was kinda beating his hand against the podium to make a beat, and also sorta swaying from side to side a little bit. It was truly a moment to remember..

In our small group we're always talking about Harding because of his direct approach, and how we're often so offended by what he says but then later on after pondering about his sermons, we realize how right he is. His level of discernment and his ability to strike a chord within us whenever he speaks is pretty uncanny.

Something that I've always felt was amusing was some of the wording of songs at T3C. For instance, they never sing the "brokenness" verse for the song "Holiness" (Holiness, holiness, is what I long for... etc). But today something even more amusing were the words for "Do You Feel The Mountains Tremble". On two occasions the words up on the screen were wrong, and it was funny what they used as alternatives.

The part when the song says "To wash away our brokenness", they changed it to "To wash away our broken mess". Broken mess? LOL!

Also there's another part, that says "Dancers who dance upon injustice". They had "Dancers who dance upon His justice". Hahaha.. Oops! Hahaha!

February 14, 2004

st. V's day

yesterday after work i actually gave "valentines' day" a little thought, because i saw all these guys running around trying to grab the last card, flower, etc. and a lot of women carrying gigantic bouquets of flowers, some of them so big they had trouble walking. i found that a little bit amusing. one woman on the subway kept tipping over because her flowers were so big. haha..

something i've always wondered, is how a guy can forget until the last minute and buy something that has absolutely no meaning at all. it boggles the mind. this day comes just once a year, how hard could it be to think of something nice to get her, i mean he's got at least a month to think about it (after recovering from whatever thinking he needed to put into the christmas gift). and sure, valentine's day is not a true holiday but just a Hallmark thing, but is it that much to ask for someone to put some thought into a gift? and it's not like valentine's day just pops out of nowhere. with all the sales and banners, guys get *plenty* of notice.

another thing that's probably even scarier is the fact that these gifts are being sold, it means that women can actually be satisifed with something as generic as a box of chocolates, or a bouquet of flowers, or a card? i mean if that's not a clear indication of the low expectations they have for their men, then i don't know what is. to think, 50 guys run into a store and 49 of them come out with chocolates or roses, and the woman is actually satisfied with the gift, as if she knew her guy couldn't have come up with something better anyway --- it's better than nothing!

finally the last thing is the whole thing how guys make it sound like a chore. i asked my friend at work what he was going to do for his wife, for valentines day, and he starts complaining about back home (romania) he didn't have to put up with this crap.. hehe. from my observations (and i could be wrong), i think these kinds of special days were built for men. perhaps it's the way God made us, men are just not very sensitive and tend to take spouses/girlfriends/children/parents for granted.

tonight i was planning to have people over to watch the nba all-star festivities. no one showed up though. that's fine since i didn't exactly prepare for them coming, i didn't go out to buy anything.

today as usual, wasn't able to sleep in, got up at 8am and "surfed" until about 11am. then i went to futureshop, and finally got myself two things i've been yearning for, for awhile now. a printer, and a dvd player. futureshop had some cool deals going on. i got my dvd player for just $70+tax, and my printer i got for $250. pretty sweet deals.

the dvd player is an "aspire digital" (brand). you'd think it'd be crappy, but it's actually way better than the panasonic one i eventually returned a couple of months ago. it plays everything.. and i don't have to turn the volume full blast to be able to hear anything. i sorta watched Two Towers today, but not really, i was in my room most of the time while the movie was playing.



Just a cool little utility the City provides. Kinda neat, especially when you activate the Aerial View.

i forgot to mention this, but on thursday morning, i forgot to bring my subway tokens and i was late for work and had no cash on me to buy more tokens. anyway, I went to the scotiabank atm underground across from the loblaws to get some cash. in my haste, i typed in the wrong pin number, and it spat out my card. so then i pushed it back in again. and nothing happened!

the screen flashed "please enter card". i was like: *oh crap*. i hammered all the buttons and nothing happened, so i called the 1-800 number and they told me to wait until the nearest branch opened, and then run over there and ask for help. in the meantime I called work to tell them I'd be late.

some guy walked over to get some money and i told him what had happened, and he told me about this time his mother had almost been scammed by a couple of guys trying to trick her into giving them her pin number in order to retrieve her card. then this chinese woman came over and again i warned her not to use it since my card was stuck. she ignored me, brushed past and jammed her card in too!

so then the machine is trying to reject her card, but it wouldn't come out, and she tried to jam her fingernails in to grab her own card. well anyway, eventually hers came out followed by mine. i just found it really shocking that this woman would risk putting her card in, knowing mine was already stuck. amazing..

February 12, 2004


This has to be the first time I've ever cried from watching Survivor. 2 seasons ago swimsuit model Jenna won the $1M. Today, she decided to take herself out of the game, citing she had a gut feeling that her mother (stricken from cancer) wasn't doing so well. It was an extremely emotional time, she basically broke down and felt it was better to just go home since family is so much more important. Many of the other survivors also broke down (and me too.. sniff).

As the credits were rolling at the end, the show reported that 8 days after Jenna rushed home, her mother passed away!
new hockey rules

I just have one beef with the new rules, the one that doesn't allow goalies to go the behind the goal-line to handle the puck. Now I can understand that by doing this it prolongs the amount of time a team can be in the offensive zone, so it might increase scoring. But at the same time it will also decrease scoring during a power-play. A team down one man could ice the puck, and the goalie can't go back, get it and fire it back up ice again.

And what about if a player is circling around the back of the net, the goalie and reach back for a timely poke check? Or what if a puck gets lodged in the back of the net (from the back, not from the inside), then they'd require a stoppage in order to get the puck out, when normally the goalie could just reach back and poke it back out again.

This also discourages goalies from learning how to handle the puck properly. Surely someone out there is breathing a sigh of relief because they won't have to see Cujo or Czechmanek bobble the puck and end up letting in a soft goal. But teams out there with superior puck-handling goalies like Brodeur, Belfour, Turco, etc, basically get cheated from being able to make use of their goalies' gift.

What I'd like to see is a 4-on-4 overtime period. And taking out the icing thing.

I read a blog that used the word "pink" as like a noun for coolness. Specifically the blog said something about how knitting is "the new pink". What... is that? I feel like my dad when I was 9, teaching him the meaning of the word "cool" and "dude". I remember my dad saying "cool, duke!", and then me trying desperately to keep him from saying that in front of my friends. ... But pink? And knitting? Am I getting old?

February 11, 2004

Today at lunch time, I went down to the foodcourt as usual, with a couple of co-workers. We were standing in a circle trying to decide between Manchu Wok and Jimmy the Greek, when a man walked past us. It was Brian Williams! I recognized him right away, and said it out loud, "Hey, that's Brian Williams!" and the two of them said "who?!".

Anyway, then Brian turned around and look at me, and he said "Hi" to me, and I said "Hi" back to him. That was my brief encounter with a celebrity today. Hehe..

For those of you who don't know, Brian Williams is a sportscaster for CBC. Probably Ron Maclean and Don Cherry are more well known, but when it comes to the bigger, more important broadcasts, CBC goes with Brian Williams. He has done numerous broadcasts, most notably being the lead caster for the Olympics. I have a clip of Vince Carter when he jumped over Frederick Weis for a dunk, and the guy doing the commentating for the clip is Brian Williams.

I dunno, I guess I shouldn't make a big deal out of it other than it was kinda cool to have seen him, and to have recognized him, as a big sports fan. He wasn't as big as thought he'd be. He's actually much smaller than I though. I guess because he normally wear a suit, he looked smaller. He's also older than I thought, but I guess these guys get pretty good make-up before the shows. If anyone cares, he got his lunch at Subway. I didn't catch what he ordered, since I think that'd be borderline stalker-like information. Heh.

Not much else happened today, I continue to write test cases for the system at work. I'll be leading the user acceptance testing team. I'm slowly learning what that's going to entail, including training users how to use the system, I'll have also have to report to developers on specific bugs, and evaluating which ones are actually worth fixing, etc. It's a big responsibility, but also a great opportunity for me.

My dad's dehumidifier is fixed now, one of my co-workers came to my house to have a look at it. It was actually a pretty simple fix. I feel pretty stupid that I didn't figure it out myself...
A coupla days ago someone asked me about where my name 'eBrian' came from, and if it had any special meaning. What defines eBrian?

Why eBrian? Because I felt like it. There was all that e-business stuff going around at the time, and there was e-mail, which has now turned into just one word "email". So eBrian just made sense.

But what defines eBrian? In my last year of CCF, they gave me a glass with a word engraved on it that they felt best described me. The word was "joy". I think what defines eBrian is joy. That and my obsession with anything related with computers. Pure unexplainable joy. Joy that sometimes doesn't make sense. I think that lately with the craziness that's been going on around me I've forgotten how to feel that sense of joy that I've had before.

I miss that, and it's come back to me in the last few days.

I remember one time in Ottawa, I was standing outside waiting for the bus, and it started to rain. It actually started pouring, and I was getting drenched. But I was laughing.. out loud. I think that's kinda weird now that I think of it.. but anyway, I miss finding joy in those types of things.

Anyway.. yesterday after work I met with my dad's friend Tony, who helped me re-activate the alarm for our house (that's right, to all you who lended me your fans.. they could've been stolen easily!). Then I went to pick up Kenric from work, and we headed to the dealership to get my tire fixed.

These guys are unbelievable. I kept asking them how long it would take, they said 20-30 minutes. Yet, we were there for approximately 1.5 hours. Even when they finally drove my car into the garage, I saw it being hoisted up and no one worked on it for 10 minutes! And get this, it costed over $200 for the whole sha-bang. The tire was $160!! Shocking, considering the chinese autoshop quoted me $110. Doh..

The tire fixing took so long that it cut into the beginning of Monster, so we didn't even bother to go see it. Instead we targeted Girl with a Pearl Earring (Scarlett!!). But we ended up missing that one too, because the food came a bit too slow at the (something) & Firkin.

But all in all it was a fun night, I finally got to drive on the highway, which I've missed a lot.

February 09, 2004

I love God. I'm so alone and yet, I'm so not alone. God is so great.

Today I had a chance to catch up with Trevor, an old friend of mine from Mac. Praise God that he's back to attending church again, and that his spiritual walk is building up again. He has been attending a church in Irvine, California called New Song Church. They use a motto C (cubed). Christ, Community, Cause. Here's their site.

Anyway, I love it when churches post their sermons so I'm listening to them now. I like the way they're organized by series. If I could only find a way to save this stuff so I can put it on a cd..

Trev was telling me how Michael Chang went to his church to speak once, and he got an autographed tennis ball that says: "Jesus loves you. MChang." Pretty cool!

February 08, 2004

I know it's old, but every time I see this thing it really cracks me up..
If you have a spare fan or more, please call me. I need to borrow as many fans as possible, I'm hoping for 30-40 of them, to help dry my basement. If I wreck your fan, I'll buy you new one. But for now, I just need as many as possible. Thanks.

My dad and I went over the pictures (Yahoo Messenger's voice capabilities are so unreliable!!) and it appears that there is a chance we can salvage more than what the contractors predicted. I went over to check it out. Most of the walls are still wet. Drywall gets all soft when its wet.

My old bedroom is in good shape, it will probably just need a repaint and the ceiling will need to be re-stucco'd. The main room is in pretty bad shape. All of the exterior walls are fairly wet, although it appears the insulation behind the walls are still dry, because the vapor barriers reach all the way to the ceiling. I guess there's moisture between the plastic and the wall that keeps the walls wet.

The laundry room got the worst of it, every wall in there is wet. Right now I have the 1 fan we own blowing in there. Too bad, if I'd known that room was in such bad shape I would've had the contractors' fans blowing in there more. My dad wants to throw out the carpet, so it was a waste to have the fans blowing the carpet. Oh well..

My old washroom is only bad on the walls that it shares with the laundry room. Upstairs, wherever there are baseboards that are warped, the walls just above them are wet. But not too wet. Those walls should all be salvageable.

Every time I go to that place I feel so heartbroken. I only lived there about 8 years, but it's still saddening to see it in that shape. It almost makes me want to cry.. *almost* 8)

February 07, 2004

Firstly, don't forget to pray for Alf's interview on the 16th! Don't know Alf? Pray for him anyway!

Next time when I need to find a site I think I'll have to think smaller in terms of the reward.. heh.

I can't sleep in anymore. Perhaps I'm too old to sleep in, perchance my body won't allow it anymore, or it could just be the many things on my mind keeping me from a peaceful rest. I woke up at 8am this morning, despite going to bed after 1am for the past 4 days.

I went to get my tired fixed today, but there was a mixup at the dealership and they didn't have my tire in stock. *tsk*

Does anyone know of a devotional for single men, like if there's one written especially for guys like me. I've come to the realization that I could be in this for the long haul, possibly forever, so perhaps reading a guideline on how God wants us to approach this kind of lifestyle would make it easier for me. Maybe it would help me from going insane as well.

Small group was interesting. I think people forget I can't understand a word of cantonese, because they were going on and on about the how their parents scolded them and nagged them, all in cantonese. All of them were laughing and I was left pretty much trying to slowly decipher what they heck they were saying.

Another thing interesting was the fact they all were hearing the same things from their parents; all in chinese too. My parents rarely ever scolded me in chinese. It was in english, almost all the time. My family is very different from most chinese families. I am a 2nd generation Canadian, just like every other CBC I know, but somehow my parents embraced the Canadian culture while all my friends' parents stuck with their traditions.

My parents, while they still try to instill the chinese traditions, idioms [i hate those things!] in me and my brother, they don't really force it on us. All that really matters to them is that we're happy, and that we live Christ-like lives. I truly believe that among all my friends, I am the luckiest or most blessed from my parents.

And I don't mean "my dad's better than your dad!". I just mean that, my parents are ahead of their time. I can picture many of the people my age who are getting married, they might become like my parents once they have kids. But I've had the advantage of going through it already.

Anyway after small group, they (80% women) cleaned up my kitchen. I had an accident a week ago of spillage over the stove top and they cleaned it up for me, then did my dishes, and then proceeded to clean out my fridge, which was full of rotten food. In my defense, I haven't been able to cook the food I purchased due to just being way too busy lately. Last week it was the flood, the week before I had a number of appointments that kept me busy all weekend, and the week before I was sick. So basically I bought my veggies a month ago, cooked some, but never had a chance to cook the rest. They come in such big bushels, so just it's not fair!

Hmm.. this was a long post. If you are reading this, you have too much time on your hands!

February 06, 2004

I need to find the chords for the song Breathe by Michelle Branch. In fact, the first person that can find me a site that has all her chords (so far I can only find them for her first album), gets a super-duper prize, like a big *hug*. Or maybe I should make it so that you don't get a hug if you do find me the site, and then I just go around hugging everyone who couldn't. Yeah that's it.. make it a punishment, to make people listen.

Yesterday I discovered that my mp3 player can't handle songs above 128kbps. That sorta sucks..

I checked out the house today. Forgot to check the mailbox again (you idiot!!). We're waiting for a written letter from the insurance company stating their refusal to cover the cost of cleanup and renovation.

My brother got his SAT score back yesterday, and was *disappointed* after getting 93.5% on it. Um yeah.. your future is so over. Poor kid will have to *settle* for Harvard. What a bum..

Let's see.. anything else I haven't covered? Alf's got an interview on the 16th.. please pray for him!

February 05, 2004

Smallville is one of my favorite shows. One thing I love about the show is the choice of music. Most WB shows have a great selection in music, and Smallville is no exception.

Somehow they always pick the right song at the end to play.

I'm picturing a scene in the near future, of Clark and Lana, patching up their relationship. It's set during an early morning in Clark's loft. Lana is there, looking out into the sky at the sun rising. This is the end of the episode that Lana and Adam break up. 'Collide' by Howie Day starts to play. Perfect. Enter Clark, "Hey.. what are you doing here?". And so on and so forth. As the song hits the crescendo, they hug and become friends again.. Perfect!

February 04, 2004

It occurred to me that ol' mr.loquacious has been posting a lot lately, my alter ego who abuses this site that I wanted to make more about my daily walk. It's the very reason I changed the name of the site in the first place. It's a reminder that maybe my spiritual walk is slipping slightly. Gosh, I really need to find a new daily devotional.

Today I went over to the house to take pictures of the damage so that my dad can get a better idea of what exactly has happened outside of what I described to him over Yahoo messenger. I took about 40 pics. He hasn't come online yet but once I send them to him, we plan on assessing the damage ourselves. Insurance won't cover it, but that's okay because as my dad put it, God's blessed us well enough that we can afford it if we have to. Anyway the contractor's original estimation may have been a bit overboard.

From my own estimation, it'll cost us maybe 20-25 boards of drywall, and paint, nails, joints, sand paper, drywall compound, insulation, vapor barriers, etc.. There's no way it would cost as much as he told us. The amount he suggested would be enough to rebuild the ENTIRE basement from scratch. If we did it ourselves, that cuts out the labor costs. Again, thank God for the generous and loving friends who have stretched their hands out to offer their help.

After work today I met Kenric for the Raptors game (which we won by a huge margin). I have seen 7 games now this season. The Raptors are 5-2 when I go see their games.

My brother is getting his SAT scores back soon, two days I believe. Personally I'm very excited. Malice is one smart cookie and really regardless of what his score ends up being I know in my heart that he going to be successful with whatever he puts his mind to. It might sound strange but he is an inspiration to me even though he is 9 years my junior. He's my best friend and I miss him so much. After visiting Vegas at Christmas time I have actually considered looking for work in the States so I can be with him. Of course I've never actually looked because I've also enjoyed my time here... :)
As a former pyromaniac, here's something I absolutely MUST try sometime during this upcoming summer:

One of my co-workers is determined to try the "start a fire with a piece of ice". Personally I think the "start a fire with a coke can" sounds so much cooler...
Haha.. another good one. Version 2.0. Hardy-har-har!

February 03, 2004

earthly lessons

today i picked up some valuable lessons. one is a reminder. RTFM! dr. lawford would always remind us this. Better known as "Read The F***ing Manual", Dr. Lawford would always say READ THE FULL MANUAL! Anyway, that's an important lesson as my parents failed to read the home insurance policy and as a result it will cost them a mid-size sedan.

here's another lesson: Always ask how much something is going to cost before letting people do the work. I had to learn this the hard way, but the plumber will be the one who will have to face God one day and answer why he ripped me off. I kept asking him how much will this cost? And he'd say, "we'll see". Then after the work is done, all 8 minutes worth, he turns to me and says $150. 150 bucks? For 15 minutes? That's what, $600/hour?!

a lesson on the lottery system: 15 co-workers and I "invested" $2 each for last week's Super 7 jackpot of $30M. We won, 3 times.. two 10 dollar prizes and a free ticket. We "invested" $32 and made $22 back. It's like playing the stock market. And we're putting it all back in again. How foolish we are..

finally a lesson on girls: they say that men can't understand women.. but maybe it works the other way too. i mean a guy will try their best to impress a girl, or try to make her laugh, in the hopes of attracting her. but she will think he's just fooling around or trying to be funny. wait, maybe this is still the same ol' men not understanding thing, because we just don't know what it takes for girls to get it. yeah, that's probably what it is. it's always twisted to make us look dumb. i guess that's how God made us. *sigh*

February 02, 2004

cripes.. forgot i didn't give my take on the superbowl.

I watched the game with Kenric and Mr. Abbas. They came over, we had sushi and beer. It's quite a combo. Try it sometime. *Anything* goes with sushi. And *anything* goes with beer. Thus, the two combined are quite good.

I missed the first quarter due to driving back and forth to the house to wait for the plumber and to see if the cleaners had finished their cleaning yet. I waited til they were all finished then came back to watch the game.

as per the usual.. [SPORTS] ahh!! stay away girls!

What a relief that I missed the first quarter because the defenses soundly stopped eachother. Ben and Kenric were cheering whenever any team got a first down. A FIRST DOWN! So thank God I missed the first quarter.

The game was exactly what I thought it'd be up to that point. But then something happened. The defenses broke down. They got tired. That is what happens when an entire nation hypes this game to be a defense-fest. They get overly excited for the game, and they exhume all their strength in the first half. As a result, there was no defense for the remainder of the game.

Well, when there's no defense, then even mediocre QBs such as Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme, can light it up. And that is exactly what these two mediocre quarterbacks did. Mediocrity vs. mediocrity, these two guys looked like offensive geniuses for 3 quarters and had every unknowledgeable fan raving about this great game.

Okay I'll admit it was a good game. It was exciting, back and forth. The type of game you want to see for the final game of the year. So even with the mediocrity on the field, it was still exciting. I mean, it's still better than a CFL game right?
this song makes me stop thinking about the stressful times i'm in. everyone sing along!

johnny mathis rules!

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring-ting-tingle-ing too
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you
Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "You Hoo"
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

"Ring-ting-tingle-ing"? It doesn't get any better than this!

Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up let's go, Let's look at the show
We're riding in a wonderland of snow
Giddy-up giddy-up giddy-up it's grand, Just holding your hand
We're gliding along with a song of a wintery fairy land

how could one not totally love a song that says "giddy-up" three times in a row?

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we
We've snuggled close together like two birds of a feather would be
Let's take that road before us and sing a chorus or two
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

There's a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray
It'll be the perfect ending of a perfect day
We'll be singing the songs we love to sing without a single stop
At the fireplace where we'll watch the chestnuts pop
Pop! Pop! Pop!

now while you're singing you gotta do the head-bobbing smile just like Carleton when he was singing Tom Jones songs on Fresh Prince. especially on the 'Pop! Pop! Pop!' part!

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy
When they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie
It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our li-ives
These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives

Who's Currier and Ives? Who cares?! Sing the song!!

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing , ring-ting-tingle-ing too
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you
Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "You Hoo"
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

when it rains..

today it got a whole lot worse. yesterday, after discovering the mess in my basement, surprisingly my father took the news rather well. i mean there was nothing he or i could do about it. we called insurance and they sent a team over to clean it up.

today, a guy came out to do an estimate on the damage and repairs. they estimated about $25,000. ouch. but hey, we have insurance. right? RIGHT?!

yeah, we do have it. Allstate. Allstate called after I got back to work at 2pm. they wouldn't cover it. apparently in the policy it states that you have to check your house DAILY, otherwise any water-related damages don't count.

ouch.. it's the cost of a car. ouch.

well needless to say i'm concerned, and very very stressed. God has thrown us another curve ball. I'm totally stressed.. there's nothing we can do. Feels so helpless inside..

February 01, 2004

fishing, anyone?

today would have to be the lowest day so far in my string of bad luck. flat tire, will be fixed next week. my voice is coming back, just can't do any tenor stuff. but today was the BADDEST of all.

after church kenric and i drove back to my place so we can take the subway down to the raptors (and Lakers) game. i finally decided to check a message i'd received on Friday night. i figured it to be someone who was trying to get directions to my place on friday. wrong.

it was my neighbor, saying that there was water flowing pretty fast out of a vent on the side of my house. so i decided to take a look. when i got into the house all i could hear was flowing water. i walked into the kitchen, the kitchen was covered in water, about 1 cm of water on the floor. seemed like water was blasting out from under the kitchen sink.

i heard a lot of water dripping (flowing) in the basement, so i went down to have a look. DEVASTATING! the basement ceiling was on the floor. water, was on the floor, in the carpet. it was soaked enough that when i walked on it, it splashed. water was falling from all over the ceiling, seeping down from the kitchen, i supposed. the walls were a bubbled up from the water seeping through the paint. it was just a moment of utter panic when i thought about how dad was going to react when i told him the great news.

after that it wasn't so bad. i ran over to the neighbors but her husband wasn't home. but she was able to reach him and i spoke to him on the phone and he told me find the main water meter and turn off the water from there. i did that, then i turned on all the taps in the basement to drain the water out.

i called stan for some advice, he was in sunday school, but he called me later to dish out some ideas. kenric went to the game, i heard we lost but it was a good game.