March 16, 2010

Walk of shame

The XBOX 360 Arcade went on sale last Friday, dropping from $200 to $130. I had permission to buy one so we picked it up on Friday night. I played it for a couple hours on Friday night, then a few more hours on Saturday night. On Sunday night when I tried to power it up, I got the 3 flashing red lights. The XBOX was dead.

So yesterday after work we took the console back to Future Shop to exchange it for another one. Unfortunately they didn't have any left. Bummed, I put it back in the car and we went to a store called "Frugo", which is found next to the Future Shop (Hwy 7 and Warden), and is owned by the husband of one of my wife's co-workers. The store has pretty much everything you can think of, it's like a Chinese Walmart.

As I wandered around the store, I noticed that my right foot was a little uncomfortable and kept hearing squeaking noises when I stepped down on the heel. So knelt over to examine my shoe.

To my surprise, I discovered that I was wearing different colored shoes! My left foot had my normal brown Bostonians, but my right foot had on my black Bostonians. I couldn't believe it. I leave an older pair of black shoes at work for winter use (so I can wear boots to work), I guess I must have switched them at some point during the day and put on the wrong shoes when I left work!

I was totally embarrassed, but it was pretty funny so I showed my wife she laughed at me. It also dawned on me that I'd have to go to work again wearing the same shoes, different colored shoes, on the GO Train and through the downtown core.


March 03, 2010

Memories in a box

My wife and I have been spending around 30-40 minutes each night in our basement, going through boxes, throwing things out, and especially, being reminded of old keepsakes.

There was one boxes full of my notes, from university. Most of them looked entirely foreign to me. Even the handwriting didn't look like mine, and you can forget about the math -- that stuff looked like it was written in a different language. There was another box full of old pictures, Christmas cards, Birthday cards, and several handbooks which I found quite amusing.

During my teenage years I never really understood why Teen's Conference was considered a "Meat Market". I even remember a young Kevin Lai in a skit standing at the edge of the stage waving a large cleaver. I didn't understand that. I guess in those days I was too innocent about what was going on around me.

As I looked through some of my old TC handbooks, I quickly realized that there may have been a lot more going on than I had ever realized at the time. For one thing, not a lot of comments from boys, but a ton from girls. I guess at that age girls were a lot more chatty.

Secondly I was surprised to see the number of girls who left their phone number, so that, um, we could discuss sermons?

Also, instead of comments you might expect like "gee, we sure had a lot of fun, huh?", I saw comments like "I hope you remember me" and "xxxoooxxx". How bizarre..

We still have tons of boxes so I'm sure I'll have more funny stories to share. I threw out all my notes but some of the handbooks/birthday cards I couldn't help but keep.

Good times.

March 01, 2010

The goal

There haven't been a lot, but I can remember some pretty great moments in sports over my lifetime. Like the time when Joe Carter hit the game winning homerun to win the World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays 17 years ago. Or the spectacular catch by David Tyree off his helmet to make a crucial first down for the New York Giants, who then went on to win the Superbowl. Donovan Bailey's gold medal winning 9.84 second 100M run which was slowed by the fact that he raised his arm at the end.

Yesterday topped all of those.

My wife and I watched the Canada-USA hockey Olympic gold medal final together, just the two of us. We had invited others but they were either unable to make it or chose to go elsewhere for maybe a bigger party or whatever. I think it would have been more fun with more people, but what can you do.

I can't remember a more exciting game in my life. To me, I would have been happier to see Team Canada finish 4th by losing to the Slovakians than to lose to the Americans. It was so intense that both my wife and I were exhausted by the time we had finished watching the first two periods. Emotionally we were completely drained.

I was thinking about how destiny works, how God selects certain people in this world to do amazing things. Sidney Crosby had been somewhat ridiculed because he hadn't scored anything in several games, even though he was supposed to be the best player we had. Meanwhile Crosby was probably just playing like he always plays, creating opportunities, handling and battling for the puck, constantly being harrassed by 1-2 opponents, also not knowing himself when he'll be able to affect the game in some shape where everyone would notice.

And then there it was, he battled for the puck the corner, left it back for Jerome Iginla and then skated unobstructed for once, towards the net, and then called for it and slid the puck into the net. It seemed so innocent, not like the many other huge scoring chances.

Back home, my wife and I went absolutely nuts. We danced in front of the TV, shouted, we jumped up and down, we hugged, we hugged while jumping up and down (this is no easy task) and then we ran around the living room cheering.

Greatest hockey game ever.