January 15, 2010

Team Coocoo

With the economy being the way it is, the jobless rate soaring and poverty at its peak, I can't understand why Conan O'Brien is being celebrated for, basically, crying like a baby.

Athletes who whine and ask to be traded are frowned upon. Dany Heatley in hockey, or Jay Cutler in football, or Allen Iverson in basketball are people who were unhappy with their job situation and asked to be traded or released. How is that any different from Conan O'Brien's situation? Whining because of a time slot? If the wave and support of "Team COCO" gives any indication, Conan could have his show air at 4am and people would still be watching.

I found his letter to NBC pretty embarrassing and revealing of his massive ego. Here is a guy making hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars with quite possibly one of the cushiest jobs in the world. He's not saving the world, people. He's not raising money for charity, or helping people. He's the host of a talk show that celebrates Hollywood, of all things, and who happens to be good at making fun of other people, including himself. That's all. His noted accomplishments are:

1. Making people laugh.
(list over)

It's time to move on from this.

January 11, 2010

Weekend summary

Okay, so somehow I managed to pick every losing team.

I thought that Baltimore ended up doing exactly what they needed to beat the New England Patriots. They took it to Brady and Brady faltered because of the wuss that he is. They went right at him, I think Ray Lewis sacked him in the first quarter, and they never let up. The Ravens attacked and attacked, and then handed the ball to their running game. The Pats D couldn't stop the run, and so the Ravens were in control from start to finish. They completely dominated the game.

In the Jets Bengals game, the defense for the Jets made all the difference. Cincinnati's offense was exposed as a one trick pony on air (Palmer to Ocho couldn't click because of Revis), and well, Benson had a monster game but they couldn't keep using him because they were playing from behind. I don't expect the Jets to get very far in these playoffs, but they can upset teams because of their disrupting defense.

The Dallas-Philly game was a total disappointment. Two teams who have so much history faced eachother for the 3rd time this season and one simply did not show up. I thought this would be a shootout but it McNabb didn't show up to the game and as a result, Philly was absolutely destroyed in this game. Dallas has a pretty good team, next week against Minnesota should be exciting.

Finally, the best game of the weekend was Green Bay vs Arizona. Most experts picked Green Bay to take this one and as we've seen time and time again, when Arizona is the underdog somehow they scrape it out. The game went back and forth with the Cards taking the early lead but after neither defense could do anything the game was eventually 45-45. I have to say though, the final play of the game was pretty disappointing with Rodgers having the ball stripped from him and giving up a TD.

For once, a playoff game ending where the team who won the overtime coin toss didn't win the game.

January 07, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

NFL Playoffs! This is it.. here are the matchups for Wildcard Weekend:


Baltimore @ New England

Everyone is picking New England for this one and I will have to agree. They are just a better team and it's Tom Brady in January.. about as clutch as one can possibly get. That being said, if Ray Lewis can get his hands on Brady early in the game, that could change everything. Brady a tough guy he is not.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati

This game could go either way but I'm picking Cincinatti based on the fact that they are at home and they'll be motivated to win their first playoff game in about 2 decades.


Philadelphia @ Dallas

I'm picking Philly. For some reason I just think Donovan McNabb will figure this out (they've lost to Dallas twice this season).

Green Bay @ Arizona

Green Bay will win this one.