December 19, 2011

Today thoughts

Skyrim - Quests
I've never played a game with so many quests.  The minute you turn in a quest, 1-5 more pop up.  It's crazy.  Maybe I'm just being anal but I prefer maybe 8-10 open quests at any given time.  Right now I've got about 25!

Tebow vs Brady
I watched some parts of this game before it got out of hand.  Tebow's mechanics are not as bad as people say.  Yes, he's not so great at throwing a perfect spiral.  Another issue is when he throws on the run, he's often doing it off his back leg instead of stepping into the throw, which likely accounts for most of his too-short passes.  He should work on that. 

Championship game!
I've made it to the Championship game in my Flag Football fantasy league.  That's the one run by some people at my old church.  My season ended early in my other league, the one I actually care about, as usual.  I finished the year 4-9 and it was pretty much a disaster from the get-go, so many injuries.

December 16, 2011

Today's thoughts

Toronto Raptors 2011-2012
I think the Raptors will win between 13-15 games this year, which should be good enough for dead last in the NBA.  Nothing has changed from the last game of the season to now, except a coaching change, while other teams equally as bad as we were last year have made some strides.  The only team that could conceivably be worst than us are probably the Charlotte Bobcats, who traded away their two best players in Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson.  They have the potential to be worse than us.

Churching the unchurched
What does it mean when someone says they want to church the unchurched?  Well, essentially it means they want to do what we as Christians have been called mandated to do. It's not a choice; it's a lifestyle.

Recently a friend of mine quit his pastoral job at a big church to follow this mandate.. all I can say is: Right on, brother! 

Best Buy
I do not appreciate the way they do business.  I ordered something online and at the time, it said there were 2 left in stock.  After I completed my order, I went back to the site and it said the product had 1 in stock.  That was 3 weeks ago.  I still haven't heard anything, and when I called in to ask, they said the manufacturer would get back to me on an ETA.  Why would they need to call the manufacturer unless they lied about how many products they had in stock?

...and don't make the excuse that maybe someone else ordered at the same time as I did.  It's not hard to update your database when someone has purchased something and show real-time values. 

Terra Nova
One thing that I don't get about this show is why the kid Josh doesn't make a move on his female friend Skye.  Apparently in the future, teenage boys don't care about teenage girls. 

Granted he's got a girlfriend 'in the future', but she's far far away.  Move on dude.  Move on.