December 17, 2004

how fitting, is the title of this blog, for this moment.

this moment makes me think of those times in my life when i lost someone so important to me. someone that i perhaps took for granted, someone i truly loved but never expressed it to.

when i try to think of things to say to console others, no words come out. all i can do is point to Him and give "textbook" answers. i don't have any answers but what i do know is that He knows.

i guess it's times like these, moments when we realize how brief our time on this world can be, understanding that in the blink of an eye, we could lose it all. but what do we really lose? nothing truly meaningful. maybe we lose a chance to further God's kingdom.

anyway, i leave you with this song.

December 07, 2004

sad and pathetic

They might as well admit it is time for a name change. The Toronto WorstTeamInTheLeague's. The first team with an apostrophe as a part of its name. We are making history, folks! Let's go WorstTeamInTheLeagues!!

Ah, those poor Raptor fans. As a diehard Seattle Supersonics fan living in Toronto, I can only pity the countless fans here who are cheering for one of the leagues most pathetic franchises. The team is in shambles, with a GM lacking the savviness of realizing his team is literally going down the drain each day he waits to make a trade that ultimately may not look so good on paper but will change the entire outlook of the team.

Does anyone remember the 5 games after they traded the other thorn of the Raptors, Mr. Antonio Davis? He left, Jalen and Donyell came, and they won 5 games in a row. Of course after that the numbskull Kevin O'Neill instilled his "no offense is a good offense" policy and they went back to their losing ways. But still, the point is made that when you clean the dirt, sweat, gunk and Vince from your hands, you have cleaner hands.

Also, is it me or is Chris Bosh the most overrated player on the Toronto Craptors? I mean you look at the newspapers and people are saying to trade Vince and Jalen, so they can build around Bosh. Building around Bosh? Say that again. Build around Bosh? Why don't the Leafs build around Cory Cross? Because he sucks! Bosh can't do squat.. he has actually regressed from last year despite everyone thinking last year's performance was just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out it was his career year.

in all seriousness

I need to get back with my devotions. I have been ever so inconsistent with them that I often feel like my own spirit is ebbing away to nothingness, as if it's no longer there. I need a boost.

On Sunday before service I began to read some Ezekiel, completely at random. It was just one of those "flip a few pages and just read" things, and I read it. Just the first few versus was enough to uplift me and wonders of the awesomeness of God and how utterly fantastic and amazing His creations are.

December 03, 2004

Smee again!

I have been playing World of Warcraft for the past 1.5 weeks. It's really fun. It's a lot like City of Heroes. WoW is based more in a medieval setting which is actually what I prefer. Both are cartoonish looking.

The graphics for WoW are far better. But the gameplay is about the same. I actually like CoH teamplay a lot more, there is more dynamics to a battle than for WoW.

Anyway, I made a character named Smee, a dwarf rogue. A rogue is basically an assassin. And for those of you who played Diablo2, it functions much like an assassin in battle -- it has charge up points and finishing moves. It's basically a melee killing machine. It's the best melee damage dealer in the game. Soloing for a rogue is the most ideal form of combat because it allows us to make use of our sneak attacks and stun moves. In team, I just swing away because it's hard to sneak around while the enemy is receiving large bolts of ice and fire.

One thing you notice immediately between the two games is the popularity. WoW is way more popular, having sold 240,000 copies in it's first day. I doubt CoH has that many total users. The servers become laggy during peak hours. Etc.

I have found that the best time to play this game is in the mornings before work. There is no one around so you get all the monsters to yourself. There is no lag because everyone is waking up or at work. Pretty sweet..

My goal right now is to gain at least 1 level per day. So far it is working out, having spent about 11 days on the game I am level 20. Yesterday I gained two levels. I suspect tonight will be another late one, and I might be able to gain two more.


I thought about specific gifts for specific people last year. What I mean is, specific people I would keep an eye out for and take mental notes on what I should get them for Christmas. There's one obvious flaw to this plan I had, which is I can't remember what I had planned for each person.

For instance, over the year I would observe that a person likes to eat something, not something common but a rare thing. Then I would make a mental note to buy that thing for that person. Or, maybe it was something they enjoyed watching, or doing. Anyway. It's all gone now.

The other idea I had was writing down quotes of certain things people had said over the year that made an impact towards me, and then writing them a card to thank them for it. But alas, as of now, my mind is a total blank. =