July 30, 2010

Wins Produced

I found this through reading a recent RR post, but here's a link to the Wins Produced site, which does a breakdown by player and team of how many wins each player produced. I can't really explain how this is calculated nor how accurate it is. The totals for Toronto is 36 wins (when you add all the players up), and we won 40 games so I have no idea were those other games went.

http://www.permanent-sketch.com/WinsPro ... ml#/Season

Chris Bosh produced 11.84 wins last year, so it's to be expected that there will be a significant drop-off in record this season. What's impressive though, is that Amir Johnson was #2 last year at 7.63.

If you want to look at the stats, look at the page. What I've done is taken a 3 year average for each player:

Jose Calderon: +11.14 (all 3 years in Toronto)
Chris Bosh: +9.88 (all 3 years in Toronto)
Amir Johnson: +5.75 (Toronto, 2 years in Detroit)
Jarret Jack: +5.31 (Toronto, Indiana, Portland)
Reggie Evans: +4.12 (Toronto, 2 years in Philly)
Hedo Turkoglu: +3.23 (Toronto, 2 years in Orlando)
Rasho Nesterovic: +0.9 (Toronto, Indiana, Toronto)
DeMar DeRozan: +0.8 (Toronto)
Sonny Weems: +0.79 (Toronto, Denver)
Marcus Banks: +0.27 (Toronto, Toronto/Miami, Miami)
Pops Mensa-Bonsu: +0.22 (Toronto/Houston, San Antonio)
Patrick O'Bryant: -0.14 (Toronto, Toronto, didn't register in Boston)
Marco Belinelli: -0.7 (Toronto, 2 years in Golden State)
Andrea Bargnani: -1.57 (all 3 years in Toronto)
Antoine Wright: -1.61 (Toronto, Dallas, New Jersey)

Here's a few of our recent acquisitions:

Leandro Barbosa: +2.14 (all 3 years in Phoenix)
Dwayne Jones - 0.00
Joey Dorsey - 0.10 (Miami)
David Andersen: -0.89 (Houston)
Linas Kleiza: +1.15 (Denver 2 years starting 3 years ago)

Some notes:
-Amir Johnson has always contributed wins towards his team. Not just as a Raptor but even as a Piston for two years. He's a positive contributor regardless of the minutes he's getting and I'm impressed by this stat.
-Same thing for Jarret Jack.
-Jose Calderon was a killer in wins produced for two years prior to last season. If he can even find middle ground between those two ground breaking years and last year, he will be a valuable player to us once again.
-DeRozan will be a big difference maker depending on his progress this season.
-Hedo's numbers in Orlando actually proves why he was overrated to begin with. Take a look at the site and see how little he contributed despite his reputation in Orlando.
-Barbosa has never been a big contributor to wins according to these stats. Even in the year he won 6th man of the year.
-Same for Kleiza, minus the 6th man award.
-I thought Antoine Wright was better than this.. I guess this proves that just being a solid defender with no offensive prowess is pretty much useless.
-Or perhaps pure defending isn't good enough, as opposed to rebounding and defense in Reggie Evans, where he's put up decent numbers throughout his career.
-Marco Belinelli is useless.
-As for Bargnani, this is not surprising when you consider what a starting C is expected to do in the NBA. Unfortunately despite being a decent but untraditional scoring big man, what he gives up at his position is likely what puts him at this horrible wins produced score. Rebound, block shots, clog the lane, score in the post. Andrea does none of these.

As our current roster stands, we have the following players:

Jose Calderon: +11.14
Amir Johnson: +5.75
Jarret Jack: +5.31
Reggie Evans: +4.12
Leandro Barbosa: +2.14
Linas Kleiza: +1.15
DeMar DeRozan: +0.8
Sonny Weems: +0.79
Marcus Banks: +0.27
Joey Dorsey: +0.10
Marco Belinelli: -0.7
David Andersen: -0.89
Andrea Bargnani: -1.57
Ed Davis
Solomon Alabi

July 27, 2010

Ultimate Frisbee: Other sports need to fight back!

I'm sure there is a valid reason for naming sport where you throw a frisbee at your teammates and move along the field and try to score at the other end "Ultimate Frisbee". However, isn't it all a little too convenient?

What's worse is that now a lot of this sports' participants are simply using "Ultimate to describe the sport. Come on now -- ultimate? Really?

Imagine this scenario in the school yard:

Johnny: "Hey guys, let's play soccer!"
Tommy: "Huh? No way, we're playing ULTIMATE!"
Chris: "COOOOL! Yea, let's go play ULTIMATE!!"
Stevie: "Johnny, you're so lame. LET'S GO PLAY ULTIMATE!!"
Katie: "Sorry Johnny, I'm breaking up with you because you're so lame."

Poor Johnny is going to be left in the dust.

But what if instead of "soccer", it was instead called "AWESOMEST SPORT EVER"?

The school yard scene would change drastically.

Tommy: "Johnny, what are you doing here?"
Stevie: "I bet he's here to try to convince us to play that lame sport soccer!"
Chris: "LAME! Whaddya want, Lamer?"
Johnny: "Oh, well, I just wanted to know if you wanted to play the AWESOMEST SPORT EVER?"
Chris: "Whoaa.. why didn't you say so? That sounds like a great idea!"
Tommy: "Woot! I love AWESOMEST SPORT EVER!"
Stevie: "Sorry Johnny, I had no idea you were so cool. AWESOMEST SPORT EVER, here I come!"
Katie: "Oh Johnny, I should never have doubted you. Let's make out!"

See how everything changes with the name?

Here are a few other suggestions to level the playing field:

Baseball: THE SHIZZLE, YO!

July 18, 2010

Inception (2010)

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should go do it right away, as soon as possible.