September 22, 2006

New blog

I've moved to

The funny thing of course is that you can only read this message if you go to, which of course is impossible since, well, you're probably sitting in front of the computer staring at and wondering why he hasn't updated in ages.

Hah. Well, not much I can do.


Continuum is the latest album belonging to John Mayer. This is a fantastic CD, just completely and totally awesome. It's just great, it really is.

You'd have to be pretty crazy not to buy this CD. It's really just that good. If you buy this CD, you will be tremendously satisfied with your purchase. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is "REFUND" and 10 is "It's so good, I'm gonna buy THREE so I can listen to it at home and in the car and at work!", I give this album a 42.

September 21, 2006

The Verdict is in..

There's a number of new shows out there that I've checked out over the past couple weeks. Here's a brief overview/review of the shows.. they are in no particular order.

1. Justice

Justice is about a law firm that takes on high profile cases. The kink in the show is that they deal with the media and at the end they show what really happened (whether or not the person was indeed guilty or not). This show is all flash and no substance. It's pure crap. Ron Rifkin should have perhaps waited for a better role before jumping on this straight after Alias. He's too brash and arrogant (I know, he's supposed to be -- but it's just not believable) and frankly, I find him a little annoying, as in Wanda Sykes annoying. Yes, I went there. This show may last because stupid Americans really like their lawyer/cop shows. But in my opinion, it should be cancelled.. I'd give it a 2 out of 10. It shows at 9pm, which I believe will end up competing with LOST when that returns in October? Yea, this show is gonna die if that's the case.. but I think it would have died anyway, because it blows.

2. Standoff

Standoff is a show about hostage situations, and a pair negotiators who are really good at their job and happen to be having a romantic relationship with eachother. The guy is played by the Office Space guy, and he's actually okay, and the girl, I don't know where I've seen her from but she and him get together well and they have a pretty good chemistry going. I suppose you can credit the writing. Whatever the case may be, I find this show interesting and on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it solid 7. I'm not sure if this show is flashy or compelling enough that it will keep going. Standoff is on at 9pm Tuesdays, which gives it a decent chance because everyone watches House at 8pm.

3. Jericho

Jericho is a show about a town that survives a nuclear attack on US soil. I've only seen one episode of this show but I was pretty riveted throughout the hour. One of the mains, Jake, is played by someone I've seen before but I have no idea where. I think one of those old teenage angst actors. Anyway, so far Atlanta and Denver have been completely wiped out. It's an interesting show and at first glance I would give it a 9 out of 10, however if you think about it -- how far can they go with this show. Once the town uses their ham radio or whatever the heck they use to communicate with other nearby towns, then what? Either they go Adam & Eve cuz they're the last ones left, or there are other towns.. I just don't see where they could go with this. If it was terrorists, how can a tiny town defend themselves? This show is on at 8pm on Wednesdays.

4. Kidnapped

Kidnapped is a show about a high-profile man's son who is kidnapped. They've got that Delindo Roy or something, the black dude from Gone in 60 Seconds. And also, Bubba from Forrest Gump is in this too. Looks like the bad guy is that runt from The Green Mile, the bad guard named Percy? He plays a great villain. This show was also good, I'm pleasantly surprised by what TV has to offer on Wednesday's. I'm assuming LOST returns to Wednesdays which puts up somewhat of a bidding war for ebrian's attention. Plus Grey's Anatomy is also on Wednesdays (I don't watch Anatomy, but I'm very aware of it's popularity.) I would also give Kidnapped a 9 of 10. I just hope it ends like 24 does, a conclusion at the end of the season and not some stupid conspiracy show that drags on for several years.

5. Vanished

This is another high-profile kidnapping, this time the wife of a senator. I think this show will bomb, because it's crap. There's just nothing there for me to want to continue watching, even though I've seen 2 episodes and have learned about the characters and their feelings. There's too many conspiracies going on and too many characters to keep track of. I would give it a 5/10. This show is gonna go heads up against NBC's new show "Heroes" which is apparently about people who have superpowers. Vanished got a head start (3-4 episodes before Heroes premiere's next week), but I think it's gonna shrivel up and die.

6. Smith

Smith is about regular family people who get together occasionally to commit heists and other illegal activities. It has some extreme star power with Virginia Madsen, Ray Liotta and Amy Smart. I dunno about you guys but I find this show kind of disappointing. I don't like Ray Liotta as Bobby Smith. He's just not believable as a family man, nor a criminal. It's like he should have never signed on the show. Another thing is Virginia.. there's something about her, ever since Sideways I've had sort of had a crush on her. It's not like she's particular attractive, but when I think about her monologue about wine, there's just that bit of passion about her that I think is really cool. Anyway, as for the show it's just not that good. I have no idea what the show's purpose is. My assumption is that they're never actually going to get caught and the entire show is about each person's relationship with their "day job" acquaintances. 6.5/10.

7. Shark

In case you're wondering, I have no intention of watching this because I can't stand the sight of his face nor the sound of his voice. Of course I'm talking about James Woods. Plus I've had it up to here with lawyer shows. What's the point of lawyer shows? If you really think about it, it's quite possibly the most boring premise that any show could have. Okay, they're real people just like you and me -- we get it. Cases. Law. Judge. Jury. Guilty. Not guilty. Enough!

8. Studio 60 on Sunset Strip

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. I think it's about a show similar to SNL that rehires ex-writers because they really suck and decide to go in a new direction. Amanda Peete and Matthew Perry are in it, and also one of dudes from Kings of Comedy. Judd Hirsch was on too but I think it was just a cameo. I like Matt though, for once he's not Chandler. I'm getting tired as it's 1am, but because I had coffee for the first time in a year, I'm totally wired. 6/10. This one could go the distance as they've got some writers from West Wing doing this, meaning it's actually quite well written. It's very different. I wonder if they'll show sketches from the pseudo-SNL, or will it just be about relationships between actors who are playing actors who are playing actors. That's new.

Reality shows!

1. Survivor

Survivor is about.. if I have to explain to you what Survivor is, you shouldn't be reading this post. This year they've pitted races against eachother. 4 teams of 5: the whites, the blacks, the asians and the hispanics. The Asians curiously have no chinese people -- a vietnamese, two koreans and two filipino's. If you're wondering why there are no chinese people, it's simple. Chinese people are too good to be on the show. If they had a chinese person on the show, they may as well just give them the $1M and the show would end. :)

Seriously though.. last week when they announced that there was going to be puzzles in the immunity challenge, how many people honestly thought the Asians *wouldn't* win? C'mon now. Give me a puzzle or math problem, I will solve it. Give me something heavy to lift, that's another story.

2. Amazing Race

No thanks. It's on Sundays. Football is on Sundays.

One day if they remove all the equalizer rounds from Amazing Race, I might tune in again. What I mean is, a team has a huge lead, like 12 hour lead. So, the next place that they arrive, conveniently they need to take a ferry that doesn't leave for another 16 hours. Hmm.. do you think everyone is gonna catch up? What they need is a non-stop race, none of these "let's let everyone catch up even though they screwed up badly and honestly should have been eliminated 8 weeks ago" rounds.

Also, it's getting a bit too repetitive.

"I think it's left."
"No, you're stupid, turn right."
"No, you're a fat cow, turn left!"
"I hate you. [turns left]"
[several hours later]
"I think you were right.."
"I'm always right. I want a divorce."
"[starts crying] Why do you have to be so mean? You're not a very supportive person. When I met you in the online dating system, you seemed so nice!"
"Just shutup and go back."
"I hate you."
"Finally, we agree on something."
[show ends, couple is eliminated]

"I'm so glad we went on this trip. We learned so much about eachother and we're stronger now than we ever were. Thank you LavaLife, thank you Amazing Race!"

New category.. comedies!

1. 'Til Death

This one stars Brad Garrett from Everybody Love's Raymond. He and his wife have been married many years and a newlywed moves in next door and Brad teaches the new guy the ins and outs of marriage. It's a pretty entertaining show. Thursdays are really, for me, a dead zone since I have my Perspectives class on Thursdays.. but I think this show will do well. I give it an 8.5/10. It's gonna make it.

That's all for now!

September 17, 2006

Amazing guitar

This is Stanley Jordan playing Eleanor Rigby. I know, I don't know what Eleanor Rigby is either, but check it out anyway because this guy uses a style called touch playing, it involves the use of both hands playing different notes on a guitar, which is something I did not know was possible.

This guy's solo.. if he were using one hand I'd already be impressed, but for him to be using both hands and different notes for each hand as if it's like two guitars or a piano, that's just totally, totally amazing.

If this doesn't completely blow your mind like it did for me, then by all means, please show me something that does.

September 08, 2006

Nick Saban

Nick Saban is an idiot. I am completely flabbergasted by his inability to grasp the importance of a simple decision of challenging a game-changing, cross that, GAME-BREAKING play. Nevermind the absolutely atrocious play-calling by the officials who evidentally like the Steelers A LOT (you already know how I felt about the officiating from last year's Superbowl).

He threw that flag like it was a porcelain doll that he was afraid might break from the impact of the field. What the heck was he thinking? And why wait so long to do it? That's the game right there. Pittsburgh had fumbled the last time they were at the goalline, there was no reason to think they had a TD in the bag. Miami could have stopped them and given up just a field goal. Anything would have been better than the actual end result, the pathetic tossing of the flag.

That was just wrong. Miami had that game in the bag and their coach blew it.

September 07, 2006


Word out on the street is that "Hollywoodland", might pull Ben Affleck out of the "worst actors of all time" category. People are saying that you may have to start treating Ben Affleck as a serious actor. This to me is like saying papercuts are fun.

To those who believe that Ben is ready to become a major player in Hollywood acting, I scoff at you. Ben Affleck is the flagship for bad movies and I stand by this, he is the president of the "Worst Movies of All Time" fanclub.

"Hollywoodland" (Adrian Brody, Diane Lane) is just another "Good Will Hunting" (Robin Williams, Matt Damon) -- a movie with stellar acting and Ben riding on their coattails. I tell you now, regardless of how Ben appears to be quote-unquote acting in this upcoming film, he is just a coat-tail rider.. in fact you might say he is the superhero of coat-tail riding, with his pals Alonzo Mourning and Orlando Bloom* as his side-kicks.

*More on Whorelando later.

One movie I'm really looking forward to is one starring the aforementioned Matt Damon, one of my more favorite actors. "The Departed" is a star-studded collaboration of quality actors, including Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Leonardo DiCaprio. Heck, even Marky Mark is in this one. You just know that when guys like Nicholson and DiCaprio come out from the woodworks, you are in for a very good movie. What I like about these two guys, and DiCaprio in particular, is that you get the sense that they take their craft very seriously.

What I like most about DiCaprio is that he doesn't 'ride the wave', as many other actors tend to do. He'll do a movie and then go back into hiding, do another movie, go back to hiding, and etc. Other actors (at least those who tend to be thrown into Leo's category of actors) tend to put out a good movie and then lay out a series of bombs that seemingly make some good movie while riding the actors' popularity from that first movie. But with Leo, even after Titanic he didn't make anything until a year later. I think that's a good sign that the actor is taking his job seriously and isn't just there for the fame and wealth.

Anyway, that's a movie I'm looking forward to, and also there is a movie called "Fearless", starring Jet Li. Apparently this is his last epic kung fu movie.

*Elizabethtown. Somehow I got sucked into watching this movie. I think it was because I was watching Kirsten Dunst reprise her role from Crazy/Beautiful, only with a little extra "hyper"-ness. What a terrible movie starring Mr. Bloom. Orlando Bloom is the boy-wonder of overrated actors.

September 05, 2006

Dear Frankie

Here's one of the pictures that Blogger lost..

Anyway, I wanted to write about this movie I saw yesterday called "Dear Frankie". I think I remember seeing the trailer for it when watching Millions at the theatre. At the time, I really wanted to watch it but when it did finally come out I think I was too busy. It was on TMN yesterday and it being Labor Day and having the day off, I curled up on the couch and watched it with my brother.

It was a good movie, better than I expected. This was just a great story about a mother's love for her son, the fears of mis-parenting, not being able to please, and the struggles of being a single parent. What was great about it is that it avoided many cop-outs that I could have seen a LA studio conforming to. It ended in a happy, bittersweet kind of way without the glitzy glamor of American movies. I really, really like these european flicks, especially the Irish/British/UK stuff. They strip away the Hollywood-ness of films and really get to the heart of it.

I wouldn't say the movie was as good as Millions, but it was still good. I give it a 10/10.

September 04, 2006

Stephen Robert Irwin, 1962-2006

When my cousin popped online and told me Steve Irwin had died, I couldn't believe it. I totally love this guy. I've got countless memories of him doing some of the craziest things I've ever seen. The way he handled God's creatures with love and care, and his passion for educating others about each and every animal. You could truly feel his empathy for animals.

I remember him battling with a rattle snake, and he almost got bit right in the nuts, but he finally managed to pick him up -- just so that he could transplant the thing to a safer area -- further into the outback and away from the road. Risking his life for the good of an animal, one that tried to kill him.

Every time I watched this guy, and I'm sure you'll all agree, his passion and his determination was truly amazing to see. He'd have some deadly reptile pinned down, and while carefully moving it to show the camera, he'd be, at the same time, careful not to allow it to KILL him, and then spend a good 4-5 minutes explaining all the intricacies of this creature, where it came from, what it's thinking, lifespan, its unique features.

You might think of him as an entertainer, a dare-devil, maybe a crazy man. A But I think what separates him from others is that the others are more thrill-seekers, whereas Steve Irwin was a guy who was just trying to teach us the amazing things about each animal. He knew things that we couldn't just read from a book because he'd experienced them hands-on. He loved animals and wanted the world to see how amazing they were.

Well, it breaks my heart but blogger died, as it usually does when you hit that "Publish Post" button. I had a few more great pictures of him but you can thank Google's blogger for screwed it all up.

Rest in peace, Steve.