February 27, 2015


A funny conversation I had yesterday shed some perspective (as if I needed any) on the dynamics of my family and the way that God has blessed us the past few years.

I was having lunch with a good friend of mine, although when I say good friend I don't know what that really means because this was probably the first time we'd seen eachother in nearly 2 years.  But anyway, we were having lunch and we were talking about kids.

Ina and I were already married when we attended his wedding.  I remember having lunch with him when they were expecting their first child, it was around the same time that we had learned of our infertility.

Yet, yesterday sitting there discussing with my friend, I asked him how old is his eldest (daughter) was.  She was 3 and a half.  He asked me how old mine was.  My son is turning 4 next month.  We both grinned at each other as we were reminded of God's love.  

Kind of funny how that worked out.