May 01, 2002

Just before school ended, I had so many plans, like learning guitar, doing gardening, and housework, and learning to cook, reading my bible, etc etc etc..

Yet nothing has been done.. I think it has something to do with it being so cold outside. The weather is very depressing. And also my house, it's freezing cold. My parents like living in a house where everyone has to wear sweaters to keep warm. Unfortunately, my computer is stationed in the basement so my hands are freezing cold. I can still type, but it's not too comfortable. Every 5 minutes or so I have to sit on my hands to warm them up again. What's the normal house temperature?

In hamilton, we ended up paying way too much for heating, because we liked living in arrangement where we could walk around the house in shorts, even in winter. I guess in retrospect that was TOO comfortable.. But there has to be a good temperature to live in, that is in between super comfortable and super cold. Down here in the basement it is around 12 C. I think that's unreasonable, but no one else goes to the basement except me. I think it's around 20C upstairs. Is this right?

I can't even play the guitar down here, because it's too cold, I'm all bundled up down here in a jacket and all -- i'm too fat to play!

Anyway, enough complaining..
I think my dad might hook me up with a job -- again. This time it'll be IT for real, though I'm not really interested in IT at all. I guess it'll be easier than an actual engineering job, and it'll be full time unlike the other jobs I've had at the City of Toronto. It really makes me want to get off my lazy bum and find a real job, but then at the same time I'm kinda glad to have something to fall back on.

A few of my friends and I are going to start up software company. I think we'll do okay, as long as we can find people to make programs for. Actually some of the ideas we've come up with (top secret!) could make quite a bit of money. That is, if we ever get around to doing them.. None of us have jobs though, so our lack of income should be enough motivation!
I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing my name in sports webpages. Yao Ming, a 7'6" tall chinese dude is joining the NBA this year. I guess his name is really Ming Yao, meaning he has the same last name as I do. So every time there's an article about him, they refer to him as Yao, and that catches my eye every time.

Finally a Yao making it to the big leagues. And he's no ordinary player. There are a couple of chinese players in sports, but this Yao Ming guy is supposed to be better than Shaq -- and that's saying a lot.. who is taller than Shaq, and has more raw talent, can shoot free throws, and can shoot 3's. Even if he isn't as good as Shaq, he'll be better than Nowitzki -- that's amazing!