February 29, 2008

Doing fine dot org

If you haven't noticed by now, there's a huge ugly ad on the side bar under "Sponsor". I didn't design it so don't look at me. It's for a web forum, who's advertising agency contacted me to help them advertise. It seems the forum is all about people who are doing fine, which is actually kind of refreshing when you consider the majority of web forums out there are where people go to complain about something, argue with eachother, or sell things.

Anyway, these guys contacted me a week ago and I figured hey, why not. In return (if there are indeed folks reading this blog) they will give me a substantially huge reward, likely in the form of pennies. We're still in test stages to determine whether it is worth it for them -- so click it now!

*By the way, please don't abuse this. They do have ways of knowing if you are abusing it.

February 28, 2008

Amazing discovery

I made an amazing and shocking discovery yesterday. I'm going to do a little more experimentation, but I thought it'd be interesting to post my initial results below.

As we've always done for the past few months, at 2pm, a co-worker and I went downstairs to get coffee in order to beat the afternoon food coma. We lined up at Tim Horton's as usual, and I ordered and received a medium regular coffee, with milk and sugar. We went back upstairs and parted ways as we arrived at my desk. I put my coffee down on the table.

I took off the lid of the coffee, and poured the coffee into a mug. The reason I wanted to do this was so that I could take an early peek at the rim, to see if I had won a prize. So I rolled up the rim.. and saw the words "Please play again".

Now here is where it gets really crazy. (Warning: Do not continue reading if you have a weak stomach.)

I grabbed my mug to take a sip of coffee..

...and discovered...


Possible conclusion: Tim Horton's coffee loses some taste when you already know you've lost!

February 27, 2008

Songs that remind me of..

Ina and I were trying to think of good romantic songs to use for our "first dance" at our wedding, but it seemed like every song I came up with, she said no to because that song "already belonged to someone else". I couldn't help but feel a little jealous about this...

Anyway, it got me thinking about how certain songs remind me of things, maybe not people in general, but of moments or milestones in my life. Over the years I could put together an interesting little soundtrack of my memories.

"One and One" by Robert Miles

This song reminds me of my 1st and 2nd years in university. My roommate (and highschool pal) Keith and I would always play this song just before every exam. At first it was more coincidence -- playing mindless dance music was the only type of music that mindnumbing enough that it didn't make us think or lose focus, but also repetitive enough that it kept us alert. But then as exams came and went, we'd play it more and more, until it became part of our ritual.

I heard this in a store a year ago and feelings of exam anxieties came over me. It was pretty eerie.

"Open The Eyes of My Heart" by Sonicflood

As overplayed as this song has gotten over the years, I will not forget this song because it was the song that motivated me into buying a guitar and teaching myself how to play guitar. I'd heard it many times before but there was this one time when we were in Ottawa at The Metropolitan Bible church. Every month they had worship night at "The Met" as they called it. Anyway there was just that one time when they played it there that it struck the heart of me, opened my eyes -- to the wonderful sound of acoustic guitar. I remember sitting in the front row, this guy Geordi or something, he played it, and as I sang and looked up (they had a skylight) I was looking into the sky -- it was pretty amazing. I would be forever changed by that one evening of music. I bought my first guitar a week later.

"Under The Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I'm trying to think of a song that I've recited more times than this one.. I can't think of any. First time I heard it was at chinese school at Agincourt Collegiate, some kid had brought his ghetto blaster and were blasting this song in the hallway. It must have been grade 7 or 8. I'm trying to remember how I could have memorized the words to the song without having a tape of it.. but nevertheless I did memorize it and years later I still find myself singing it to myself.

It's one of those solitudinal ballads that you find yourself singing when you're bored, lonely or sad. Which to me seems like something I experienced a lot as a pre-teen and adolescent.

Anything by Mariah Carey

I learned to sing by singing along with Mariah Carey songs. Well.. maybe that not the full truth -- I learned to sing from being part of the T3C Children's Choir. That, combined with uber musical genes from my parents made me the singer I am today. Which isn't saying a whole lot.. but..

I remember many a night, broken hearted or "in love", where I would sit at my desk with my head phones on blasting Mariah Carey songs. Or when I was home alone, I'd belt out her tunes as her CDs played in the background. Showering I find is another great time to sing Mariah.


I guess it's just fun reminiscing of old days, and seeing how there's songs that just stick with you when they happen to be playing during certain moments in your life.

February 13, 2008

Family vs fame

Over a month ago I pleaded with Roger Clemens to just be honest. Be honest to himself, his family, and America. If he had listened to me and done this back then, he might still have a respectable reputation. But now as he sits before a grand jury, with three different testimonies from different people that directly contradict with his own, you realize that it's no longer about his reputation -- it's about jail time. Perjury is a major offense. You can't just apologize and go home to live the rest of your life.

You almost feel sorry for the guy because he really just got in way over his head. He kept thinking about his reputation as one of the best pitchers in the history of baseball -- instead of his wife and 4 sons. That's right Roger, you are better off as a shamed pitcher than a father in jail. Think about it. You shouldn't have to think very long about this one.


Had this conversation while watching the movie "I, Robot" with some friends last weekend:

BY: Hey, isn't that the Transformers kid?
JT: Yea.
VP: Whoa, I didn't know he was in this.
[Will Smith comes flying in with his motorcycle and shoots some robot in the head. He tumbles around and suddenly there's a gun in his face.]
JT: Is that Ashley Judd?
VP: I don't think so..
BY: That's the mother of Tom Brady's child. Bridget Mona-something.
VP: What?? The mother of his child? Why don't you just say--
BY: .. the Patriots' quarterback. He's dating Gisele Bundchen now.
JT: Nice.
VP: Oh.

Anyway, this reminds me of the Superbowl. Which was just unbELIevable.

There's something to be said about the New York Giants, the team that I counted out in every round of NFL playoffs this year except for the game against the Bucs, of which I simply didn't care -- to come out and play a nearly flawless game, to beat the mighty New England Patriots despite their all-star lineup, perfect execution of NFL Salary cap exploitation, with the "best" quarterback and defiant cheating coach. And not just that, but to produce one of the highest rated football games in the NFL's history, and the most exciting Superbowl game I've ever seen.

The crazyier thing was I had just finished making a speech about how Eli needed to come out from Peyton's shadow, when he made that incredible scramble, escaping two potential sacks and then converted that incredible play to Tyree. At that moment in a game, to make such an awesome "Helmet Catch", it was simply amazing.

February 04, 2008


When my parents moved away, my mom left some of her plants at the condo for me to look after while they were gone. There were at least half a dozen, including a couple of trees. At this time there are maybe 2 left of those group.

I'm pretty bad in terms of remembering to water them, and as a result most of them have died.

At work, we had a couple of potted plants, and when this guy Gary moved offices, he left his two plants in my care. I did my best to keep them alive. One of things I found that helped was that since I often get up to stretch my legs and clear my head, I walk over to the plants to give them some water.

Well that was about 2 years ago and one of them died. But two months ago, I was eating some clementines and found one particular clementine full of seeds. Anyway, I took about 8-9 seeds and planted them into the pot where the plant had died. I watered it every day, whenever I got up for a stretch. Sometimes I watered it 2-3 times in one day, just a little sprinkle.

Then two weeks ago, a couple of sprouts came out. It was awesome. I called over one of my colleagues who had seen me planting them months ago. We were both thrilled. Every couple days we've seen a new sprout -- there are 8 total now. The first couple are really doing well, almost 2 inches tall with a couple of leaves each.

This is the most exciting thing I have to look forward to every day when I go to work.