April 28, 2002

Today I went to church, and met up with some old friends from my old church. It was mission's conference for ACEM. The worship was pretty amazing, but like every year, didn't really get touched by the missionaries coming in. The speaker urged us all to join in and help that window thing, what is it, the 20/40 window, or something like that.

I had lunch with a bunch of people, it was a lot of fun -- it's funny every week since I switched over to T3C, I have never really hung out with anyone from that church. It would always be someone from Ottawa, or someone from another church. I'm finding it very hard to integrate with the people at T3C. I guess maybe its partly my fault for not taking initiative, but I think that it's such a big church, and there are far too many cliques there. I find people there, at least people my age very cold and distant. No one really cares whether there is a new person going there, or maybe it's been so long they're no longer looking for people like me.

I had this discussion with my parents today and they said they didn't mind if I went to find another church so that I could at least have fellowship with people my age.

This afternoon I played pool with my dad. I am so out of practice.. my dad took 5 of 8 games. But I was starting to make a comeback -- I lost the first 4 games, and won 3 of the next 4. But every single win was on my dad scratching on the 8. So I still haven't "officially" beaten him yet. Well, I've got a whole summer to practice :)

I just set up my computer. The network (we have a home wireless network) was so easy to set up! I encourage all of you to get a similar setup! It costed an arm and a leg, but it's pretty incredible. No wires!

Anywayz, I'm out for today. I'll try to update much more often now that I'm home with nothing to do. If anyone knows where I could find a nice IT or programming job, please let me know! AND if anyone needs their lawn mowed, I charge just over minimum wage. I'll even weed your garden, and clean windows. Thanks.

I finally finished school. Every day leading up to it I was so excited, it was like -- YEAH!! But when it finally ended, the day was like any other day. Pretty depressing!