June 30, 2006

What is the world coming to?

In 2006, the 3 biggest issues facing kids in school, according to teachers:

1. Violence
2. Drugs
3. Sex

In 1956:

1. Talking in class
2. Chewing gum in class
3. Running in the halls..


In other news, it has been approximately 11 months since I had any kind of 'girl fever'. This is a great thing. I like me better when I'm not 'sick'.. I'm more relaxed, happier, etc. There's always that big fear that something bad will happen that I'll never live down or that wretched, heartbreaking feeling afterwards. Avoiding that is probably the best thing.

Although physically I've been sick more this year than I can ever remember. I was thinking of trying just one week of eating healthily, just to see what it's like for those poor suckers who actually do this.

The funniest thing about me being sick all the time, is that I was perfectly healthy when I used to sit to come home from work and play WoW til 2am, eat some Chunky soup, and go to sleep, wake up 5 hours later to play another hour and then go to work. In fact, as hard as it is to believe, I was the healthiest during that year of irresponsibly skipping meals and playing computer 10 hours per day. I was rarely sick, didn't have love handles like I do now, I was 135-140 lbs compared to 155 lbs now, and I wasn't tired all the time like I am now. Strange isn't it.

Now I'm getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, haven't skipped a meal in months, I workout every day, eat great meals -- pasta, steaks, korean stuff, balanced meals of veggies and meat, grains and proteins. I get a healthy amount of fresh air every day, go out with friends, etc. And here I am getting sick almost once every 9 or 10 days. Go figure.

But anyway, as I was saying earlier, I'm happier than ever, joyous even.

June 27, 2006


Sigh. I drank way too much water today.. been to the bathroom about 6 times in the past hour. Have to go again now. Sigh.

Yesterday I went to Charles' home to iron out the final details for the VBS that we'll be teaching on the final day at Longlac. We're leading the story of the Prodigal Son, which will end our lessons for the week. Our theme this year is "Relationship with God", so we're doing the final, unconditional and irrational love, followed by a story about salvation and the making of salvation bracelets. Pastor Daniel wants each of the pairs (teaching VBS) to present our plans to the rest of the group this Thursday.

It's been a challenging time for us because neither of us have any experience teaching young children (I didn't lead a bible lesson last year). However, Charles is a teacher so we were able to delve into some of the ideas he had from his education/training. And I bring the experience of helping out last year, and knowing their mannerisms and tendencies.

After that, I headed for Mitchell's bookstore, hoping to pick up the Red CD "End of Silence". Fortunately I arrived at the store 30 minutes before closing time. I found the album under the New Releases section. And then, I did something that I knew I would totally regret.

I noticed an album by the group Pocket Full Of Rocks, which is a band that I had heard of from reading the top billboard Christian listings. I had never listened to their music, had no idea even what genre they were. But you gotta figure that if everyone likes them, they must be good, right? RIGHT?

Wrong. I'm sure you know what I'm leading up to. Take it from me, don't buy CDs impulsively. 17 bucks down the drain -- Lesson learned.

June 26, 2006

New musics

Hillsongs London
Hillsongs is becoming contagious, which is great for the ministry but bad for my wallet. London (England) has their own Hillsongs now, their very own band. I at first that London's Hillsongs was comparable to Hillsong Australia (Darlene et al) but when I sampled the CD, I found it's a little bit closer to Hillsong United's style of music, which is to be expected, the generational gap and all.

(Turns out H:L was already around 2 years ago, but this was the first I've heard of them.)

It reminds me very much of United's earlier stuff. Rock-style praise & worship, but not as edgey as it is today. Today's United is borderline hard rock, very loud, metallic. But the old stuff was just young people singing P&W with a rock twist.

If I'm not mistaken, Matt Redman is on this CD, as well as one of the guys from Delirious.


This is a brand spankin' new band. Their name is derived from December, a month that is of the high importance and joy for us as Christians, the month when we celebrate Christ's birth.

DecembeRadio is a classic rock band, unlike the newer rock we hear today that 10 years ago was called alternative -- DecembeRadio is more of what we called rock 10-15 years ago. I got a chance to sample their debut self-titled album.. I really liked the song called "Drifter".

The new album comes out June 27, 2006.


Another new band. Their debut album is called "Breaking The Silence". They sound a lot like Linkin Park, without the rapping, or least that I heard from the free samples.

Red's sound is rock, very loud, not for the feint-hearted. It's loud guitar and lots of yelling and loud tenor. To summarize: Mom and Dad may think that you're rebelling or have joined a cult. And apparently, when these guys perform it's completely over-the-top, they can swing their guitars around their body and one time it got so crazy that one of the band members' guitars hit another guy in the head and he had to get stitches -- um yea, "yikes" is the word I was thinking of too.

But in general the music is full of passion, very emotional. And I like the sound -- it sounds like they're a pretty talented bunch of guys. I might actually buy this one, just cuz it sounds so great. It'd be cool to blast this one in the car.

This album is already out, though unsure if it's available here.

David Crowder Band

David Crowder has a new album coming out called "B Collision", a follow-up of their disappointing album "A Collision*". It's more of the same stuff, an acoustic remix of a few of the songs from the first disaster.

* Note: Remember these are all just my opinion. A friend of mine has this album and actually likes it. _shrug_

After listening to "A" for some time, I had the inkling that he was in it for the money. The reason being I figured he couldn't care less that the album totally sucked because he knew that after Illuminate, people would buy "A" out of sheer excitement and curiousity. But upon hearing "B", there's just no way anyone will buy this crap so obviously he's not in it for the money. I now believe David Crowder has gone coo-coo.

In Illuminate he sings about being drunk with God's love -- Inhibriated. I don't think he's drunk. High maybe, but not drunk.

June 23, 2006


June 22, 2006

Longlac 2006

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with my missions blog (my guess is that it's all of you), I am indeed going back to Longlac this year. This is pretty much a decision I made last year on the last day, as we were departing from Longlac #58.

Nothing's changed, I am still going and I've been fortunate enough that I haven't been inconvenienced with anything else so that I'll be able to go without any hitches. This year we will be going for longer, two weekends, from July 15-23.

As I said in my other blog, the difference this year is that I'm not just a visitor anymore, I'm going there as a missionary. Not just a guy who wants to see what it's all about or to test it out, see if it's my calling or out of curiosity. I think, that because I want to return there and continue to grow relationships and to, you know, finish or continue what we started, that I'm going in a different mindset that the last time. And that's not to diminish the great work that one-timer missionaries have done in the past. I just think that going back is just that much more important and meaningful.

It's kind of like, telling your friend or co-worker all about God and salvation, and then saying goodbye and never speaking to them ever again. But not really. No follow-up. Again I'm not knocking the one-timers here but that's how I see from my perspective.

At the same time I have tons of worries and feelings of inadequacy, much like last year. Who knows if this even counts as a follow-up because maybe we didn't even leave a tiny dent last year, maybe it was all for naught. I mean certainly it was for more than naught but did we really make a lasting difference? Who knows.

But maybe it's just silly to worry because here we are doing God's work, and really, is it possible to be fully qualified to do God's work. I mean, to be fully qualified? That's probably never possible. It's not like could ever live up to God's expectations, or if anything He'd have to lower His expectations so low and even then we'd still disappoint Him.

But anyway I'm very excited about this because of all the above reasons.

We have a different team too, different dynamics and junk like that. I'm way past my bedtime.

June 19, 2006


I went shopping for clothes on Saturday with my brother and came across what I suppose is a common quandry for out-of-shape people, like myself. You get to the clothing hangers, in this case, the pants area and you start looking for pant/waist sizes.

So I'm looking at the pants near my *current* waist size, and thinking if I should buy these pants that will be very comfortable for me, but slightly larger. OR, should I go for the ones that are slightly smaller, force myself to suck it in but if I workout a bit, they'll fit perfectly.

Because the thing is if I do buy the smaller ones, and do workout, then I'm better off. But if I buy the comfortable ones, it'll allow me to fill them out even more, and then the next thing you know I'm at the store buying even bigger ones because I've managed to fill out those fat pants.

In the end I winded up getting all my size or larger.

June 16, 2006


I remember a skit on the show "You Can't Do That On Television". A family is sitting at the dinner table getting ready for dinner. The daughter asks what's for dinner and the mom says, "Stew, like your uncle Stu."

So then they start to eat, and the son takes a bite and has this look of disgust on his face and says, "This should've been named after Uncle Ralph."


June 07, 2006


I have been in a rotten mood over the past week at work. I don't know what it is, I deal with 'silly' people almost every day but lately it's been getting to me. I don't usually allow myself to get riled up over things but I have dealt with a couple of very frustrating users that I support. People have been calling in with some of the stupidest questions, things that would only make sense if they were blind or deaf. The thing is it's probably always been like this but whether it is sleep deprivation or God knows what, I've become a lot less patient when it comes to dealing with these people.

It also doesn't help that we are closing in on another release in 2 weeks and I have a sh*tload of documentation that needs to be updated, and during this time where I have all this work, these morons call me up.

You all know that I've had problems sleeping past 6:30. Over the past 3-4 days, I have been regularly waking up at 5:30. It drives me nuts and every time I wake up and see the clock I curse at myself.

[Brian wakes up, abruptly like an alarm has gone off in his head.]
[Brian rolls over, looks at his clock.]
Brian: "5:30? FIVE THIRTY?! What the HELL!!"
[Goes back to sleep.]
[Tick, tock, tick, tock..]
[Time passes. Very little, as it turns out.]
[Brian wakes up, checks his clock.]

It's even worse when you consider I slept at 1:30am..

It feels kind of like ... I'm in school again.

Edit: Woke up at 4:30am on Thursday.

Edit: Woke up at 4:21am on Friday.

June 06, 2006

Dance Revolution

Look at this 5 year-old move! So cute!

June 01, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

I watched X-Men: The Last Stand on Saturday at 3:45pm at Empress Walk theatres with Darryl. Movies at Empire Theatres really sucks because it just costs way too much money. But considering that I didn't have to leave my building.. that was an okay trade-off.

I came into the movie with very low expectations. I knew that the original director of the first two films, Bryan Singer, was off this project because he had chosen instead to do Superman Returns (which I expect to be very good, even if I don't like the casting choices). Brett Ratner, maker of the Rush Hour directed this 3rd instalment of X-Men. So I was not expecting very much substance, just a good ride, good action.

What can I say about this movie without giving away most of the plot. Jean Grey supposedly died in the previous movie, but as they panned out on the dam where the huge explosion was that killed her, you saw the sillouette of a bird under the water. That bird is Phoenix. Phoenix, according to the X-Men cartoons I used to watch, was an alter-ego (or was it an alien being to took over her?) of Jean Grey, who was extremely, extremely powerful. So powerful that she became the most powerful mutant ever, more powerful than Xavier or Magneto. The synopsis of the movie is that the government develops a "cure" for mutants, a drug of some sort. The mutants are outraged because they don't think they need to be cured. Magneto gets a bunch of mutants to attack the drug production area. The X-Men come to save the day. That's gist of it. Oh, and Phoenix is helping the bad mutants.

I thought Halle Berry played a good role. I recently heard that Halle does not plan on reprising her role of Storm in future X-Men movies. I think that is a huge mistake. I mean come on, it's not as if her career is going anywhere. She had a good cry scene that won her an Oscar. Big deal.

Hugh Jackman can't really act, but he doesn't need to. He just slashes and jumps around and heals real quick as Wolverine. I was surprised to find out that Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier") was playing Beast. I don't recall him doing an action movie before. Beast is pretty much a strong intellectual type stuck inside a blue furry animal. Kelsey can't act either.

Make sure you stay til the end of the movie, after the credits. There's a redeeming scene at the end that makes you feel less empty.

If you go into this movie with less expectations than the first 2 movies, you can come out thinking it was a pretty cool movie. It's just another of those blockbuster summer hits. I enjoyed it, but I think it could have been better.