July 26, 2012

Yea it happened

I was back to 150 yesterday afternoon.  So yea, it's pretty easy.

July 23, 2012


From past Thursday, here are my meals:

Thursday lunch: standard drumstick lunch
Thursday dinner: Pho
Friday lunch: standard drumstick lunch
Friday dinner: BBQ (95% meat)
Saturday lunch: All You Can Eat Sushi
Saturday dinner: one drumstick, and some Kraft Dinner
Sunday lunch: Pho
Sunday dinner: Ramen

All in all, a whole lot of carbs.  I didn't weigh myself on Wednesday but I had been hovering around 152.  This morning I was 157.  So 5 pounds gained on the weekend from two pho's, a lot of sushi rice and ramen. 

My understanding is that in 2-3 days I'll be back to 152.  We'll see.