February 25, 2002

Reading week turned out to be coding week. We (as in my thesis team) spent pretty much the whole week coding. I found that I have knack of coding for web development, all other coding to me is annoying and not fun at all, but being able to see results after every line you 'code' is kinda cool!

This week is gonna be hectic. I have a project proposal due tomorrow morning, and an assignment due too. I haven't started the assignment. But the proposal I've decided to do a piece on The Future of Online Gaming. Hahaha.. after all these years of gaming finally I get to write something about it! On Thursday we have preliminary demo's for thesis project, then on friday i have 2 assignments and a 40% midterm.

I watched the last two period of The Game this afternoon. In case you didn't watch, Canada ANNHILATED the Americans. I mean we destroyed them. We were so dominating that the second period seemed like a 20 minute powerplay! I was so happy when we won. The funny thing was I was so excited the night before, probably more excited than when we won. I guess being Canadian we sort of expect to win something like this, so when it finally does happen, it's great and all but, not all that surprising.

Olympic hockey. I've been writing to two friends and debating the merits of the international hockey surface. We all agree that the game is more exciting in the Olympics than the NHL. One guy argued Olympic hockey was obviously better because they were getting higher ratings. I hate it when people say things without fully thinking them through. It's a waste of my time and theirs! Obviously you get higher ratings in the Olympics, when a whole country is rooting for their team, rather than one city! Jeez. Another guy said he felt the quality of hockey was better. Duh. When you have the worlds best players playing together, chances are it's gonna be better 'quality' than the NHL where you have 2-3 such player per team right?

Not much in terms of the general week goes. I don't think there was CCF this week as it was reading week. I didn't go to church either, figuring probably that no one would show up to the bus stop where I usually wait (i don't know how to get to church, i just follow other people). So I figured my time would be better served studying for the midterm. However, that time ended up being spent on battle.net.

I think about relationships and girlfriends (or lack thereof) a lot nowadays, maybe because my housemates are all getting hooked up, and maybe partially from pressure from parents, friends' getting married, and the fact that I'm getting old(er). It's always stuck in the back of my mind, which to me is a nuisance because that part of my brain would be better off being filled with formalae and useful facts! Stuff like that makes me think about family, and moving off somewhere. It also makes me think about getting a job, the future, scary stuff like that.

For anyone wondering, I renewed my license on Wednesday morning this past week. I've got another 5 more years to try and get my G2 and G!

February 04, 2002

I started writing this blog at 11:52pm. This morning I thought that I'd start studying for my midterm on Wednesday. After all, I only have 2 classes, and from 11:30 til now I had plenty of time to study. Somehow, after just a couple of seconds on Diablo2, that turned into 8 hours, and the next thing I knew, time was up!

Did anyone see the half-time show for the SuperBowl? I thought it was amazing. I had goosebumps from it too, it was extremely moving. I remember specifically thinking, 'God, I hope bassman isn't missing this..'. U2 is such an amazing band. I can't think of a more suitable band playing that night, other than maybe, just maybe, Jon Bon Jovi. But the guitar alone, the solo during the intro of 'streets' -- it was just too good. I don't think even Livin' On A Prayer would have been as good.