July 31, 2004

dr. strangelove

I have wanted to see this movie for the last 3 years, ever since I spotted it in the top 20 on IMDB.com's top 250 movies list. Even moreso, I once read a Tom Cruise interview and he said that "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" was his favorite movie.

So anyway, I bought the movie because I spotted it, of all places, in an Electronic Boutique.

I watched it after work today, right before small group. Probably not the best 'prep' for small group, but anyhow.

Stanley Kubrick's movie is a dark humor film, in black and white. It's set after the WWII and is completely and totally fictional. It's the Nuclear arms race essentially, pitting the US against Communist Russia. The main actor was Peter Sellers, I have no idea who he is, but apparently he's well known. He played 3 different characters in the movie. A very young James Earl Jones is in the movie too.

But I appreciated two other characters the most, neither of whom were played by Sellers. Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson was hilarious, and so was Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper. Dr. Strangelove is just plained strange. He made me laugh on a few occasions though.

The storyline is basically this General (Ripper) who goes bezerk and orders a nuclear assault a Russia, and due to some pretty coincidental and just plained silly reasons, they have a seriously difficult time stopping the attack.

I can't rate this movie because it's just so different from anything I've seen before. But it was a good movie.. I can see how it could be someone's favorite movie..

July 30, 2004


I went to see the ATP Masters Series, tennis @ York U.  It was pretty good, we got to see Gustavo Kuerten, Lleyton Hewitt and Andy Roddick.  Hewitt lost, unfortunately.  Hewitt is my favorite player on the tour.  I'm gonna edit the post with pics later.  I went with Gladys, Anita, Jacqueline, Kenric, Kevin.


I've decided to get an electric, after pondering about several different purchases.  I went to MEC to check out the jacket I liked, it's $112, which is just way too much for a spring jacket, even if it's super comfortable, water resistant and folds into a tiny pouch small enough to fit in my bag.  There's also a really nice one, better than that one, that doesn't fold into a pouch, but is $99.  Still too much, in my opinion, considering that my current jacket was no more than 40 bucks.

Electric it is.. Kev says it'll cost me approx. $600 to get a decent guitar and amp.  I think it'll be worth it.


I can't remember being happier than I am right now in a long time.  Not this happy since.. last year?  ... and it'll get better in 6 days, when my brother comes to visit.  6 more days!!

July 27, 2004

I, Brian

I have read a few Asimov books.  They're good books, I have enjoyed every one of his books that I have read.  I've read I, Robot.  This movie was loosely based on I, Robot, which wasn't a novel but a collection of short stories dealing with complications with the 3 Laws. 

Going into the theatre I expected a Bad Boys with robots -- very low expectations.  I, Robot had basically everything I could have expected from an Asimov movie, plus Will Smith's antics and an annoying female "eye candy" character.  Aside from those two characters though, I loved the movie. 

There was comedy, action, and it was a thinker.  And, if you've never read Asimov, it would've kept you guessing til the end.  The graphics were awesome, very well integrated into the film, and the effects were really cool too, Matrix-esque, with some scenes that I would just exhale "cool".  And yeah, I guess Will Smith was funny as usual which added another dimension to it..

... there was one line in it that I'm still chuckling to myself about. 

Just one thing keeps it from being the movie of the year.  Well, two really -- the girl was pointless, and the movie started out a bit slow.

I give it a 9/10, putting it in 2nd place behind Spiderman 2 for best movie of the year.

July 26, 2004

cutting edge

Cleaned maybe 5% of my room today, discovered I own this cd.  Boy, it sure brings back old memories.  I originally bought the CD, just for The Happy Song [btw, this song is exhausting to play].  I heard them play it at The Met, and I had to get it.  Haha.. I bought a double cd just for 1 song.  But now looking back, every song on this album is really good. 

The compose for blogs is annoying.  I want notepad, but they're giving me Word.  Please stop guys, it was better before.

So I did some cleaning.  My ulterior motive for cleaing my room is to find my harmonica.  Although at the same I am hoping I don't find it until the end, because I have a feeling I will stop cleaning when I find it, even though there's still a lot to clean.


Ray and Sandra's wedding was wonderful.  Thanks to those who provided pictures of it.  I know I've expressed some bitterness towards this whole thing, but I am truly, truly happy for Sandra.  She looks so very happy in those pictures and I am really happy for her.  Actually I'm glad in some ways because I shed a tear while looking through the pictures.  That could have been pretty embarrassing in person.  Haha..

On Saturday Miranda came over and we just sat and chatted, while waiting for Andrew to call me.  Mir's from Ottawa, one of the many dear friends I made there during my internship.  I called up Euhan and he came over, and we made strawberry milkshakes with the leftover strawberries from small group a week ago.  They were sorta rotten (?), but we were able to salvage about 60% of them :)

Then we got the call and went over to Ichiban and Finch/Leslie to meet up with Andrew and Lisa.  To my surprise Andy was there with Euming.  I first got to know Andy at the Genesis Winter Camp up at Blue Mountain, although in truth I met him way before that but he at least remembered me from that time.  Haha.. We sushi.. yum yum!

For some reason sushi no longer tastes all that great to me.  It might be because I've had so much that I can tell what is good and what isn't good sushi, or it might just be that I've had too much and have gotten sick of it?  But sick of sushi, I find that hard to believe.

Anyway, this whole lunch thing was at like 2:45pm, less than an hour before the wedding, so we had to eat really fast.  Then we parted ways, but Andrew/Lisa and I agreed to meet the next morning for Cornerstone. 

That afternoon I went over to Mel and Kevin's new house, for a housewarming party.  It was a good time.  We watched Starsky & Hutch.  Almost all of Mel's family was there.  I met her parents and sister and brother, and cousins from england too.  Well actually the cousins were at the Shakespeare thing too. 

I go where the food is, and yes, there was lots of food.  I actually gained 3 pounds over the entire weekend.  Hehe..

July 25, 2004

life without God != a good life

Following up on Ricky Williams' retirement, I was reminded more of his situation at the sermon today at Cornerstone.  They talked about the Simple Life, simplifying your life of excessive possessions, about greed and need, etc. 

"The world has enough for everyone's needs but not everyone's greed."

"If I had known what it was like to have it all, I would have settled for less."

As I said before, I hope Ricky finds happiness.

the grass is always greener..

Cornerstone has a lot of really friendly people.  It excites me whenever I go to a church like that, because it is so friendly, you feel so welcome there.  It reminded me of Ottawa, the people there, are just more friendly, more welcoming.  When I first starting going to T3C, I swear it took me about an entire year before I felt truly welcome there.  No complaints though, it's a big church. 

However, OCAC has about 200 people, and I was feeling right at home by the end of the month, and Cornerstone, I could see myself integrating within 2-3 weeks. 

So in essence, it has nothing to do with the size of the church, but the people there.  And I'm responsible because I'm part of the greeters' ministry.  Sigh.

July 24, 2004

Ricky Williams

I think in general people think that celebrities and professional athletes have got it made.  They are doing *definitely* what they love doing, and they getting paid mind-boggling dollars to do it. 

Ricky Williams is a fine athlete.  Although he struggled early on his career the last couple of years he has been a total workhorse.  I read somewhere that he's had over 775 carries in the past 2 seasons.  Most RBs averaged around 650.  It's no surprise considering Miami's lack of even a middle tier QB.  Jay Fiedler and Chris Weinke (sp?), and this year they were gonna go with A J Feeley.  These guys are all CFL-calibre QBs.

Anyway, his retirement will come as a shock to the sporting world, and especially to the Dolphins.  They have to be kicking themselves and wish RW had announced this earlier so they could have gone out and signed Eddie George.  Now it's too late, who could they get?  There's no one left.  Barry Sanders?  Haha..

This goes to show you that only Jesus can bring true peace and happiness.  You can be doing what you absolutely love doing, and get paid millions of dollars.  You'd think you'd be the happiest guy in the world.  But it'll never be enough until you fill that empty void in your heart, that void that was there since you were born, you were created with that void, so that one day you could accept your Maker back into your heart.  I hope one day Ricky Williams finds *true* happiness.

Fantasy-wise, this downgrades all the Miami players.  With no running game, their lack in QB talent is going to become crystal clear to them.  They upgraded their receivers in getting David Boston, but without a running game to keep defenses honest, they are basically screwed.  They seriously need a *real* QB now..


I am looking at the Klipsch 4.1 Promedia speakers.  They're the best 4.1 speakers on the market from my research, and they pro-sumer quality.  I just don't have the proper desk space to pull off the 5.1 setup.  Unless I place the 5th on top of my monitor..  But what if i get an lcd one day?

Yesterday I hooked up my 2 extra back speakers to make my 4.1 system again.  It's a much different sound but because you're so immersed in the sounds, it makes me kind of drowsy because there are more sounds to process.  Or maybe I'm just tired.. hehe

July 23, 2004

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

Yesterday I went to see Romeo & Juliet with Sylvia, brought to us by Shakespeare Works!, out at the new Home Depot theatre at Ashbridges Bay. 

It's an outdoor theatre, which is kinda neat.  The stage extends out so that you can pretty much see it from any side other than behind it.  The entire backdrop is essentially open, so you just see trees in the back.  The actors come in from all side, there are 4 entrances so they just come running from all directions.  And then there are two more exits behind the stage. 

I'm not "huge fan" of Shakespeare, but I can appreciate it.  I read R&J in grade 9, heard it on tape, and seen the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes about 3-4 times.  Actually it was on TV recently so the story was pretty clear in my mind.  Although I fell asleep on a few occasions, all in all it was pretty good.  They did great job, it was very good flow from scene to scene.

jacket search

Went to MEC today, saw a really great jacket that I wanted badly if not for the price of it.  It met only 1 of my 4 criteria though.  I am looking for:
  1. Waterproof, or at least water resistant.
  2. Inexpensive.
  3. Folds into a small bag.
  4. Has a hood that can either be removed or tucked away.
The one I saw satisfied #1.  Another jacket I found at the store across the street from MEC was a North Face(?) jacket, it satisfied all but #4.  My thinking is that #4 might not be as important if I have an umbrella, but I lost my nice umbrella that fit perfectly in my bag, so now I need a jacket with a hood.

The MEC jacket was so nice though, soooooo nice.

one more thing

..Is I might need a new soundcard and, possibly a new speakers set for my PC.  I want to make the most of Doom 3, which supports 6 channels.  (I assume that means 6.1, and I only have 4.1).  Although, I'm not sure where I'd place the aux. channels.  I'll have to build stands for them.. or hang them from the ceiling?  Hmm.. maybe I should re-think this.

July 22, 2004

material things

One of my friends at work got a new camera, Canon, G5 I think.  It's pretty sweet.  I could see myself buying it, maybe in the distant future.  Looking at it and comparing it to the d70 or Rebel, it's just more bang for your buck.  Plus I'd never be able to justify such a large purchase -- what do I use camera's for anyway, other than capture special moments in my life, or interesting things I see?  I don't print any of it, it's all web-posted.  I don't need a camera so good, and for a small fortune, the money could be better used elsewhere. 

The G5 is probably something I might get in December sometime.

The thing I've wanted for over a year now is an electric guitar.  Now that I'm back to regular guitar practising again, I really feel like I could progress further with an electric.  Some of the solo's just don't sound right with a guitar (not that I can actually do them properly). 

And finally, a jacket.  The jacket I use right now is the same jacket I wore in winter.  I need a spring jacket, something that is water-resistant, and I'd prefer something that can fold up into a pouch small enough to fit into my man-bag. 

July 21, 2004


Ha ha!  Wo3 si4 tai4 gao1 xing4 le5!  I've found the proper chords to one of my all-time favorite songs "Deeper" by Delirious.  My fingers hurt so bad!  Praise God!

July 20, 2004

no games

I haven't played games since Friday night (Saturday morning).  This is the longest I've gone without games since Lent.  But I'm not trying to "better myself" by playing less games, etc.  I've just lost the urge to level up my character.  Doom 3 will be out on August 3rd, and I will definitely *definitely* be playing that one.

But no games means great guitar practice, which yes, I've started again, mostly in part to the DCB cd.  The other thing which I also noticed during Lent, was that I'm constantly tired without games.  I'm tired now, I could go to bed right now, at 10 pm, and fall asleep easily.

I figured out the neato alternate bass part for "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever".  I'm sure it's for an .  I started to think about this song after being reminded that we're getting close to the blackout (my best birthday ever), and the time when I was walking up Yonge street singing this song even though my feet were killing me and I was actually feeling really sorry for myself.

Also if you haven't noticed, I've been blogging a lot more.


I haven't felt the ill-effects of being here alone again, yet.  I figured that sooner or later I'd start feeling lonely here, but I haven't at all, I've been loving every moment of it.  There's nothing quite like a hard days' work and coming home to an empty, dead silent apartment.  I mean total silence.  It's awesome..


I haven't heard anything about my job post yet, still waiting for it.  But today I had a talk with my supervisor, and he basically told me I had nothing to worry about for at least one year. 

Today I took some initiative (initiative?  what's that?) and asked if I could be more involved with the analysis/requirements stuff.  And then somehow I volunteered myself to do more training.  Hundreds upon hundreds of people need training and I volunteered.  Mr. "barely says anything, even at small group" has volunteered to teach 4 hundred of people.  Umm.. yeah, reeeeal smart, Bri.


Last night I had a dream.  I dreamed that a whole bunch of us -- and by us i can't say i remember who else was there -- were singing together.  We were all standing in a circle.  There were many.. like maybe a hundred or a thousand.  It wasn't one circle, I mean it was a large crowd and just the middle was hollowed out.  I was in front so I couldn't tell how many people there were behind us.

We started singing a song, Rain Down by DCB, and I fell to the ground as if either struck down by the Spirit, or just felt ashamed before the Lord.  I started to weep, and I couldn't get back up, and people around me were just watching it happen.  No one tried to help me up again.

That's all I can remember from the dream.
Holy Holy is the Lord
Holy Holy is the Lord

Rain down Your love on us
Rain down Your love
Rain down Your grace
And cover me

Rain down Your love on us
Rain down Your love
Rain down Your peace

July 19, 2004

bourne free
I just watched The Bourne Identity, borrowed from a friend at work.  It was awesome..  I can't believe I didn't see it til now.  Once again my theory is proven, Matt Damon is by far the better of two 'buds' (him and Affleck).  He just picks the right movies to star in, whereas Affleck just can't seem to get it right.
Anyway, very good movie, and the sequel comes out this weekend!
all i can say
This is the second album I purchased by David Crowder Band.  It's an older of his cd's and it is mostly acoustic stuff compared to his very pop-sounding/electronic/rock cd "Illuminate".  I can actually play along with most of the songs from it.  Aside from good sounding music and creativity, I think what draws people to this band is his voice, it's very unique. 
Also it's kinda rock but also many of the songs can be used for P&W. 
I really like the title song.  It's kind of depressing and yet not, but it's got nice lyrics:

Lord I'm tired, so tired from walking
And Lord I'm so alone
And Lord the dark, is creaping in creeping up
To swallow me
I think I'll stop, rest here awhile

And didn't You see me cry'n
And didn't You hear me, call Your name
Wasn't it You I gave my heart to
I wish You'd remember where You sat it down

This is all I can say right now
And this is all that I can give
Yea, that's my everything

I didn't notice You were standing here
I didn't know that, that was You holding me
I didn't notice You were, cry'n too
I didn't know that, that was You washing my feet

This is all I can say right now (I know it's not much)
And this is all that I can give
Yea, that's my everything

July 18, 2004

It's a silly feeling.  I know, who am I to complain.  Why would I complain?  Who cares right?
I went to "Parti-Gras", a street festival held at the Distillery downtown, last night.  After Habitat.  Yeah, I was exhausted.  They had some pretty nice bands there, I really enjoyed the latino stuff, guys with guitars that won't quit.  There was one band called Borg & Vella, they great, both me and Alf agreed they were the best show there. 
Anyway, during our conversations, he asked me if I was offended by not being invited to (____ and _____'s) wedding.   I told him I was.  I dunno, I feel somewhat disappointed at not being invited, even though I know I shouldn't. 
But still, something inside me gives me this real sense of disappointment, as if, I had absolutely no impact whatsoever to this person.  As if my friendship with her was so insignificant, meant so very little, that I was overlooked, passed on, when it came to inviting me to one of the single most important days of her life.
Who am I to complain?  I have been invited to weddings in which when I got the invitation I thought "wow, I barely ever talked to them.. I can't believe they invited me.."  Or even had to do a double-take, like "do I even know these people?".  But still.. it definitely smarts a little when you expect it.

back in business
Well, the good news is, after discovering my weight had dropped to 130 lbs, I am still 130 lbs.  I can't hardly explain what it was that happened to me, maybe it was anxieties, or maybe it was the games.  But, this massive/sudden loss in weight, but I'm glad for it.  I've lost all the weight I gained in University. 
130 lbs is an ideal weight.  People used to look at me (when I was wearing baggy clothing) and guess I was 130.  For a person who doesn't exercise a lot, lounges around and eats tons of junk food, it's a modern day miracle that I'm not fat.  Another great thing, is that my once round belly, or "one-pack" as I used to called it, is gone.  The tire, the rim that would show when i was sitting down, is gone.  It's more like a.. old flattened pillow.  I'm lean.  I'm mean.  I'm a.. err.. lazy bum.
I started doing ab workouts, just light ones, which I learned from my old pirated Winsor Pilates videos.  No, they're gone now, but I still remember the exercises :P
I like doing them.  When you work your abs, the build up to pain is excruciating, but when you stop, there is this moment in which you feel like you're in heaven, it's such a huge relief.  And every time I'm done, I fall asleep almost immediately after.  It's great.
My goal is to get a 6-pack?  Naw.. 2-pack would be good enough for me, or just a flatness there even when I am sitting.

July 17, 2004

habitat for humanity
Today I went with Anita to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  Even though I've done tons of projects with my dad over the past years I must admit I felt pretty overwhelmed with what they were doing.  I've never built a house from bottom up.  The stuff I've done is renovations, not creations.  I definitely never dealt with floor joists.  I've done flooring, but that was basement so there was just cement underneath.
Anyway, I should stop making excuses because the average volunteer had no experience either.
It was really hot, and I am hopelessly out of shape.  Gosh, I love the font in this Compose mode.. So anyway, I think I got sunburnt on the back of my neck.  I spent a lot of time standing in the sun, not doing much.  No, I don't believe in sunscreen lotion.
Lots of times I felt pretty useless out there, it seemed like there was more people than they needed.  There was this one funny moment though, that I imagined my honeymoon would be like this, where me and my wife would travel to a third-world country, and build homes/huts voluntarily.  That would be our honeymoon.  That would be so great.. No, seriously!

July 15, 2004

I started watching this chinese show.  This guy at work lended me 45 cd's worth of some story.  I've watched two so far.  I really don't quite understand what's going on.  First, there was this guy and his wife, their caravan was attacked and somehow she died and he lived..  she was carrying a baby.  Anyway, he kills himself but the kid is left with the hoodlums.
Then they show 30 years later and this kid is grown up and is a kung-fu fighting bad guy.
Then they show these 3 guys doing some kind of business, their kung-fu is great too, they were able to blow up a ship!
Then this guy who can't fight at all goes on this adventure to save some little girl from some bad guys, meets a kung-fu fighting girl who happens to be the little girl's sister?  Anyway something about how she covers her face, and the first man to see her has to marry her?  And this non-fighting guy has to marry her now? 
Yea.. so that's what I did tonight, aside from cleaning more.
Oh yeah, and in the opening credits, one of the peoples or producers or whatever, has the same last name as me.  I know that in our family there is a movie star, but as far as I know, she's already old and retired, so it's not her.  Could be another one, or just someone totally unrelated like Yao Ming? 
Oh well.  Bedtime.

July 14, 2004


I had a discussion with Kev last night about the merits of attending a church that really challenges you as opposed to going to a church that gives you the chance to challenge others. Actually it wasn't much of a discussion, it lasted maybe 10 minutes tops.

The trade-off between getting the most out of church, or church getting the most out of you. It's the very reason that I originally had no intention of calling this nomadic church going a "church-hopping" thing but more of a "visitation". However, the contrast being so drastic as it were, got me thinking about perhaps the possibility of moving on.

Honestly I haven't given it that much thought at all. Part of me fears moving on. The fact that my family isn't here, and my only friends are at my church, outside of work friends. Not that work friends aren't as important, in fact they really are, I'm quite close to a good number of them. I guess the attachment is there, and leaving that would be scary. Part of me also feels like I have more to offer and moving on is like a cop-out.

On the other hand if try to think back of the last time I felt really challenged by a sermon or sunday school discussion, I would have to think back pretty far. I haven't gotten anything out of sunday school since two summers ago when Daniel taught us about spiritual warfare. And as far as sermons go, outside of the quarterly "fire and brimstone" Harding messages, sermons have been fairly routine for the past year.

Kev made a point that some people go on a never ending search to be challenged, and never get the fact that it's time to start giving back. The grass is always greener on the other side, is what he pointed out. In fact there are people who don't even realize it, they just go on and on, in an endless search for the ultimate church.

I dunno, it's something to think about, to pray about. This week I'll be going to Oasis, where Kev is going.

Next week possibly my old church. I also want to hear someone speak in tongue. And attend a black church.
Today marks the end of training users, at least for a couple of weeks. Training has been somewhat of a blessing and also just very tiresome. On the one hand it gives me a lot of practice in speaking in front of an audience. One thing I've learned about myself is that I do far better going 1-on-1 with users to explain things than I do to a larger crowd of people. Monday and Tuesday were spent taking turns with my co-worker and a summer student, teaching various parts of the system.

As each day passed I was given more responsibility, and then today she handed over the reins to me and I taught the entire day. I sort of did enjoy it, even though history would show that I hate teaching. The thing is though, when you really know your stuff, you can be completely fearless out there. When someone asks you a mind-boggling question, that's when it's time to panic.

It's Wednesday but honestly it feels like a Friday, I'm that tired. My voice is a little craggly from all the speaking, explanations, answering. I'm currently in the midst of cleaning up the place so that it can be at least somewhat presentable for small group on Friday.

I've been missing small group on and off, firstly from my own inner struggles and depression, and then from the busyness of keeping my grandparents happy, and then just having better things to do. (I don't mean to say that small group isn't important, but sometimes opportunities arise for me to visit or spent time with friends that I haven't spent time with in a long time). I suppose that's a poor excuse, but I'm going with it :)

king arthur

Even if this movie was made before The Patriot, before LOTR, before Braveheart -- I'd still think it was pretty bad. It's tough for movies nowadays to follow up epics like those, because they've been done so well and you can't really improve upon those battle scenes.

This movie had its moments. The ice battle was fantastic, I mean after that battle, I was thinking 'hey, maybe the critics were wrong'. But then it just dragged on and on.

The acting was the worst, they may as well have had David Duchovny doing it. This Clive Owens guy just cannot act. If you're gonna have a main guy with tons of charisma, get a guy who can act, I mean what the heck? Mulder meets Braveheart? Cripes!

Story-wise, it was satisfactory, a very different look at what I'm used to seeing for King Arthur stories. For that I give them thumbs up for originality. I never ever imagine Merlin to be a decreptid skinny dude with tatoos. Isn't he supposed to be a wizard of some sort?

Anyway, overall I'd say the movie is 5.5/10.

July 11, 2004


Today I went to East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church. What I liked about this church is that there seemed like a genuine interest in coming to worship God, and not just something to do on a Sunday. What I mean is it didn't feel like people were just going through this weekly routine. Of course, it's hard to gauge this when you don't know the people.

For singing, they sang 3 songs and they didn't milk the choruses over and over annoyingly like some people do at my church. For sermon notes check with my other site.

After sermon people rushed off to Sunday School. I've always felt like (at least for me), during sunday school I'd keep watching the clock and just hope it would end soon. I dunno if that's just my sinful nature or total disinterest in the topics they are discussing, or my impatience or hunger. At any rate I was starving but felt like the class ended too quickly. We watched a video of Harvey Kerry, a black preacher speaking at Willowcreek. He was very good, very powerful and challenging. Funny too. He spoke about the Word, and how we should all get back to reading the Bible.

Seems like God has been calling me out lately to read the bible more. Lon made a great point about how a lot of us read so many books and then go and tell people about what we read, rather than going straight to the source and sharing His word. What ends up happening is we end up delivering a very dilluted message.

It's like if you're trying to learn about a war, you could read thousands of books and watch movies about it, but if you spent an hour with a veteran, you would get so much more out of it. Similarly, reading books about Jesus pales in comparison to reading about Jesus from the source, the Bible.

Anyway I just thought that was great and I re-committed myself to being a regular scripture reader. No more excuses, now that my grandparents are gone I can no longer complain of not having any quiet time to myself.

Something I noticed about ETCBC, is that the Sunday school teachers seem rather pleased with themselves when class ends later than they should have. I think that's great.

July 10, 2004

5:30 am

I woke up. I was actually up by 5, you can thank my internal clock for that one. In retrospect, I should have just gotten up then. Keep in mind, it's an 8:30 am flight.

5:57 am

Grandparents woke up, started having breakfast. I went over to make sure they had everything ready. Green light!

6:20 am

Told the grandparents it was time to go. I figured it would take 15 minutes to drive there at most, thus we'd get there 2 hours early. They were all ready to go, just zipping up the bags.

6:30 am

Still not out the door yet. Grampa gets really nervous or anxious when he travels, so at this point he thought he had forgotten something, and was sitting trying to remember what it was. I went up and down the checklist. Do you have your medicine? Passport? Money? Clothes? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, let's go. Okay, keep thinking.

7:00 am

We finally left the place. I went for the Yonge Street 401 West exist. Closed. Drove back and hit the Bayview exit. Closed. Leslie? Closed. Okay, this is bad, it's 7:30. So I took 401 East to the 404, and slipped back around and back on to the 401 West, and away we go. Speed limits? Screw them.. Got to the airport at 7:45 am.

7:50 am

Dropped off the grandparents with one bag and told them to just go indoors. Drove around, found a parking spot, grabbed the bigger luggage and 2 chinese paintings and headed back to the terminal. When I got inside, I couldn't find them, I ran around for about 5 minutes then realized they were still outside. Finally got them to the Special Assistance area, sat them down and lined up.

8:00 am

"Sorry sir, boarding closes 40 minutes before the take-off."

8:30 am

Successfully booked a new flight at the cost of $100/person, 12:10pm. There's no way to be late for this one I figure, we've got 3+ hours to work with, and we're already at the airport. Right?

9:30 am

Air Canada finally lets us check-in. I book 2 wheelchairs so GPs won't have to run from gate to gate. 2 AC flight assistants push them while I take the bags to customs.

9:45 am

U.S. Customs tells me we need to declare with Canadian Customs first. That's downstairs. No problem, lots of time left. One assistant leaves, leaving the one guy pushing two wheelchairs while I push the bags. We head downstairs to meet with Canadian Customs. He starts filling out a form. He acts as though he's never done it before, and consults with another officer. The two of them look at the form, it's #8665 I think. The US Customs guy told me I needed a different form. Oh well.

10:05 am

We're about to wrap up the form. At one point the guy thought he'd have to take out the money and count it all to make sure, including what denominations they were. Yikes, but the other officer gives him this funny look and he says to forget it. Meanwhile, while they're doing all this, I turn to Grampa to point out for like the 90th time, this is what happens when you bring so much money. He looks at me and goes "I don't get it.. it's nothing."

10:20 am

We finally finish this form, which btw he doesn't even give to me. How is U.S. Customs going to know I've been through Canadian Customs if I have nothing to show them? Oh well. By now the AC assistant has left to tend other people, and says he'll be back later. I give the form for my Grampa to fill out.

At this point I hear sobbing and some woman in the back saying "..but sir, I didn't do anything wrong! Please..!" -- Yikes! What's going on back there?!

10:30 am

Finished signing the form, the work is done, need to get back to U.S. Customs now, even though I have no proof that I've been through Canadian Customs. We're now waiting for the AC assistant to come back to help push the wheelchairs.

10:50 am

He finally arrives, along with the other person who was helping from the start. We push our way back upstairs and then to the US Customs. That's odd, where's my Customs Card? I think the U.S. Customs inspector guy had it. They run off to look for it. Nope, can't find it. Oh well.

Finally made my way to the back inspector again, and yes, he had it.

11:00 am

Cutting it close again? No, it's finally time. Hugs all around. Exhausted, dehydrated, and STARVING, I head back to the car and drive home. On the way home, I got lost. As most of you know, I'm terrible with my directions. I ended up basically circling around North York twice before I got home at noon. LOL..

Praise God for bringing me home safe and sound, and thank you Lord for this awesomely frustrating adventure!

July 09, 2004

I find that my appetite comes and goes. Today, it came, but I couldn't eat due to some Imodium problems. When I came home I had toast, just plain ol' bread. 4 slices, and some jam. I don't think plain bread has ever tasted so good to me..

My desk is too high. My desk chair has arms, and i've lower them as much as possible so that I can hike up the chair as high as possible (arms block it from going any higher). Due to the height of my desk, often times I find that my elbows start to hurt because they're being raised too high while I do things on the computer.

Packed weekend coming up. Tonight, small group. Plus I need to take the GPs out for dinner. This is their last night here, at least until they come back in September. I often joke about how I'd be so glad they're leaving. I guess what I really mean is I'd be glad when there is no one else living here but me. It's nothing personal against them, I just prefer it this way. I really do love them.

As a child we never really got close, so my relationship with them is pretty casual, in total I have lived with them a long time, but I honestly don't know them that well. They are closed people, very private. Until this year I don't think I'd ever had a conversation with either of them. Recently I tried to inquire about where my grandfather went to school and what he studied, he couldn't remember. I asked them about how they met, where they met etc. Couldn't remember. They couldn't remember anything. Oh well.

Oh, so Saturday is their flight, 8:30am, so I need to be up pretty early. They're slow movers so we'd have to leave no later than 6:30, which means I'll have to wake up at like 5:30. Which means I can't stay late for whatever they do after small group on Friday. Then after the flight, I suppose I'll come home and start cleaning the place up. My room looks like someone tar and feathered my room with my clothes. It is ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Saturday afternoon and evening will be at my co-worker's place. She has a pool and a deck, and she drinks. I bet if she drank a Guinness she'd complain it went down too smooth. Yes, she can hold her alcohol :) I'm really looking forward to this thing. Lots of 'gourmet' drinks, lots of food, bbq!. We're expecting about 20 people!

Then Sunday off to ETCBC. 10:15 service, but I'll try to make the 9:15 prayer meeting. I think next week I'll go to either Cornerstone or Oasis or Milliken. If Andrew's Harbs are playing my old church then I'll probably go to my old church Milliken, have some lunch with them and then go watch get their arses handed back to them. Should be fun.. just like the good ol' days :)

In between I think there's choir practice at T3C.

July 07, 2004


my weight has been fluctuating like mad. in the last 3 days I have regained weight at a rate of almost 1 pound per day. maybe there's something wrong with my scale?


to my surprise while reading rsff again (yes, i just can't stay away!), i found greg kellogg was posting there still. he doesn't do it as often as before, but he's still there. I was quite surprised..

also loaded up AIM and chatted with a ffl friend (whom i've never met.. it's funny he came to Toronto last year at the worst possible time, the blackout.. haha), invited him to gmail along with his friend and his girlfriend. but anyway, it was nice chatting with him. i hadn't talked with him since basically last season. if only there were people here as knowledgeable about ff as there are in the US.

one thing i can't stand are people who talk about fantasy football like they actually know what they're talking about, but every word that comes out of their mouth is just regurgitated information they read somewhere. that's kind of annoying.

actually, i just find that annoying period, regardless of the subject.

hillsong united

i finally watched the dvd that came with my 'more to life' cd. it was great.. found myself jumping up and down (moshing) all by myself in the my living room. how silly is that..
happy birthday kenric!

Okay.. so the post is technically late, but.. close enough right?

I stayed late after work today.. an entire half hour! Unbelievable. I had some work I needed finished. After work I headed home and then went over to Eric's to play some more XBOX. We had pizza for dinner. Kevin was there too. Good times.. The more I play the more I start to want an XBOX..

Afterwards we headed down to the Milestones to meet up with Ben and Kenric to have some drinks. Jimmy and Tracy came too, and Gaston too.

Then I came home and watched The Amazing Race! It's 1am.. better go to sleep!

July 05, 2004

Look at these melons.. haha.. not a lot of meat! Posted by Hello
... and the season begins!

I've gone what feels like 3-4 years without following football. Actually, it's only been the entire offseason. Every year I have prepared carefully following each and every transaction, catching the opinions of each move for the player, coaches, and media. It's important to get everyone's side of the story to understand the impact a player will have on a new team, and on the old team.

Anyway, I get these email updates and I'd been saving them for 'later'. Today I read everything that happened between May 1st and June 19th. Vinny in Dallas, reuniting with Parcells? Dillon in New England I did hear about before.. that's also crazy though. New England becomes an all-round good team. Dillon is so lucky..

So yeah, talk about a crash course in football. I've still got another 18 emails left to catch up to date. I also went back to take a look at rsff (rec.sport.fantasy.football). A few old timers left, like pnishthm, Beal, bizmach. Oh yeah and the magnificent bastard, but to be honest, mostly just a bunch of rowdy kids, and spam. Gone are the days when that newsgroup was a useful source of ff information. Oh well..

Football, baby!

It all became clear to me tonight, what had happened, the truth of the matter. I'm glad, slightly disappointed but overall relieved. I can finally close the door on this. It's over... it's over.


you know you're getting old when... part 2

...you wake up sore after a day of playing frisbee the day before.


I have lost 15 lbs in the last month. I couldn't eat for several days after the summer conference, but that was only a few days, and I didn't lose weight as a result of that. In fact, the last couple of weeks I've actually eaten more, a lot more. I haven't even been watching my diet, practically gorging in foods. And yet the net result is returning to my highschool weight, before my frosh 15.

It's crazy, being at this weight and looking down and seeing the belly that I have. Where did it all go?!


This week will be ETCBC week. The last time I was at East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church was as a groomsman for Lon's wedding. The last time I went there for service was about 3 years ago. No one came to talk to me, it was weird, very reminiscent of my first few months at T3C. The only difference is I knew people at ET.

The great thing is I'll get to sleep in.


Speaking of sleep, I slept so well last night. I haven't slept like that in months.

July 04, 2004


Hands down my favorite tennis tournament. And looks like there's hope again for womens' tennis. 17-year-old Maria Sharapova beats Mr Serena Williams. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era for womens' tennis, I'm tired of watching that *man* winning all those womens' tournaments.

I also like the fact that these are russian girls winning these things. Myskina winning at Roland Garros, and now this. It's great for womens' tennis in general, because whenever Americans lose, it means more talent is on the way, and it's also great for the smaller venues because the higher ranking players will show more interest in them, in the hopes of getting enough points to maintain their ranking on the tour.

and i thought i had long posts..

I started reading Mark Cuban's blog. For those of you who don't know, he is the flambuoyant (and extremely wealthy) owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He's an interesting guy, I enjoy his blogging. The guy bleeds basketball, I mean he is completely consumed with it, and his team. And he loves his team. You look at the way the Raptors or Leafs are run, it's by an organization, not particularly one person but a group. MLSE. They'll spend enough to get the Leafs into the playoffs, but not enough to get us a championship. Mark Cuban will spend until he gets the championship, but he doesn't just buy his players, he selects them intelligently, and he does care about loyalty and chemistry.

I think that's great.

July 03, 2004

wiped out

I'm wiped out today. After two fun filled days I am toast. Beat, broken-down, burned out, consumed, dog-tired, done in, drained, fatigued, finished, overtaxed, petered out, pooped, sleepy, spent.

Thursday's Halo-fest from 1:30pm-2:30am, and then yesterday's Dumpling-fest at Andrew's, followed by Spiderman 2. I'm too tuckered out to review the movie. I still say Dunst makes a horrible MJ. Nothing against Dunst tho. I liked the movie though.. Dumplingfest was great.

I crashed at about 4pm today, I was playing COH, and just about fell onto my keyboard so I took a nap. I woke up about 15 minutes ago, still feeling very tired. I'm in that dream state you often fall into when you're really tired. I was supposed to take the GPs out for dinner today but just way way too tired.

Argued for about 5 minutes with my grandmother because whenever she travels anywhere she likes to take everything with her. Like *everything*, as if she's moving. She'll literally take a massive suitcase, even though she wears the same clothing EVERY SINGLE DAY. She won't even open that suitcase up for the entire trip! And then she'll just bring it back again! That bag ways a ton, it won't even get past customs, and then I'll have to carry it back home again.

She tried to do the same thing when she came here from Vegas this spring, somehow my mom bribed her into not bringing it. Basically it was like, one day she asked if they could go out to eat somewhere, and she told her, only if you don't bring that massive bag with you (yeah, she's got one over there too), and she relented.

Grandma really *irks* me sometimes.. who am I kidding, _all_ the time.

you know you're getting old when: part 1

You start using the expression: "I'm trying to cut down on..."

July 02, 2004

happy canada day!

In Toronto, generally speaking, Canada Day means a day off. No one really celebrates Canada Day in Toronto. Today, I went to bed at 4am, and slept in all the way til 9:30am. That was as late as I possibly could sleep in, since my grandfather barged into my room right then and woke me up, to remind me was I late for work.

I spent the next 3 hours in Paragon City, levelled up my Lion-0h up to level 20. Then I chatted briefly with hankishin, took a shower and met up with him for lunch. PHO. 101. The place at Yonge/Steeles, called (the direct translation is "head of the train"). Their mango milkshake was *excellent*. There's no question in my mind that that was the best mango milkshake I've ever had.

Then we mulled over the possibility of going to the Science Center. I'm not nearly the geek that hanki is so I thought it might be fun to go to his place and play xbox. We played Halo from pretty much 2:30pm til 2:30am. We finished the entire game from beginning to end, playing co-operatively. It was fun!

For those of you wondering, Halo for xbox is exactly the same as Halo for PC.

Hanki's aunt made fried rice without eggs. It was the first time I've had fried rice since that day when I lay sprawling in pain on the canal from having some at Royal Treasures in Ottawa. It was delicious.. I miss fried rice! We also had "Fudgisicle Fury" Chocolate Breyers Ice Cream. Yummy..