November 28, 2004


There's gotta be some changes around here.. I'm kinda sick of the way the site looks. Even though I have zero stylish creativity, I feel that I must spend some time working on this.

Also, for some reason I have this crazy idea in my head that no one is reading. But I do see that people are coming here searching for chords or Chris Tomlin. I can't post chords here for obvious reasons, but I can point the way to them. I'll look to add the useful links on the sidebar to help people with that.

Perhaps my blog site can become a hub for useful Christian chords sites. I dunno..

i can only imagine

When I saw the church bulletin with I Can Only Imagine as one of the songs were going to sing, and saw who the worship leader was, I actually shuddered. As you know I cannot stand it when a song is sung improperly. But it was actually really good. Although I don't consider it an appropriate worship song for Sunday service, still it was nice to sing it.

real friends

A friend of mine posed an interesting question about friends, I'm not sure if I can word it properly but here goes. Basically, the question is to what length would a person go out of there way just to speak to you or visit you. And if a person wouldn't go to any lengths, then how close of a friend are they?

At first I thought they were talking about me, like one of those trap questions where they make you think about it and then you realize you have done something horrible.

But then I thought about how many people I would go out of my way to see, and to what lengths would I go. I had a friend visit from Vancouver once, I tried to go see him but I didn't a get a chance to and he left. Some friend I am to him, huh?

Cripes.. I just realized the magnitude of that. It's like that common line: "If you're ever in town, give me a call..."

I guess it struck me because at that point I realized that I don't have many very close friends at this stage in my life. It's kinda sad. :(

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