July 04, 2005


I get this rash in the summertime, on my arms and my knees and sometimes thighs. This year is worse than ever, if I scratch it even slightly, little bumps for all over it. It looks pretty gross.

It's like MASS itchy, even right now. Sitting a work all I can think about it not scratching it.


This past long weekend has been excellent. It was a fun-filled weekend with tons of gaming and hanging out with friends. On Friday, Kev and I helped finish painting Eric and Nic's place.

Funny moment: Before we started painting Kevin told me and Eric that he was going to change into some "girlie clothes". We looked at eachother and were like "did we just hear him say girlie clothes?" and then back at Kev and were like "what?!". He went to the bathroom, changed and came back out. Turns out he said "dirty clothes".

After one coat, we played Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory co-operative mode on Eric's Xbox. After painting, we (Nicole, Eric, Kev, me) went to Congee Wong's for dinner. We also called up akt and Gladys. It was 8pm so we figured it wouldn't be too bad but it was still packed. We ended up having to share the table with two other people, looked like a mother and son, but the son was older than us.

Funny moment: When akt arrived she walked up to us and then for some reason smiled and acknowledged the other two people at our table. Then she sat down between them and Nicole. After sitting down, she turned to them again, smiled and said hi. Then she turned to Nicole and asked her if they were her parents... Nicole explained they were just a couple who were sharing our table. HAHAHA.. we all bursted out laughing at her. She was so embarrassed!! FUN-NY!

After dinner, Gladys, Nicole, Eric and I went to my place to watch fireworks from my mom's room. The Mel Lastman Square fireworks were pathetic compared to ones that were way off in the distance. (Western Toronto).


I spent the morning farming Dark Iron Ore with Smee, and managed to make about 140 gold in 4 hours. If I wasn't so darn busy this coming week, I would probably have my epic mount by Friday. Instead it'll probably take a couple weeks at least.

In the afternoon, I went over to Eric's and brought leftover Congee Wong food there as my lunch. After I finished, I was still a little hungry and had pasta made by Nicole. It was soooo good. The sauce was *amazing*..

That night we had jamming. In attendance: Duncan, Jon, Drew, Serena, Nancy, Eric, Nicole.

I got a call at 11pm from Nate, reminding me to get the waiver form for Dodgeball finished up. I stayed up til 1:30am working on it. Something I discovered that night was that OpenOffice (an open source program similar to Microsoft Office) does pretty much the same thing as MS-Office. I had noticed some limitations before but it just takes some learning. Best $0 I ever spent (considering MS Office costs, what, $500?).


Technically that last paragraph could go here, since it was Sunday morning. Anyway, I woke up earlier on Sunday to print out the waiver and get the finishing touches on it. Ended up getting to church late because I remembered it was Church Picnic day and had to run back to my room to get a change of clothes.

Pastor Ian spoke about obeying God and despite sacrifices we make to obey, to remember the blessings that come afterwards. I slept through most of it.

We are getting about 4-5 teams in the dodgeball tournament, which is pretty disappointing considering that we had about 3 weeks worth of promoting the event. The Dodgeball Tournament is to raise money for Longlac. We needed about $4500 the last I checked, with less than 3 weeks before we go. 5 teams = $150. Not great considering we made just as much for the bake sale at the ministry fair.

Surely God will provide in the end, but often I feel that people don't put enough emphasis on missions giving. Missions giving isn't like giving $5 to the Cancer/AIDS/UNICEF/United Way who goes door-to-door. First of all those organizations go door-to-door, their market share is every single household in North America. Missions is limited to those in your church congregation. Plus, the cause is *way* more important than that other stuff.


War of the Worlds

I knew this would be a good movie because Tom Cruise = Good movie. This is a well-known fact so I wasn't worried about going to see a stinker, like say, if it was a Ben Affleck or Colin Farrell movie. Btw, I have a new name to add to this list but I will talk about it at a later time.

The movie was frigging exciting. I was on the edge of my seat from pretty much 5 minutes into the movie until 10 minutes from the end. The end seemed like a major cop out but not different from many Sci-Fi movies out there. Science Fiction always like to teach people things and this movie was no different.

Tom Cruise showed a vulnerable side that I had not seen him play before, as a father struggling to earn the respect and love of his kids, a man who had disappointed his children so many times that they no longer looked at him like a father. And the regret of a man who realizes this and knows there's nothing he can do about the past. It was a very convincing performance -- as usual.

Dakota Fanning has a very bright future ahead of her. This little girl can flat out act. After seeing her in this movie, and her role in I Am Sam, I am convinced that she has more acting ability than likely 90% of all performers in America. I can only assume that she'll get better and better.

I give this movie a 10/10. I liked this movie better than Batman. It was as entertaining as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but it different genres are hard to compare.


Anonymous said...

looks like that movie is either really good or extremely bad from friends' reviews...

Anonymous said...

10/10? I dunno about that.

You're right that it was a very suspenseful movie, but the ending was a real cop-out. Wrapped stuff up way too quickly and neatly.

1st 100 mins. of the movie - 9/10. Last 10-15 mins. drops it to 7/10.