July 02, 2007


Something that's been running through my mind lately..

I'm disgusted by the way people glorify Hollywood. How, in the news you read about how some celebrity is in jail, or one's in rehab, or how another has gotten married for the 5th time, how A is having a feud with B. Why do we care so much?

But then that got me thinking, what about sports? I read about athletes and the big bucks they made in an endorsement deal and how much they make. I scour the internet for insider's information about trade rumors, dealings and signings. I spend countless hours looking at player stats, their personalities, tendencies..

Is it any different from people who follow their favorite actors and actresses? Am I just as bad, wasting my time obsessing over sports stars as those who do the same for movie celebrities, instead of devoting all my time towards a worthier being, Jesus Christ?

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