January 07, 2008


Roger, just admit that you took steroids. We all know you took it. It's not like anyone was surprised. This whole drug case is not something that will just boil over. This is not just a fun report that people will talk about for a couple years and forget all about it. It's a federal case.

Admit you took steroids. It's okay. I still respect you for the amazing things you did earlier in your career -- so what, you stole a few Cy Young's from the league. America will forgive you. See how the media rarely talks about Mark McGwire and only attacks Barry Bonds? The media will be the same way with you -- they will give you another chance because you are white, because you've always been friendly with the media (well, at least most of the time), and because you're somewhat of a fan favorite and feel-good story. Don't be like Barry, digging his hole deeper and deeper.

Just admit what you've done and be over and done with it. You can retire with some dignity at least.

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