February 28, 2008

Amazing discovery

I made an amazing and shocking discovery yesterday. I'm going to do a little more experimentation, but I thought it'd be interesting to post my initial results below.

As we've always done for the past few months, at 2pm, a co-worker and I went downstairs to get coffee in order to beat the afternoon food coma. We lined up at Tim Horton's as usual, and I ordered and received a medium regular coffee, with milk and sugar. We went back upstairs and parted ways as we arrived at my desk. I put my coffee down on the table.

I took off the lid of the coffee, and poured the coffee into a mug. The reason I wanted to do this was so that I could take an early peek at the rim, to see if I had won a prize. So I rolled up the rim.. and saw the words "Please play again".

Now here is where it gets really crazy. (Warning: Do not continue reading if you have a weak stomach.)

I grabbed my mug to take a sip of coffee..

...and discovered...


Possible conclusion: Tim Horton's coffee loses some taste when you already know you've lost!

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