June 24, 2009

More Bell awfulness

Just to follow up on Bell's awfulness:

The Rogers guy had just finished setting up our home phone so we called Bell to cancel the phone line at our old place (we moved into our new place this past weekend -- yay!).

So we call Bell.

We tell them we want to cancel the phone. We give them our phone number and tell them up front that we have moved and we have already signed up for a new service with Rogers so please don't try to sell us any deals because we have moved on. All we want to do is cancel the line.

BR has an accent, possibly Indian.

She asks us who we signed up with for our new phone. We say Rogers, and just to stick to her, we add that we got their internet, cable and wireless too. In your face!

BR tells us that she sees on our record that we've been Bell customers for a long time, and wants to know if we'd like to hear some deals. It's such a "shame" to lose our loyalty. My wife is adamant - we do not want to hear about your deals, we just want to cancel the phone.

BR understands, re-confirms that we signed up with Rogers, and just wants to know why we made the switch. We tell her it's because the last time we called them, it took 45 minutes to try to set up the phone line to begin with and it was so much trouble that we simply gave up because the Bell rep was so annoying.

BR laughs, and asks us where we moved. We tell her Markham, and she congratulates us on our new home, and then starts talking about how Bell serves a lot of people in Markham. My wife repeats that she has no interest in any offers, all we want to do is cancel the phone.

BR asks us if we were able to transfer our old phone number to the new one, because Bell can offer that service. Again, my wife reiterates -- all we want to do is cancel the phone. We don't care about the phone number. We already have a phone number.

BR asks for our new home "oddress". What's an oddress? We finally realize she's trying to say address. We tell BR there is no reason for Bell to know about our new address. BR says she needs to send us the final bill. We tell BR to send the bill to the original address.

My wife realizes what's happening because we're now 5-10 minutes into the call with no end in sight. So she clarifies things again, adamantly demanding that we want to cancel and we have no interest in your deals. None at all. Please, please stop -- we know you have a job to do but for goodness sake, just let us cancel our phone!

BR laughs annoyingly. Does she think this is funny? BR asks us for a contact number and my wife gives up her cell number. BR explains that it takes 2 days to cut off the line but you need to give a month's notice, so we will have to pay another month of service ($25). So.. the service gets cut off in two days, and we have to pay for another 28 days after. WTF? My wife and I look at eachother and shrug -- let's just get this over with.. what's another 25 bucks to rid ourselves of Bell?

BR goes over the final details. $25, with an additional $15 for forwarding service and asks if we have any other questions. Huh? Forwarding what? BR explains that once the phone is canceled, Bell will automatically forward our calls to the number we gave them. I'm looking at my wife and she looks pissed. No way, she says. We don't want the forwarding. BR asks what happens if someone tries to call? We don't care. We can't believe she just tried to sneak that in without even asking if we wanted it!

BR laughs again. Okay, okay. Just the $25. She confirms it and FINALLY, Bell phone is canceled.

Good riddance.

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