January 07, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

NFL Playoffs! This is it.. here are the matchups for Wildcard Weekend:


Baltimore @ New England

Everyone is picking New England for this one and I will have to agree. They are just a better team and it's Tom Brady in January.. about as clutch as one can possibly get. That being said, if Ray Lewis can get his hands on Brady early in the game, that could change everything. Brady a tough guy he is not.

New York Jets @ Cincinnati

This game could go either way but I'm picking Cincinatti based on the fact that they are at home and they'll be motivated to win their first playoff game in about 2 decades.


Philadelphia @ Dallas

I'm picking Philly. For some reason I just think Donovan McNabb will figure this out (they've lost to Dallas twice this season).

Green Bay @ Arizona

Green Bay will win this one.

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