May 01, 2013

BBQ Duck

I need a new place to get BBQ duck.  After literally years of searching for the best BBQ duck in Toronto, I found it in Markham.  Specifically a place called Van's BBQ inside the food court at First Markham Place. 

I went there steadily for 3 years and got to know the owner (or I assume he's the owner).  Never got his name (Van?) but we spoke regularly whenever I was there and he talked often about going to other places who offered BBQ duck to compare his product with others.  Having done the same, I would agree wholeheartedly that he had the best BBQ duck with a 100 kilometer radius.

Alas, about 2 months ago I went as usual to find that it had been locked up.  The metal door and been closed.  At first I assumed he'd gone on vacation but after repeat visits week after week, to my chagrin, it never reopened.  Two weeks ago, it had the conclusive For Lease sign in front of it.  The horror.

There's another place 2 spots over that just plain sucks.  For some reason they always had a long lineup throughout the years, but their duck is just terrible.  It's basically plain duck with some kind of sauce they've poured over it to simulate the proper taste of BBQ duck.  So disappointing.  Perhaps they have better product of other BBQ items which might explain the lineup.

Sad times indeed.

On the plus side, Van going out of business probably decreased my chances of a heart attack by about 20%..

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