August 06, 2003

the music list is done. finally. it doesn't fill a whole disc, but it's good enough. there's 7 hrs worth, and i even included mikey's song (i hope he doesn't mind..). i'm hoping someone will come up to me and ask 'hey, what song is that?' and i'll say 'why, you don't recognize the voice? it's none other than the infamous bustos and lam!'.. heheh

tomorrow i'm going to the mall to pick up the tux. that lady is gonna be so surprised, because when i first did the measurements, i sucked in my stomach, and since then i've gotten much fatter.. she's gonna be like.. "are you sure you're the right person??"

anyway i've been thinking more about the car. isn't an accord the second most stolen vehicle in north america, after the civic? now is that because of the sheer number of accords out there, or is it just a target? one of the major concerns for getting a car is also the "less headaches" the better..

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