November 13, 2003

interesting facts

In Toronto, the Number of Children at Home by Age 25 years and more, is 16.2%. This means 16.2% of the people still living with their parents, 16.2% are 25+. For my ward (23), the number rises to 17.7%, and in Scarborough, it's around 22%!

This means that one in 5 or 6 households they have full grown adult children still living with their parents!

Well, the fact is just about everyone I know at my age still lives with their parents and it shouldn't be that big of a surprise. Technically -- even I live "at home". The difference being that it was my parents who moved out, not me.

My mom is in town until Friday night, whereupon she'll fly back to Nevada, taking my grandparents with her.

I'll have the place all to myself, finally. Mixed emotions for this "momentus" occasion. The average non-christian would only dream of such an occasion, of having a massive condominium all to themselves, throwing wild parties and what not. But for me, this is place is far too large. Half of it I will never use.

Our Genesis fellowship at church booted us out because were too old, and we've started new small groups to get things going again. This time last week I had no idea which one to join, but upon reflecting and praying and talking to others, I am leaning towards taking the Worship one, which covers a book that studies how to worship God in our every day lives. The other choice would have been to join the small group that is covering the book I'm already reading, Purpose Driven Life.

Wow.. what a change in topic..

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