November 06, 2003


Max Payne 2 seems awfully short. I played another 2 hours today and found myself in Part 3. I'm operating at about 85% now though, so that might have something to do with the speed at which I am playing it.

Yesterday morning, my grandmother barged into my bedroom to wake me up to go and pick up my mom from the airport, who was arriving last night. Boy was she embarrassed when I told her the ETA. Later on we talked and agreed they didn't have to come along to pick her up, since it was after dinner and they sleep pretty early.

When I got home from work, gramma didn't cook, saying we should go out to eat and then go pick my mom up. The flight arrives at 7:15pm, so I told her since they eat at 6pm, they should just eat now, and then we can go together, if they want to. Funny lady, Gramma stalled 30 minutes, and then came up to me told me it was too late to cook so we had to go out to eat!

I was cleaning the house of course, this whole time. The kitchen was a mess. It looks like someone spilled pudding, and instead of wiping it up, they just walked on it and smeared it all over the kitchen floor. Yeah I know, I should have noticed this earlier, but I've been avoiding the kitchen the last week or so because their rice and food stinks so bad.

Anyway, I told her to better start cooking or grampa will start complaining that he's hungry. So reluctantly she went to cook, fuming.

Grampa didn't want to go to the airport, he told me that. But 5 minutes later he came back all dressed up to go. He told me gramma wants to go and wants him to go too.

Gosh sometimes I think she is the meanest person in the world to grampa. Here he is, with a two bum knees, a person who takes 10 steps and has to sit down because of the pain, and his wife is dragging him out to a place he doesn't want to go. And this happens all the time! Everyday in fact, he gets dragged outside because she wants to have lunch outside, and to have her lobster.

Insanity I tell you. Insanity. Maybe it's to do with the women inequality. All those years of him leading the family and making all the decisions, and how that he's become more helpless, she takes over, making him pay for all those years.

Anyway, we went, and then afterwards we went back home, dropped them off, and mom and I went to have some dinner.

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