September 16, 2005


I think I just the greatest CSI episode ever. The season premiere was just totally unbelievable. It had me scared, anxious, sad. It was an emotional rollercoaster, starting out as an innocent case that led me on a crazy kidnapping of one of the CSI guys (Nick Stokes), which led to him being stuck in a plexiglass coffin, buried underground.

What a great episode.. OH MY GOODNESS.


b.p. said...

which season premiere was that? i thought it was a season finale when i saw it a few months ago... OH sweet. they just implemented images so that you wont get comment spammed but hmm. looks like cookies have a factor to do so!

Kenric L. said...

i think you're talking about the season finale from last season... i think it was directed by quentin tarantino.

ebrian said...

Ah.. actually it's a choice for the bloggist to implement the images for commenting. I thought it would be too much trouble, but after getting spammed repeatedly I realized it was needed.

Yes, it was the season finale. Since I rarely watch CSI (because other shows share the same timeslot) I hadn't seen the finale. Oddly though, the episode did remind me of Kill Bill..