August 29, 2006

Jeff George

I thought I was dreaming last night when, while watching Monday Night Football, they announced that the Raiders had signed Jeff George.

Jeff George? JEFF GEORGE?!

Even now as I type his name, Jeff George, it makes me snicker at the thought that this guy could be starting in a couple weeks for the lowly Raiders. Hahah.. Jeff George.

Still later as Berman and the gang discussed George's career, I still could not believe it. Jeff George?! Back in the league?! I haven't heard that name in 5 years. That's how long it's been since he was in the league.

5 years ago he played for the Washington Redskins, played 2 games and had a grand total of 168 yards passing, 3 INTs and a superb pass rating of 34. He was dropped thereafter, spent 2 years on the Seattle Seahawks, didn't see a single snap, then 2 more years with the Chicago Bears, again no snaps.

Now he's back with the Oakland Raiders. Maybe he's hoping the team will bring him back the success he had 9 years ago, when he had the best season of his career. Yes, 9 years ago it was 1997 and I was still in highschool. If you'll recall he had a great year with the Raiders in 1997, then the following year he sucked, got hurt, and Rich Gannon took over -- leading the Raiders to the Superbowl and an eventual thrashing at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

You know what the funniest thing about Jeff George is, it's been 16 years since he was drafted first overall by the Indianapolis Colts, yet he has 9 years of NFL experience. Makes you kinda wonder what he was doing for 7 years out of those 16 years..

I like George though, he has a really strong arm. Even the analysts on MNF were laughing it up when they spoke about him. George had the most beautiful spiral of any QB they had ever seen. He's got a rocket arm for sure.. usually he's just the kind of guy who wears out his welcome. Maybe he's grown up a bit now that he is 39. He's even older than Brett Favre!

Put it this way, Doug Pederson has seen more action in the past 5 years than Jeff George. Doug Pederson. And Pederson's been retired for 2 years now.

Good luck to you, Mr. George.

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steve said...

jeff george to randy moss circa their days together with the vikings. i guess when your coach hasn't been in the league for 6 or so years and your o-coordinator hasn't been there for 7, why not a back-up (or third or fourth string) qb who's missed the last 5?