August 27, 2006


I've put off my Longlac sharing email for way too long. I am terribly, terribly sorry. I haven't even been working on it. I'll try to get it done this week.

I have my G driving test this Thursday. I've been putting that off for too long too. I think I'm gonna fail because of all the bad habits I picked up during the past 3 years. Fortunately the wait time is not too bad, only 3-4 weeks. I can take the test at least another 6-7 times before my license expires..

Apparently Pluto is not a planet anymore. Do scientists really have so much time on their hands that they had to get together to decide what is a planet and what isn't? I mean who cares? It's round, and it floats around in space. Is it a planet? Is it not a planet? In the grand scheme of things, why does this matter to anyone?

Dear scientists: Let's spend more time trying to cure AIDS, cancer, and other diseases instead of figuring out how to classify a floating ball in space.

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