September 08, 2006

Nick Saban

Nick Saban is an idiot. I am completely flabbergasted by his inability to grasp the importance of a simple decision of challenging a game-changing, cross that, GAME-BREAKING play. Nevermind the absolutely atrocious play-calling by the officials who evidentally like the Steelers A LOT (you already know how I felt about the officiating from last year's Superbowl).

He threw that flag like it was a porcelain doll that he was afraid might break from the impact of the field. What the heck was he thinking? And why wait so long to do it? That's the game right there. Pittsburgh had fumbled the last time they were at the goalline, there was no reason to think they had a TD in the bag. Miami could have stopped them and given up just a field goal. Anything would have been better than the actual end result, the pathetic tossing of the flag.

That was just wrong. Miami had that game in the bag and their coach blew it.

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