December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve

Went to Christmas Eve service at South Hills Church. My parents church is really great.. I know I've said this before but it is really, really great. Everything from the church decorations, to the welcomers, to the worship time, prayer time, sermon.. it's all good. The whole thing is great.

Pastor Bret spoke about how Christmas is a Man's Story, about how church can often feel really feminine, but about how the story of Christmas is about a strategic strike by God in the war against Satan, and how Jesus was basically the killing blow, the nuke, etc.

The worship time was fantastic.. I don't think I've ever enjoyed singing Christmas carols/hymns this much. The worship leader Tim changed up a few of the regular songs into his own music and they sounded great. He's got a great singing voice and guitar playing is great as well, and he has great charisma for leading. I wish I could have half the ability he has.

Don't know if I mentioned this before, but my parents moved to a new house, we're in a bungalow now. Today after church we went to the old out house to clean out the pool... just something you have to do every week to get all the fallen leaves and dirt that falls in. They've been trying to sell that house for a few months now.. it's been difficult because the housing market crashed recently.

This evening we went to my parents' friends house for dinner.

These people are pretty wealthy.. I felt a little bit uncomfortable there, everything just seemed too nice. But the people there are really great people, very nice, all very strong Christians (or so I hear, from my mom). I kind of marvelled at the difference in lifestyle that I have compared to these people, all they talked about was gyms and working out, and then about their pets, and then about work. I guess that's pretty normal.. I dunno, I just felt like I had absolutely nothing in common with them.

Plus everyone knew eachother from childhood, so me and my brother were complete outsiders. It.. was just weird I guess.. and awkward.

Once every 30 minutes or so they, as my brother would put it, threw us a bone and let us say a few words in their conversations.. so in the 3-4 hours that we were there, I probably said 5-6 sentences worth.

I bought a laptop yesterday. It's a Toshiba Satellite. I like it a lot. With the whole wifi thing being big these days, this is really convenient for me. I can use it anywhere and be connected. It's really great.

I started working on my Perspectives project today. Turns out the whole thing only needs to be 5 pages long. That's not too bad at all. I've already completed Section A (it goes to E). The unreached people group I've selected are the Ojibwey First Nations people.

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