December 07, 2006

What's in a name?

I've been contemplating a name change for the blog. It's been "in the blink of an eye" for about 2 and a half years. If I can recall it was "mr. loquacious" before that, and then before that, it was just called "ebrian's blog". I've been blogging now for 6-7 years, and I think this site/concept has evolved from year to year and has been many different things for me over that time. A place to vent, voice my concerns, rant, preach, and of course, a place for me to make a complete idiot of myself over a girl.

I was thinking that perhaps 2007 could be a mark of it moving into yet another direction. Currently, I'm leaning towards naming it after my voxtropolis site (labelled as "spiritual walk" over yonder right-hand menu), moving my posts either to that site, or moving back here (which would probably be a whole lot easier since there's only about 5 posts over there. That site is called "Check Your Pulse".
Off and on this has been a theme for me over the past few months, and something I'd like to get into more over the next year. Of me gauging what gets me excited, my struggles, and kind of this I do for You and You do for me report -- things that really get my heart thumpin'.

"In The Blink Of An Eye" came from a song by Mercy Me, and focused on the little things in life and how life is too short to waste. "Check Your Pulse" comes from John Mayer's song "Great Indoors", full applicable lyrics here:

Check your pulse
It's proof that you're not
Listening to
The call your life's
Been issuing you

It's a similar theme but delves a little deeper into life's calling. Anyway, I love these words because it's a reminder for me to live my life to the utmost fullest to glorify Him.

Boney M

I hitched a ride with the young'uns, a.k.a. Allan, Fiona and Mils on the way to lunch on Sunday. Al and Fi were asking me about this band called "Boney M" and a song called "Mary's Boy Child". I knew the song, but not the band. This morning I went on youtube to check them out. Turns out (as I'm sure many of you know), they're a really old band, circa 1970s. That surprised me a bit considering it was the young'uns who were telling me about them.

You know what, it just occurred to me now that maybe they brought it up to me because they actually think I'm so old that I'd remember them. *sigh*

Boney M actually isn't too bad. I remember some of these songs like "Born To Be Alive" and "Rasputin".


-A said...

You remember Rasputin? Didn't that come out the same year you were born? LOL, my brother is the king of out of blue stuff so don't think he asked you cuz you're old. I think he was looking up the song to discover how old it really it.

Speaking of Boney M, doesn't the guy look like a funky version of Lenny Kravitz?

airhead said...

Hahaha. It's what earned you the title President of the Drama Queen Society from Jasy and I, using your blog as "a place for me to make a complete idiot of myself over a girl".

I think you should be stripped of that title. Old man, you've mellowed out with age. No more melodrama.