February 16, 2007

Reflection: Worship as a feeling

I've gotten a chance to reflect on my previous "controversial" blog about Spirit-filled worship. I cannot be convinced that being Spirit-filled does not result in and outward appearance of joy, awe, wonder, reverance and happiness. However, I can or have been convinced that my perception could be completely incorrect.. that what I see of a person could in fact be way off base.

Following my original blog, Kinson strode up to the pulpit and spoke about Joy, and how it's not necessarily an outward emotion, which kind of caught me off guard a little because, well, the other speaker preached about the contrary. However he spoke more about inward joy, and how to attain it, which did agree with my assessment of people, in general, needing to invest more in their spiritual lives to attain a higher level of spirit-filled-ness. So the sermon was more jiving with my blog than not. Shrug.

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