April 10, 2007


Does this look like a spring forecast to you? This author doesn't think so.

Several months ago, a lie of epic proportions was masterminded, that has affected millions of people around the world. Starting off as a joke, it has slowly turned into this year's biggest elaborate falsification that has forced this author to think 'enough is enough'.

"..one of the most heinous, deceptive hoaxes in the history of mankind.."

I am sick and tired of it, and I will not only expose this rodent for being the mastermind of this most heinous, deceptive hoax in the history of mankind, but prove that this liar is laughing all the way to the bank.

For those who do not know, this is Wiarton Willy, aka the despicable, low-life scumbag. And in my opinion, he deserves to be locked up behind bars.

Two months ago, Willy predicted that spring would come early. At the time, this made everyone excited, as you'd expect, the prospect of having an early spring meant more time to bask in the sun, to enjoy loved ones, to put away our winter clothing, etc, etc, etc. And for awhile, this prognostication seemed real. A week later there were record high temperatures, and Willy was lauded for being right.

Heck, even I'll admit that I was quite proud of our little Canadian hero, of not only being right but for being such a model citizen. Indeed, these were great times for Willy. We see here a statue, which was built in honor of Willy for these so-called "accurate" predictions. Just the other day, I predicted that it would be sunny outside, and a few hours later, it was. Was a statue erected for me? No sir!

Here we see this evil creature snacking on what is most likely some goodies, no doubt a result of another scam he pulled on some young unknowing innocent children.

I submit to you, the public, to stand up for yourselves and not allow this rodent to continue his string of lies without getting away with it. I encourage you to sign petition to make sure the evil does not continue to spread. Now the only question remains -- how will Willy respond to these accusations? Will he own up to this obvious trickery while the rest of us shiver in the cold with our toques and scarves in the middle of April?

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