May 14, 2007


Blogging used to be great because anywhere I'd go or see, anything interesting or funny I heard, or controversial, I'd tuck that away in the back of my mind and write about it whenever I had a chance to. And of course I'd always be thinking of what interesting things I could tell the blog world about. My eyes and ears were open and in tune for anything I could find that might be interesting for others to read about.

Nowadays my eyes and ears are closed. And whenever I do see something cool, I tell Ina about it and it ends there.

Speaking of Ina, she and I are gonna do some travelling this weekend, out to Boston and New York. I'm excited. Personally I don't recall ever going on a vacation for myself, aside from going places with family or visiting family. This is my first ever vacation.. kinda cool.

Ina's done most of the planning because she's been there before. But what I do know is that for Boston we're going on the "Duck Tour" (Saturday) and a Boston Red Sox game on Sunday. Personally I'm not a huge baseball fan but given the historical and prestige of the Boston Red Sox organization, I'm excited to go see this. Fenway Park, the Green Monster. The curse of the bambino, and fans that care. Should be fun..

For NYC, I don't think we'll be seeing that much at all, mostly visiting with Ina's friends.

Maybe I'll take some pictures and post them up, if I get a chance?

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