May 29, 2007

Sitting on an angle

If you're a guy and you're reading this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You're sitting down into your car seat, office chair or couch and something doesn't feel right. You reach back and pull out your wallet and sit back down and aaaahhh.. what a relief. After years of sitting on an angle and trying every which way to eliminate the bulge in my right back pocket I found the perfect solution.

It's called the ALL-ETT™ Billfold. I was a little skeptical about the ability to reduce my 1.5-inch wallet thickness to nothingness. Last Friday I had the privilege to see a real spectacle. Frank from my small group had a wallet that was, no kidding, 3 inches thick. THREE INCHES. Thankfully Frank keeps that sucker in a front pocket. I can't even imagine what it might be like to attempt to sit on that beast..

I've tried everything, from switching from the tri-fold to the bi-fold, leather to cloth and then back to leather, and then removing all non-essential cards like the library card, the Optimum card, Air Miles, PEO card, the letters of the alphabet in sign-language card, Stamp Traveler's Club card, etc.

What ALL-ETT™ has done is, made the world's thinnest wallet with a revolutionary design made from a super thin material. The material actually comes from parachutes, it's super durable and ultra thin.

Look at the difference!

In this photo you see a regular wallet stuffed with 30 credit cards. Then there's the Billfold with the same number of credit cards. Simply amazing!

I was surprised at how thin the wallet really was. It came in an envelope like any other regular mail. By itself, the thickness is comparable to maybe 3 sheets of paper. As I opened the wallet, I realized that this material is really quite cheap. It's very thin plastic paper, makes a crackling noise as you open. Not good. Next, I proceeded to empty out my regular lambskin wallet. I was able to stuff everything I had into the Billfold.

Sure enough, the Billfold with all my stuff in it was significantly thinner. In fact, with everything in the Billfold, it is actually thinner than my old wallet with nothing in it!

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