June 20, 2012


I don't really understand the science behind it anymore, but I'm still losing weight.  I've gone back to eating pretty much everything I ate before except for rice.  Burgers (with buns), hot dogs, chips, candy, even soft drinks and beer -- pretty much the same I ate before the diet.  The only major change is we pack our own lunch now so I'm only eating out for lunch once or twice per week. 

I've also been exercising perhaps a tiny bit more than before, but only as product of having to clean the house and getting everything ready as we increase our family size.  I'm wearing clothes that had been tucked far back in the closet and a lot of my shorts don't work anymore without a belt.  I've lost at least 1 inch on my waist, closer to 2.

Lunch we bring is no longer just the two drumsticks but a whole bunch of other stuff -- pork chops, steaks, etc.  I'm still eating vitamins every day and at least 1 apple, and about 1L of water also per day.

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