August 15, 2005

4 Stitches

My brother was cutting wood this morning. He was chopping away with the dull axe that my dad brought along.

Anyway, at some point he swung through the wood (missed) and it hit his foot. At first he just kept going cuz he didn't feel anything. Then he decided to check his foot and noticed that there was a hole through his shoe. He went down to feel the hole and there was blood all over his fingers. So he took off his shoe and ---- yikes! his sock was soaked red. I was really scared. He took off his sock and blood was gushing out of his foot. There was a hole about an inch long. So we dressed it up as well as we could and took him to the medical clinic about 15 minutes away. Then waited cuz the clinic didn't open til 10am (it was 9:30).

The nurse gave him 4 stitches. He was pretty brave for the whole thing, actually he didn't feel anything until the nurse was giving him the anesthetics. Those needles stung a bit :P

The South Hills people were all told of it somehow so whenever they saw him they asked him about it. It was really nice.


Tiffany said...

aww...i had an accident at costco today. hit my head into the corner of a metal shelf and started bleeding all over the floor.

eBrian said...

oh my goodness! are you okay??

seeing my brother's foot gushing blood was really scary. I think my and my mom were more scared than he was. He kinda just looked at it and went "wow", whereas we were running around panicking.

Tiffany said...

he probably didn't even feel it, body pumping with adrenaline. i didn't even know i was bleeding until i actually saw it.

i'm fine. just a bump on the head and a small battle scar.

i'm telling people i got into a knife fight outside a club. and got poked in the forehead.