August 30, 2005

Fall Line-up

I get excited every fall because of all the new shows cropping up. Here's the "new show" fall line-up. It will take some manuevering to them all in. I basically went through the synopsis to see which ones I'd be interested in. To see ALL the new shows, you will have to do your own research. Most of my list will have drama's only. The reason for this is that I can find no shows that are funnier than Seinfeld reruns. Drama's like Alias or Lost are shows that I schedule my time around. I can't do that for a couple of laughs when there are already 3-4 showings of Seinfeld per day.

8:00pm Fathom (NBC)
9:00pm Prison Break (FOX) Comments: See below.
10:00pm What About Brian (ABC) Comment: Just threw this in, probably won't watch.

8:00pm Smallville (CityTV)
9:00pm The Amazing Race (CBS)

9:00pm E-Ring (NBC) Comment: I hope they move this so I can watch it.
9:00pm Lost (ABC)
10:00pm Invasion (ABC)

8:00pm Alias (ABC) Comment: The move to Thursdays will kill CBS's Survivor.

Friday is the blackhole of television. If a show gets moved to this day, it means it's about to get cancelled. Malcolm In The Middle was moved here this season :(

See above.

8:00pm The Simpsons (FOX)
9:00pm Family Guy (FOX)

I watched the 2-hour premiere of Prison Break last night. It'll show again on Thursday night. I suggest you all watch it. First of all from what I've read, girls think the guy is hot, so that's reason for girls to watch it. From my point of view, it's just really exciting. The story is about a guy Michael, who deliberately gets himself thrown in jail so that he can meet up with his brother in there who was framed by the Secret Service for killing the Vice President's brother. There, he plans to help his brother break out. There's tons of drama in the jail, lots of violence. And there's intrigue as people in the outside world race to solve the frame-up.

Michael is a very intelligent guy who has everything planned out, but things start to unravel because of various conflicts in the prison.

You have to check this show out.


Tiffany said...

there was an article in the star today about prison break. THE SECRET IS IN THE TATTOO. THE PLANS ARE ALL THERE. :O!!

eBrian said...

Yup.. he got a full upper body tatoo that contains the entire blueprints of the jail!