August 25, 2005

Calm before the storm

Well.. I've gone and done it again. It's like what I had before only with a different focus, even if it might seem like the same. I've created a second blog for my missions sharing. It was partly because I knew that my posts on Longlac would eventually get lost in the midst of musings, movie reviews, ponderings and laments on the way. My hope is that this 'alt' blog will last longer and that I'll be more consistent with it, unlike the first attempt. It is a missions themed blog, not a "Longlac" blog.

To find the new blog, look for "mission sharing" somewhere over there ------->

I ordered the old David Crowder Band CD, "Can You Hear Us?" from Amazon while listening to my brother's mp3 collection. It's supposed to arrive on Friday. EDIT: It arrived today! In the meantime, knowing full well that the new Switchfoot CD arrives September 13, and then the new David Crowder Band CD arrives 3 weeks later, I've decided to spend a couple days listening to non-Christian stuff.

I pulled out my "Room For Squares" disc today. I've forgotten how much I love John Mayer. I could never play like this.

Btw, that reminds me of worship at South Hills this past Sunday, my family's church in Vegas. They worship leader sang "He Is Our King" by David Crowder, the new song that's been released from the upcoming album. First time I've song it in worship and when I got home I practiced it a few more times. I guess that as soon as I get a chance to have jamming (probably in a few weeks) I'll be able to teach it to everyone!


ebrian said...

rofl.. that lined up perfectly!

Anonymous said...

did you join with NTCBC as well to go to Longlac? i know a team went from there as well...

ebrian said...

i wasn't aware that NTCBC sent a team too.. when we got there, Jaffrey and MCPC were just leaving, and a Korean church sent a team that went before that team.