October 10, 2005


The song you're listening to is called "Here Is Our King". It's the 3rd track of the latest album by David Crowder Band. I was super looking forward to this album because the previous one "Illuminate" was amazing. All my friends love it and we even named our fellowship after it.

If you really enjoy this particular song, and are willing to pay $15 for it (plus tax), then this album is definitely for you. "Here Is Our King" is the only good song on the entire album. I'm not kidding at all.. this is quite easily the most disappointing Christian album that I've ever purchased. It is also the first time I've ever berated a Christian CD. To say that I'm disappointed with it is an understatement.

1 good song on an album with 21 tracks, most of whom aren't songs at all but strange sounds or some guy talking about nothing, or background noise. There's one track of a guy walking downstairs I think.

So like I said, if you love this song and want it so badly that you'll pay $15-20 for it, then by all means you should definitely buy it. Otherwise, steer clear of it. If I hadn't purchased this thing online, I'd be first in line at the Returns lines at the store, asking for my money back.

I give this album a 2/10.


Jasy said...

i came on here to listen to that building 429 sonnggggg!!!!
you replaced it with DAVID CROWDER!?!?!?

*shakes head*


ebrian said...

Hahaha.. I need to copy that code you've got on your site so I can play different songs..

I'll be putting more Building 429 stuff soon.. I just wanted to give ppl a head's up on how bad this CD is.

Jasy said...

haha take the code

just save me from thsi david crowderness geez! lol

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the only one who likes it? *shrugs* Or was that a different one? Geez, is it obvious I don't know my music! ;)