October 17, 2005


I've always liked the word smorgasbord.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. My interview on Thursday went relatively well. They asked me 7 questions and I think I answered 6 of them very well.. and the other one -- I think I made a pretty valiant effort :) They also gave me a written question, again -- a courageous effort. Everything is in God's hands now. My supervisor told me that it would take a few days to crunch the numbers.

The way the City works for hiring is -- since it's a union position -- anyone who scores 70% or higher is considered 'qualified' for the position. From there the person with the most seniority gets the job. I've been with the City for about 3 years so if anyone applied with more seniority than me and is qualified, they will get the job.


I had a dream last week. Kenric and I were at the gates at the Air Canada Center getting ready to go watch the Raptors' season opener against Washington. We were in line to get in, when my brother appeared. He was a lot younger.. it was a memory of him when he was oh.. 7 or 8 years old. He was so cute and he asked me if he could have my tickets so he and his friend could go watch. I couldn't refuse. I gave it to him and they ran off.

When I woke up later, I remembered my brother is really 18 now. All grown up. I still treat him like a kid because he'll always be that little kid that I had fun with. But it kind of just struck me how much he's grown up.

This weekend my brother came home again and we spent the afternoon shopping to get him a winter jacket. He didn't even have a thin jacket so I bought him one of those two-layer jackets with the outer shell and inner fleece. His jacket (Wind River) is actually nicer than the Columbia one that I have. It cost me about $200. Well whatever.. as long as he's warm :)


Our entire worship team went to visit Unionville Alliance Church. The idea was to go there and experience their worship and hopefully bring something back to improve our experience at T3C. UAC's Sunday Service was really great. It felt like an experience, not just going through your regular routine like we have at T3C. I don't know how else to describe it. From beginning to end it felt like one experience, with smooth transitions, great music and great sermon.

At our church it's like this:

  • Singing - 4-5 songs
  • Prayer
  • Scripture reading
  • Sermon
  • Response by song
  • Offering
  • Doxology/Benediction

  • At UAC, they had no 'program' per se, I would describe it like this:

  • Worship

  • Everything kind of encompassed everything else, like you walked in, you worshipped God, and after that amazing 2 hour experience, you walk back out feeling like something great just happened.

    Revisiting David Crowder Band - Collision

    I've decided that there are actually 3 good songs on the CD, not just the one you hear playing. There are 2 others that are pretty good. And there's the hoe-down song which is also kinda catchy. But I don't know too many people who like hoe-down songs. You could only possibly like a hoe-down song if you've actually been to a hoe-down. And of course I have.. in Wyoming.


    michellejl said...

    I'm glad the interview went well. I think a panel would be very intimidating! :o So good job, just getting through that! eek! Like you said, it's in God's hands now.

    Once in a while i have dreams like that where my brother is a little boy again and I'm still the same age, weird. I still think of him as and probably treat him like he's still my *little* brother sometimes...even though he's 6 ft and 19...:P

    I've decided to buy the c.d...I don't listen to a lot of music...not because I don't like music...just because I don't want to listen to garbage, and don't know what is good... never seem to have enough time to myself to really research and listen. ;) (I have 2 kids) I've got some other recommendations from reading your blog, and if you have others, let me know.

    ebrian said...

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    I'm not sure what kind of music you like, but I would highly recommend "Chris Tomlin - Arriving". It's likely that your church has started singing a few of the songs from this CD.