October 12, 2005


My job interview is Thursday at 11:30am.

I'm super nervous about the whole thing. It's not that I'm afraid of not getting the job, which is actually very likely. It's the fact that it's one of my first interviews period. I haven't done a whole lot of interviews and this is the first done with a panel of people.

I've been so anxious about it that I have literally eaten 1 meal since Monday lunch. That's one meal over the past 48+ hours. The mere mention of food makes me sick to my stomach. I managed to eat half of my dinner yesterday at Charlene's birthday/farewell party.

I've been preparing for the interview since the weekend, figuring out the various scenarios they might ask me and making sure I have a good story/event to tell them about where I performed admirably and successfully. It's not easy thinking of stressful situations when you work for the government.

God, I'm thankful that today I went through a stressful and high intensity incident. We were releasing a patch and no one was around so I had to do the whole thing. Things went smoothly as I handled the pressure and took care of business. Thank you for giving me something to share if I need to tomorrow at my interview.

Anyway, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Aside from that.. things are pretty okay. Lack of sleep and food.. the burning/churning/anxious feeling in my stomach just like I'd been heartbroken. I just hope there isn't a second round of interviews because I may not last much longer without food.


michellejl said...

Prayers said. Good luck!

I like the song btw, that was my first time hearing it. thanks!


michelle said...

I had to come back to check the title of that song again! hehe
And I then realize my prayers were a bit late...the interview was yesterday. I hope it went well. :) At least you can eat again now! ;)

michellejl said...

Just me again...(I've checked your blog so many times, I'm beginning to feel like a stalker! :o LOL)
I just wanted to let you know that I have now read your entire blog, this one and the missions one, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading. :) I plan to check back often, and still waiting for an update on how the interview went.;)