October 21, 2006

Big Meat

If only Google would fix their uploading of pictures for Beta Blogger, I would be able to show you the roast lamb I made for Thanksgiving.

I've discovered that I like to cook big meats. First I did the chicken last Thanksgiving, and then I've done several beef briskets, and then a roast lamb and now..

I bought a rack of ribs today and will try to make "fall off the bone" ribs, likely tomorrow, but more likely sometime during the week, which really means next Saturday if I'm lucky.

I really like cooking meat. I think it's because I really like meat.

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eBrian said...

The fact that my menu bar on the right is down below all my posts really annoys me, because I haven't touched my blog template in months -- leading me to the understanding that Blogger is just totally messed up.

I am very close to closing this blog and starting a wordpress blog.