October 06, 2006

Rock and Roll

When I was young, like really young because in truth I am pretty young right now. Anyway, as I was saying, when I was young, as in back in the day, I had friends that were really into rock and rock, and being the naive, good boy christian, I scoffed at that stuff.

That stuff was beneath me. I mean, you have to remember I was a good kid, a model son, the kind that all the parents at church would sigh when they looked at me, wishing their kid had turned out like me. I think for that reason a lot of kids must have resented me, probably often getting the ol' "Why can't you be like Brian" speech. In retrospect, that might explain why I was excluded whenever all the kids were off doing some mischievious deed and I was left alone to do my own thing.

I guess that also explains why when I watch the people on Rockstar do covers on these songs, they all sound new to me, even though they are, in fact, classics.

Now when I look back on those days, I realize that I missed out on a whole lot of good rock and roll. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Cream, (okay, maybe that was before my time, but) the point is -- I missed out on all this great music while I was busy being a good boy and making my parents proud. And now, going back on that, it is really pure gold that I missed out on, musically these songs sound fantastic, and lyrically, they are meaningful and poetic. At least, unlike the crap you hear these days.


Anonymous said...

that's funny...i was like that too...knew nothing of rock and didn't appreciate it actually until this summer just watching 'rockstar supernova', and heard the 'classics' being sung; lol.


b.p. said...

that is funny. i used to think the same way about "magic: the gathering"...now, i'm not sure what to think because where does the "occult" come in?

Michelle said...

I didn't get much into rock until recently either...John somehow changed my mind about it.
I was always a country music girl...then I got bored of it for like a decade, and just put in an old c.d. the other day...wow, what a rush of memories...anywho, totally off topic! lol
I really need to watch this rockstar show, keep hearing it's better than C.I...
I hope all is well with you, Brian. Good to read you again.

Element B said...

See comment below on 'Amazing guitar'.