October 18, 2006

The Nintendo Wii

I am, by all means, a Nintendo fanboy. I lined up on Monday morning at 7:15am (just as the sun speak out above the horizon) in front of my local EB Games store in the hopes of getting a pre-order for the new console by Nintendo, the Wii. 7:15am is nothing as the people in the front of the line had been there at 9pm the night before, and I'd count myself lucky because only 2 more people behind me got a Wii pre-order that day, everyone else went home empty handed.

Here is a great article about the Wii that surely should inspire your imagination.


Anonymous said...

ahh...the article has pop ups that even IE7 didn't block :( didn't really inspire me much becuase i was quick to close it.

ebrian said...

holy cow, you're right. I didn't notice before because I was on firefox. No pop-ups at all from firefox!