September 06, 2007


My brother and I took a break from Rainbow 6 Las Vegas to catch a glimpse of what we hoped to be an exciting tennis match between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Instead, we ended up switching back and forth between Roger's total domination of Andy, and a movie called "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny". The movie itself was just awful, probably one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time, but far more entertaining than Federer's dismantling of yet another opponent. The movie kind of reminded me of those "boy becomes man" road trip type movies full of horny teenagers getting high, only instead of teenagers it was Jack Black and some other old fat guy.

I think what's boring about men's tennis these days is the lack of any kind of true rivalry. Federer is so good, he rarely looks tired or winded after a match, playing the other so-called best players in the world. I think for tennis to become any thing more than remotely interesting again, we need a second player who can actually put up a fight against Federer. And don't give me Nadal, that's only 1 tournament. Last night I felt like Roddick's only major accomplishment was the fact that Federer started to sweat a little bit. I mean, if you can get Federer to sweat, you must be playing pretty good tennis..

Some may argue that golf is the same way with Tiger Woods. No question, the fact that he dominates his sport is very much like the way Federer dominates tennis. But tennis is an exciting sport while golf has never been exciting. We are looking at opposite ends of the spectrum. Tiger makes golf barely worth watching, while Federer makes tennis predictable and boring. And to be honest who really watches golf other than for some ambiance noise while you take an afternoon nap?

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