September 20, 2007

I dream of mango

I love produce. Every Thursday they have Farmer's Market just outside work, at Metro Hall just outside in the courtyard. I love to just go out there and look at all the produce. Lots of potatoes, and I don't even like potatoes. They've got all kinds of stuff, and whenever I see something I've never seen before, I buy it. Especially fruit. Last year I discovered a kind of pear called "Flemish Beauty". These things, when ripe, literally melt in your mouth. It's like a poached pear only it's in its natural form. So juicy and delicious. The year before last I discovered the "Campari" tomato. To this day, have not found a tastier kind of tomato than the Campari. This year I discovered "Clapp" pears. They're okay. My brother likes them more than I do.

I few weeks ago I read about these special mangoes on Epicurious. The blogger described them as if they were so good, you'd see people stick their whole face right into the mango, and *wear* the peel on their face. The way he described it, had me dreaming about mangoes for the next while. Every time I'd hit a supermarket I'd look for these mangoes, ones that supposedly are only in season for 2-3 week per year.

As result, I had the strangest dream last night..

I was sitting in class. We were writing some kind of exam, and then I thought to myself, "Hey, why am I in class? I already have my degree!", so I told the teacher and he said we were in high school, and I hadn't completed grade 14 math. 14?! Since when were there 14 grades? So anyway, we all realized that there's only 12 grades (13 back in the day, but) definitely not 14.

Next thing I know I'm in a dark alley, with I believe it was Ken, Holly and Charita. We hear about some kind of mango sale at a supermarket so we go there but it's closing. But they're still letting a few people in. I see these mangoes. They're like huge mangoes, like 12 inches long, and they look kind of like big eggplants, only with mango colors. I thought to myself, these had to be those special mangoes that you wear on your face because they taste so good. The sign says 99 cents each and I'm thinking I'll grab the rest but I could only hold 2 of them, they were so heavy and big. By now they've grown even bigger, they feel like watermelons in my hands.

Anyway, I get into line and the lady says, the store closing time has elapsed and therefore it's no longer 99 cents. She tells me the mango is $5.79. I reach into my pocket and I find I've only got $6. So I reluctantly put 1 mango down and buy just the one. Then, this lady behind me says she'll take the one I couldn't take. And then, the cashier lady says "Okay, you can have it for 11 cents."

11 cents!! What the hell?!? I was pissed, I started yelling at her, and I went over and started telling all the customers how I had been cheated, but the cashier lady was sticking with it, she was totally screwing me over. I told everyone and then finally Charita came over and pulled me away. During all the ruckus, I lost my other mango.

As we left, I heard Ken say "Man, did you see that? That Brian is one crazy m-----f-----!".

(I've been watching this cop show on HBO called "The Wire". I'll talk more about this show later, but let's just say it has a lot of profane language and maybe it's starting to rub off on me.)

That's pretty much how the dream ended. I guess I'll never find those mangoes..

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